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Chapter 23(I Have The Hardest Time Resisting You)[The End]

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The rain whipped at Brynn as she ran towards the school in the dark. The wind had suddenly gained speed and was blowing Brynn's hair in her eyes and into her mouth as she ran. She had decided this was a bad idea the moment she had traveled a block, but she realized a block later she couldn't stop now.

By the time the school came into view Brynn was drenched in rain water and wheezing from lack of air. She walked the last few steps to the doors and pulled to open them, but to her dismay they remained shut.

"What the...," Brynn gasped having a few raindrops fall into her eyes. Of course the doors were locked. It was a weekend. She would have to go all the way to the back door to get into the gym. Now Brynn knew this really had been a bad idea.

She slipped along the building navigating her way to the back door. She made the trip in a short time managing only to cover the bottom half of her legs with mud. "This is great," Brynn breathed wrenching the back doors open.

As soon as the doors flew open Brynn got an earful of music. Actually it was her song.
Have some composure, where is your posture

Brynn let the door fall shut behind her creating a large bang that echoed throughout the packed gym. Stares were sent her way as they got a look at the soaking wet, dirty, slightly gasping girl.
You're pulling the trigger, pulling the trigger all wrong.

Brynn didn't linger on the stares she was getting long. She looked up at the stage to see the boys playing their hearts out. Spencer sat behind his drums playing as though he were the only one in the room. Ryan had a stupid grin on his face while he strummed away on his guitar. Brent on the other hand looked like he was in his own world too. Then there was Brendon...Brendon was grasping his microphone in one hand while belting the lyrics to the first row. His eyes though looked right at Brynn.


Brynn looked away from Brendon to see Roz standing in front of her.

"What?" She started looking slightly confused and shocked.

Brynn gave a small laugh and thought of what she looked like. "I decided to come," she said.

Roz laughed and grabbed Brynn's hand caringly. "C'mon I'll get you cleaned up," she laughed.

Brynn smiled and let herself be led away. The two didn't get far though as a sulking Tiffany, Clair and Cher approached them.

"What'd you crawl through the mud to get here?" Tiffany shot folding her arms across her chest and looking at Brynn with disapproval.

"Tiffany leave her alone," Roz answered quickly making to move past her.

Clair stopped this right away by stepping to tower over the two girls.

"You're not suppose to be here," Clair sneered at Brynn.

Brynn saw Roz was about to retort again, but she placed a hand on her shoulder telling her to let her handle this. "Look Clair," she said finding her voice strong. "Zoe doesn't own me and neither do the two of you. I'm sick of you guys bossing me around!"

The look on Clair and Cher's face was hard to place. They seemed shocked that Brynn would stand up to them like this, but at the same time pleased that she had said something to them.

"Brynn Darling!"

The sound of Brynn's name explained the look in the girl's eyes. Brynn turned around to see none other than Zoe.

"What are you doing here!" She exploded waving her hands about in a rage Brynn had never seen.

Brynn scoffed finally for the first time not afraid at all of this tyrant. "You know what Zoe," she said. "I have every right to be here. I was invited by my friends..." Brynn felt Roz clamp a hand on her shoulder warning her not to go too far. Brynn ignored it. "You have bossed me around for too long," she continued. "You're just bitter because you're old and you're two daughters are nothing more than snobbish brats!"

Zoe's face turned from shocked to furious in two seconds. Brynn saw the hand go up and felt the pressure on her face before she could react. She fell to the hard floor hitting her head on the tile.

"Brynn," Roz gasped falling to her side.

Brynn clutched her face where she had been struck and felt the warmth from its blow. Loud shrieks of laughter could be heard from the three girls behind them. Then before anything else could happen someone stepped between Brynn and her step-mother.

"Leave her alone!" Brendon said.

Brynn looked up still clutching her face. She hadn't realized it with all the screaming but the music had stopped. All the occupants of the gym had formed a circle around Brynn and her step-mother, and Brendon was standing between them.

"Brendon," Brynn heard Tiffany cry. "What are you doing?"

Ryan, Brent, and Spencer appeared next to Brynn and pulled her off the ground. Brynn still clutched her face but looked at Brendon with astonishment. What the hell was going on?

"This is ridiculous!" Zoe laughed looking at the teenagers in front of her. "I am her mother."

"YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER!" Brynn yelled so mad she was shaking. "YOU WILL NEVER BE MY MOTHER!"

Zoe looked at Brynn no longer smiling or laughing. Brynn stared back at her daring her to say something else. Brendon turned around and looked at Brynn. Brynn looked back at him and gave a soft smile.

"What's going on?" came a new voice from the crowd. A few bodies were pushed about as a man emerged into the circle. His brown hair was slightly wet, but his green eyes glowed with confusion and then anger.

"Dad?" Brynn breathed catching his glance.

The man turned to his daughter who was being cradled by four boys and a girl and moved towards her.

"Dad!" Brynn said again moving to capture him in a hug. Her father engulfed her in his arms and cradled her head into his shoulder. "Oh dad," Brynn said beginning to weep slightly.

"Shh," Tom spoke rocking his daughter. "It's okay. I'm here." He pulled away and looked at her studying her face. He grazed his hand over her swollen cheek and frowned. "What happened?" He whispered.

Brynn sniffed back a tear and turned her gaze to Zoe who was still standing still but now looking terrified and guilty. "Tom, what are you doing here? I mean you must know Tom, she slipped," she stuttered out but all the while backing away. "I would never...never..."

Tom gave her a look of distain before spitting at her. "I want a divorce!"

Zoe stood shocked still unsure of what was happening. Then she backed away slowly before turning to push her way through the crowd.

"Mother, wait!" Clair and Cher cried following their mother out.

Tom turned back to Brynn and smiled grazing her cheek again and pushing back her hair. The circle around them disintegrated slowly as the viewers lost interest in the commotion.

"Never go away again, Dad," Brynn said softly to her father.

"Never," he smiled before pulling her into another hug. He pulled back and stood up taking a deep sigh. "Should we go home?" He asked.

Brynn smiled and nodded her head. She proceeded to follow her dad towards the back door feeling elation for the first time in months.

"Wait, Brynn!"

Brynn stopped at her name and turned around quickly to see Brendon stop in front on her. He let out a breath of air and reached in his pocket.

"I think this is yours," he said handing her the bracelet she had lost so long ago.

Brynn took the bracelet quickly and looked at it. "Brendon..." she said smiling a large smile. "Thank you," she decided on looking at him.

A cough came from behind Brynn and she turned to see her father still waiting by the door.
"I'll just be a minute," she told him.

He smiled and threw open the door to the now starry night. Brynn breathed and turned back to Brendon.

She fiddled with her bracelet unsure of what to say.

"Look, Brynn," Brendon started relieving tension within Brynn. "I'm sorry for...well for ignoring you for all this time."

Brynn smiled and gave a short laugh. "It's not really your fault," she said. "I should've just been honest with you."

Brendon laughed too as though this whole situation had been a joke and now they were finally discovering the punch line. "But I was wondering," he said scratching his head. "If you wanted to...maybe...go out some time?"

Brynn didn't think it was possible that she could be happier that night, but at that moment she knew she could. She grabbed the back of Brendon's head and pulled him into a deep kiss savoring what she had waiting so long for. He didn't object and found her waist to pull her closer. Brynn felt the tingle of his touch rise through her body and relax within seconds. She quickly pulled away embarrassed slightly by her actions.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled.

Brendon laughed not removing his hands from her. "I hope that was a yes."

Brynn smiled and leaned in again. "Defiantly yes." Then she closed the gap for another kiss.

There's a moral to every story
That's what they say
'Be who you are'
'Live for today'

And Brynn found both
Within herself
She was who she was
And nobody else

So what happened to
Zoe, Clair and Cher
I heard there in Canada
It gets nice and cold there

As for Brynn and Brendon
They found laughter
O yeah and they did live
Happily Ever After
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