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A young Frank has something to show his two best friends. Slight Frerard, kinda. Sweet.

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NOTE So sorry for the shit title, but I am rubbish with coming up with them. I got the idea a while ago when I babysat my Aunt`s two kids. They`re about 5 and 7ish. They had the day off school `cause their school was being used as a polling station and `cause I`m home schooled I looked after them while my aunt took her newst arrival-baby Katie to the doctors. The both drew me a picture each so Iguess this is where the insperation came from. Apologies if it is shit (it probably is) but I was bored and wrote this in my lunch break. I didn`t put ages in, but don`t think Gerard would be older than seven/eightish. I also purposfull spell some things wrong. Like "Somethink." `cause that`s how my aunt`s kids say it. And "Frankee" is how Frank writes his name on the paper. Anways, Let me know what you think of it,
Gerard`s pov.
“Gee! Gee! Gee! I wanna show you somethink!” I felt something, or someone tugging on my right arm gently, trying to force me to get out of my comfortable, warm bed. They didn’t have a chance.
“Gee. Mama says get up.” Someone else joined in on the unwanted, irritating wake up call. I felt whoever it was climb up onto my bed and start jumping. This caused to bed to bounce rather unsteadily, but it was going to take more than that to get me up.
“Mikey, is the dead?” I head the first person, whose voice I recognised as my best friend, Franks, asks worriedly.
“Nuh-uh. He`s alive, see his chest is moving.” My little (and very annoying) brother, Mikey said rather proudly. Probably `cause he had gotten something right, he was at that age where kids loved to be right about stuff- even if it wasn`t important.
Deciding to have some fun, since it was clear I wasn’t going to get any peace, I held my breath and waited till I heard their horrified screams.
“BOO!” I jump up suddenly, causing Mikey to fall off my bed and Frank to jump up in shock. I felt instantly bad for frightening two of the most important people in my world.
“I`m sorry, Mikes.” I said, pulling him back up onto the bed. He snuggled under the duvet with me and told me it was okay.
“Meanie.” Frank pouted, making a face. It broke my heart to see him like this, especially `cause it was my fault.
“Come here, Wittle Fwankie.” I edged closer to Mikey and patted the space next to me. (After throwing few stuffed animals off the bed) After a few more seconds of pouting he threw himself down on top of me, ignoring the space I had cleared for him
“I forgive you, Gee.” His thin, little arms wrapped around my pale neck, and mine went around him. Mikey sat there on the edge glowering at the two of us.
“What did you want to show me, Fwankie?” I ask the smaller boy, who was close to falling asleep, lying half on top of me.
I was sure I could see his cheeks flush pink, and he diverted his gaze, finding a stain on the bedroom floor. (Don`t ask, Mama told Mikey not to bring the toaster upstairs.)
“Oh, nothing, just a picture I drew.” He said offhandedly, removing his arms from my neck and sitting up.
“Can I see?” there was a cough behind us.
“I`m still here, ya know. Mama says it’s rude to ignore people, specially your brothers.” I had to smile at the way Mikey said it and the look on his face. He was so sweet and comical, still believing and doing everything Mama said.
“How could we forget you, Mikes?” Frank ruffles his hair, something he knows he hates.
“Let`s see the picture!” I say excitedly, pushing the two younger boys off me, jumping out of bed.
“It`s in my house.” I nod, pull Mikey up and dig through the collection of comics, clothes and toy on the floor, trying to find a pair of shoes.
About five minutes later we are all ready and after a quick kiss goodbye from mama and daddy we all run down the medium sized, toy filled garden and into the special house next door. Well, I thought it was special anyway, Frankie lived there. We must have looked a sight, all three of us running like mad, hair unbrushed and still in our PJs (mine were skeleton ones).
“Here it is!” Frank said ripping the picture off of the fridge in the Iero`s kitchen.
“What`s all the white dust?” asked Mikey, pointing towards the usually shiny, spotless worktops which were coated in a thick layer of flour.
“That`s flour Mikes. Me and mama made a cake.” Frank proudly said, puffing out his chest.
“Ooohh, cake!” Mikey ran out of the kitchen and went to find Frank`s mother.
“Lets` see the drawing then.” I was really curious; Frank seemed really excited about it, so I obviously had to see it.
He suddenly turned shy-something that didn’t happen very often.
“Well, it’s um...err I drew it in school and erm, Mama said I could give it you cause you love drawing, but if you don`t like it I-“
“Frankie, I`m sure it’s great.” He smiles at me gratefully and I have to laugh-he was so adorable. He handed me the piece of paper with his masterpiece on, not making eye contact.
The drawing was of three stick people, the tallest had raven coloured hair and was standing in-between a slightly shorter stick person with glasses and the third and shortest one, which had dark hair and was looking up at him in adoration. All three were smiling widely and were labelled as “G, Mikay and Frankee.” The two labelled “G” and “Frankee” were holding hands.
“What do you think? Do you like it?” Frank asked me, still not looking at me. I could tell he was waiting for me to say something, hoping I liked it.
I decide to tease him a little, just `cause I can. “Nope.” I hand him the drawing back, struggling not to laugh. His face immediately falls, and I feel instantly guilty.
“oh.” He turns to walk away, but I grab him from behind and start tickling him.
“I love it, Frankie. It`s amazing.” I pause, unsure whether to continue. “You`re amazing.” He smiles happily at the compliment and surprises me with a great big hug.
“Frankie! Your Mama says we can have cake now!” Mikey calls excitedly, running back into the kitchen. He only just manages to stop before running into us or the fridge.
“You guys are real lucky, ya know that?” We stare at him in confusion. “Mama says that cake is special and is only for family.” Frank tells us, trying not to smile.
“But, we aren`t family.” Mikey`s face falls, disappointed because he fears he won`t get any cake.
“So it`s a good thing I think of you guys as family, isn`t it?” Frank laughs and grabs hold of mine and Mikey`s hands and leads us into the living room where his mama was waiting for us.
“We aren’t like family.” I speak through a mouthful of cake. “You can`t choose your family, but you can chose your friends.” The two are staring at me, confused. Mikey looks worried his spoon full of cake frozen just before his mouth.
“And I`ve got the bestest friends in the world.” It was true; I knew no one could have better friends than I did. I knew that even when we were old like twenty five or thirty something, we`d all still be the bestest of friends. I knew it.
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