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Please, Lord. Kill me now

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If only they'd told each other. If only they'd confessed. Character death (suicide), frerard

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I was bored :P This is quite crappy, if I'm honest...

“Frank could only see the floor. The roof he was standing on didn’t faze him at all. He wanted it. He loved Gerard, but Gerard could never return those feelings. His parent hated him. He’d self-harmed for years. He’d always been alone. He’d always”

Frank stopped typing in mid-sentence. Writing stories about killing himself usually helped him, but today it was making him feel worse. It was making him think about everything he didn’t have. He fought back tears as he climbed out of his window and onto his roof. He looked down.

“Shit…” he muttered, noticing the height. He’s never liked heights, and this situation was no different. He glanced across the street. He could see into the way brother’s house. The home of Mikey and Gerard. Mikey’s curtains were drawn shut, indicating that the younger Way brother way most likely asleep. Gerard’s room, however, was empty. He’d moved upstairs for a week while his attic room was being redecorated and Frank had hoped to see Gerard one last time before he jumped. Ended it. Died.

He heard a shrill screech from below him, and looked down to see a rather worried looking Gerard. Gerard. Gerard…

Smiling softly to himself, Frank stepped forward.

He’d seen Gerard.

He went to jump.

Gerard was crying.

He jumped.

Gerard was yelling.

He hit the floor.

Gerard was kneeling in the middle of the road.

He didn’t see the car.

A weak, almost lifeless Frank managed to choke out two words before he breathed his final breath.

“The car”

Gerard looked up.

He went to move.

But stopped.

And smiled.

He waited for the impact.

He couldn’t live without Frank.

His Frank?

The Frank he’d always wanted?

The Frank that could never be his.

“Please, Lord. Kill me now.”
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