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cometh the Ascendant

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a priewiew of a character i'll be using in an upcoming story, enjoy =D

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somewhere on the toxic wastes of the planet Baal, a shrine to the emperor lay, forgotten and disused. inside the temple, five figures entered the main chamber in complete silence. they all had the height and wore the armour of space marines, though they were not of a chapter known to the local populace. they were confident of not being found, for they had made it planet side right under the noses of the planet's masters, the space marines of the Blood Angels chapter.
the five space marines walked in grim procession towards a statue of the emperor, which stood on a raised plinth. each one was clad in silver power armour covered by midnight black robes. they took up places around the statue, chanting a grim litany, the words of which would have been meaningless to any other being. as their chanting rose to a pinnacle, a figure walked towards the statue. he had the height and the muscular build of a space marine, but he lacked the power armour which made their reputation so fierce. before the statue was laid a suit of power armour, pure gold in colour and adorned with dark green robes. the figure took a step towards the plinth and, as he did, the silver armoured figures began chanting again.

"may his passing be known by the thunder of battle."

the figure continued walking confidently towards the statue, he wore plain black robes. his features were cast in shadow, and none could see his face. as he drew near, he unsheathed a bright silver bladed sword from his belt, and as he did so, the voices of the black robed space marines broke out again.

"may his blade shine with undying faith."

now the figure reached the foot of the statue. he picked up the helmet that lay with the armour. it was shaped in the likeness of the face of some ancient hero of old. he lifted the helmet and kissed it's golden plated forehead.

"may his helm be blessed by the kiss of a martyr."

now two servitors rolled forwards, mounted on tracks, and started attaching the power armour to the figure, first attaching the leggings, then the chest plate, then the arm coverings, gauntlets and shoulder guards. the man stood, limp in the armour fora minute before the power pack was attached to the back of the power armour.

"may his name be known and feared by our enemies."

the figure reached down, his features still shadowed despite the golden power armour. slowly he lifted the helm and placed it over his head. he turned to the assembled space marines, who knelt before him, their voices cut off.

"cometh the ascendant, may i lead you to victory!" he roared, raising the sword above his head and thumbing the activation rune, making the weapon light up in iridescent blue energy that crackled over the blade.
it was a shame that the masters of baal would never know what transpired right under their noses, but that did not concern the mysterious space marines. their task was many lightyears away, on a doomed jungle planet called Triton.
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