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Chapter Three

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At last darkness, begin to awaken.

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Damien awoke bright and early that next morning with a glorious smile adorning his handsome face. The thought of Mary's execution being a mere five hours from now, as well as what her death would mean to his dark lord, had caused great excitement and joy to come barreling through his veins like some unknown and yet welcomed source of energy. So voracious was he that he barely recognized the body that lye in bed next to him, that is until Damien's movements caused the beautiful brunette from last night's head lolled over onto her shoulder so that she was facing his direction. But only facing, not looking at. The dead were incapable of such pleasantries.

“Ahh, yes. I had forgotten about you, my pet” He said with a smirk as he examined the girl's cold, lifeless and naked body, ignoring her face which had dried on blood at the corner of her lips, and tracing her magnificent figure with his eyes as he recalled the splendid feeling of her wet, velvety walls as he entered in and out of her. The fantastically painful feeling of her nails raking against his back so deeply that thick red lines were present on his skin, even now. But above all those delicious delectations, there was her scream. Her opulently stupendous scream, a mixture of both agony and extraordinary pleasure as she bound through seemingly endless orgasms, until Damien himself, finally erupted into an orgasm, filling her with his warmth, his being and of course, his seed. He hovered over top of her, his back glistening with sweat and his eyes closed as he listened to their labored breathing as it began to regulate. He didn't like that. He much preferred the sound of her screams to the sound of her calm and contented voice in which she was currently speaking to him, as her screams reminded him of the agonizing and blood curdling screams of the dying.

“That was... Amazing...Damien” She huffed in between breaths as she reached her hands to his face with an innocent smile. Damien sat down on his knees so that he was still between her spread legs, and took her right hand in his,. Bringing it closer to his mouth he kissed the back side softly while turning it so that her palm faced upward whilst of ignoring her coos and soft giggles at his romantic behavior. He brought his soft lips to her wrist and deeply inhaled her scent before plunging his fangs into her skin.

“Ahhh! D-Damien! S-STO-” She tried to scream, but Damien's left hand had quickly clutched onto her neck and was now squeezing so tightly that he silenced her vocal chords, allowing nothing more than a mere gargle to escape her throat. As greatly as he wished to hear her pleasurable screams of pain and anguish, he couldn't allow the mortals to hear and suspicions to grow.

“Come on, Angel, don't cry now” He whispered with a smirk at her tears then squeezed with such strength along her neck that blood began seeping from her trembling lips on which she gargled and choked as Damien drew his lips to hers, savoring the deliciously metallic taste as he inhaled deeply through his mouth until her eyes, which were once wide with torment and fear, grew cold, expressionless and as vacant as her corpse.

Damien smiled at the felicitous memory, but then frowned at the realization that he would now have to rid himself of the body that still occupied his bed. He honestly might have let her go had she not stolen from him, but her doing so was an insult to his pride and to allow her to live after doing so would only serve to sully his reputation.

“Oh well. I'll deal with you later” He mumbled as he drew th covers back so that they covered her body completely but allowed him to climb out of bed where he immediately showered and dressed himself in his best black and white pin-stripped suit with a matching fedora. It didn't matter that virtually no one was going to see him in it, as today was a special day: Today's the mark of the rise and conquer of darkness. The beginning of the most macabre and malignant end.

“At last! The day has finally come! And how very fortuitous that my lord shall soon be receiving such an entrancing soul” He said as he headed towards the door, smiling profusely. Looking back over his shoulder he smirked at the dead beneath the sheet.
“Off to today's main event! Do not wait for me, love”

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

The crowd outside of the prison on the date of Mary Valentine's execution was massive to say the least. The fact that over twenty years had passed since a woman had been executed indeed helped to generate a spark in the frenzy and publicity, but it was mostly the gruesome details of this particular case that had warranted such attention. Some of the spectators held picket signs declaring the death penalty immoral, but they were heavily outnumbered by those wishing her to be burned at the stake, stoned or whatever medieval form of torture their malevolent minds could conjure up. Others simply trying to steal a moment of the spotlight as camera's filmed in awe at the magnificent spectacle playing out in front of them. Anchor men and women covered the story with great detail down to the last second when they were told that camera's were no longer pardonable, then they all merely waited. They waited with much anxious anticipation for her death. And unknowingly, they waited for Damien.

“ Morning officer!” Damien said as he tipped his fedora with a bright smile and such a cheery disposition that it caught the security guard standing just outside of the prisons entrance off balance.

“G-Good morning, sir” he barked but with a slightly wavering tone as he looked the young man before him up and down. He had seen hundreds of mixed emotions on the days of executions, but never before had he seen one quite as bubbly as the one presented to him today.

“It's a beautiful day today, am I right? An absolutely wonderful day for an execution!” Damien laughed as he gazed up at the miraculously blue sky before returning his eyes to the stunned officer.
“Well I. I umm. Ahem! I guess it could. AHEM. Um. I...” The officer babbled as he searched for the politically correct words to say. With all the media out today he didn't want to say something that would later come back and haunt him, even though he agreed completely. But then again, any day would've been the perfect day to kill vermin like Mary Valentine. Hell, he'd love to kill her himself if he could, but only with his bare hands. She didn't deserve lethal injection, that was far too humane a punishment for someone as wicked as Mary Valentine.

“Say, do you mind if I took your picture before I went in? I think it's make an excellent addition to the article” Damien interceded the man's thoughts, leaving him mentally vulnerable enough that after momentarily stuttering, he simply agreed without asking any questions, lest he should appear looking incompetent in front of the media.

“Thanks” Damien smiled as he snapped a picture of the guard with the camera that hung loosely around his neck. “I'll send you a copy of the article, okay?” He chuckled softly as he passed the ridiculously gullible guard and entered the prison. Of course, it didn't matter if the guard wasn't and hadn't let him in. Being a demon, he could've easily persuaded him to do so, or perhaps he could've whispered into some wicked soul, inspiring a hectic distraction for the guard and allowing him easy access, or could've simply left his homunculi at home, becoming invisible to all mortals and entered without any issue. But the entertainment would've been non-existent. He loved to charm and toy with humans, as they were so easily deceived. Even the most clever ones had such obvious weakness for him to exploit, so he was most always in search for a challenge.

Following the other media mercenaries, to a room separated from the execution room by a thick, glass window, Damien took the seat furthest to the back and beamed with delight as he waited.

It was five minutes until twelve when they finally brought out Mrs. Mary Valentine. She looked so insignificantly helpless and harmless in the company of the four guards that escorted her into the room and seated her aggressively into the chair. Her beady black eyes danced erratically about the room as she looked quickly at all the faces staring back at her from behind the glass. But an iniquitous smile grew on her face when her eyes came in contact with a particular old man whom grew enraged and returned the favor by abruptly standing and slamming his clenched fists against the window as he screamed.

“You fucking bitch! How dare you?! You killed my son! My grandchildren! You stole from me! How fucking dare you?! You disgusting sin against God himself! Burn in hell! FUCKING BURN IN HELL!!!” He continued his obscene rant as security linked their arms under his and literally drug him from the room as all inside quickly scurried to scribble down the old man's sudden outburst. All save Damien, whom merely smiled and stared unblinkingly at Mary, who, having noticed his differing reaction, stared straight back as she was being strapped into her death bed.

The warden of the prison entered at 11:58 on the dot, and stood directly in front of her, destroying their view.

“Marry Alexis Valentine, you were convicted of the murders of Micheal Louis, Micheal Louis Junior, Adam Louis and Angelica Louis as well as the attempted murders of all those present at North high elementary. Having been found guilty you were since penalized with a death sentence. In one minutes time you shall be injected with 2-5 grams of thiopental sodium, or until your blackened heart finally stops beating. Have you the need or the desire to speak any last words?” He said with a look of pure disgust as he tried eminently to refrain himself from striking her and that smug look that adorned her seemingly angelic face.
“Only that I regret that I didn't plan things properly and allowed all those people to stay alive. Make sure you tell that to father” she hissed so venomously that all present in both rooms shrank back in horror at her malevolent words. All except for the that same man from before she noticed as she stared at him, surprised to find him smiling, right before his head dropped suddenly, his black hair completely covering his face.

The warden's eyes widened and his lips curled into the most grandiose snarl with his undying hate for the woman before. He glanced at the clock and found himself smiling as it revealed that the earth would finally be rid of Mary Valentine in a mere ten seconds.
His glare returned to her as she stared into the eyes of the audience, completely void of remorse or sorrow. He'd at least like to see them filled with pain.

“May God never have mercy on your soul” He whispered to her before looking to his right at the man with a syringe in his hand, poised and ready to be inserted into her body.
“Now. Let demons accompany you into hell's gates and the devil's arms” he smiled as the clock struck twelve.

“And burn in hell”
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