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Oh My Holy F**king Mother of Jesus and Randy Savage!

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Oh my f*cking God! I cannot believe it! My dad-OMG bless him, PRAISE HIM!-is taking me to a MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE CONCERT! I'm this excited and I haven't even finished my coffee yet! I am so excited! I was seriously skipping in a circle and dancing and I'm listening to Danger Days right now to celebrate and OMFG I'm sorry I keep saying that but it's truly that awesome! My grandma might come too! She's a major Linkin Park fan and loves Blink 182 and rap and Lady Gaga!. So yes, I might go to a concert with my GRANDMA! I think I'm gonna go get ready for school then go skate boarding! Or and BTW MCR and Blink 182 are gonna be touring together for the Honda Civic Tour! Tickets for the presale go on sale today at 10:00! LOVE YOU GUYS! PEACE!
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