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Truth or dare

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I think thats the right rating some swearing. Just a little one shot i wrote in under 15 minutes

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Brendon and Ryan were playing truth and dare again. Ryan didn’t know whether to be scared or not. Brendon always came up with such good dares and Ryan was a bit of chicken. It was a boys sleepover and Brendon’s mum and dad were gone for the night and had left money for the pizza they were already consuming.
“So..” Brendon started with his mouth full, slightly spraying Ryan with pizza. “Truth or dare?”
“Erm… truth”
Brendon rolled his eyes. Ryan was so predictable. “OK have you ever had gay thoughts?”
Ryan’s eyes widened slightly “No. Have you?”
Brendon smiled and tapped the side of his nose “Maybe. You don’t get to ask me that til I pick truth”
“OK. Truth or dare?”
Brendon’s eyes sparkled. “Dare”
Ryan struggled to think of something. “OK erm… you have to go and kiss the window”
Brendon laughed “Oh Ryan you’re not very good at thinking up dares are you?”
Ryan blushed a little “Fine. I dare you to run down the street naked.”
Brendon grinned from ear to ear “That’s more like it” and in a flash Brendon was naked and out the door. He came back a minute later to find Ryan staring slightly.
“So how did the moonlight look on my arse?”
Ryan laughed. “Yeah B. Lovely”
“Course it was it’s my apple bottom” he said giving it a slap before getting dressed.
Ryan gave a slight laugh before suggesting a film.

5 years on in the tour bus
“I’m so bored!”
“That’s nice B”
“Seeing as Jon and Spencer are out how about we play a game?”
“OK what game?”
Brendon’s eyes glittered and Ryan knew what this meant.
“Aren’t we a bit old for truth or dare?”
“On the contrary Mr Ross all it means is that our dares can be naughtier”
Ryan rolled his eyes. “Your dares were always naughty” Ryan says reminiscing
“And yours weren’t…well except for the time you made me run outside naked. So truth or dare?”
Ryan breathed in deeply. “Truth”
“Oh Ryan!” Brendon said teasing him fondly “OK. Who do you love the most on this tour bus?”
“That’s mean making me choose.”
“No it’s not the others are out so it’ll just be me and you that know”
“What if I don’t wanna tell you?”
“It’s a case of tough I’m afraid”
Ryan gave him a poke but within seconds Brendon had pushed him to the sofa and had him pinned in a rather awkward yet comfy position. “Tell me. I know you love me more so just tell me”
“What makes you so sure?”
“Coz I’m just amazing”
“FINE! I love you OK?!”
Brendon smiled triumphantly at Ryan “I knew it”
“I just have one question Bren”
“Truth or dare?”
Ryan whispered. “In that case I dare you to tell me you love me too and then fuck me. Right here, right now”
Brendon and Ryan’s noses were practically touching by this stage and Brendon smiled.
“I love you Ryan Ross” and as he begun to strip Ryan he thought to himself that this was the best dare Ryan had ever given.
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