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Free Falling

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Gerard has an unfortunate meeting with a lake.

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“Look at me, Bert! I’m walking in the air!” Gerard was yet again, intoxicated.
“Gee! You’re standing on a branch, silly!” Bert was also, yet again intoxicated, and was curled up laughing at his friends’ stupidity.
“Oh yeah.” In fact, young Gerard was standing on an icy, slippery and wet branch, situated above a frozen lake – which wasn’t frozen at all, just slightly glazed over by the snow and frost the harsh winter was bringing.

“Okay.”Gerard put his index up to his chin, signifying the late teenager was thinking. “Then I’m a circus act, walking along a type rope thing.” He started to walk forward, spreading his arms wide to keep his balance. One foot after another, Gee was now gaining speed in what he was now gaining confidence in.

“Whoops!” Bert continued to laugh at his friend who had just wobbled almost falling into the lake. Gerard’s hazel eyes caught site of something, something fluffy, something snow white.

“Look, a feather,” He reached out to grab it, sliding his foot forward. But Gerard slowly was coming back from his high, his mind started to regenerate at the right state – turning the image of the ‘feather’ into what it truly was; a snowflake. He tried to stand back up into a upright position from a lunge, but couldn’t. His foot kept sliding and sliding.
“Bert!” The endangered teenager called for his best friend – no answer; Bert was still laughing at Gerard’s previous wobble. “BERT!”


“Gerard!” Bert finally replied after hearing the second, louder scream and the loud sound of conflict, automatically taking him out of his intoxication. He put his hands in his pockets, rummaging, trying to find his phone so he could call 911.
“Shit!” Of all the days to forget my phone. He noticed a dog walker, strolling along the sidewalk. Bert ran over to him with a look of panic on his face.
“Please! Call 911! My friend – he just fell in the lake and hasn’t come back up, I’m going after him!”
“Oh Shit! I’m on it!” With that, the man brought out his cell phone and called the 3 digit number while a hysterical Bert jumped in after Gerard.

“Ambulance... Yes, a teenager... Just fallen in the lake... By the opening of the Belleville highway. Come Quick.”

Hi again! :) sorry if the drama happened to soon but it kinda fitted .. ya know? x
any who , somewhere i read that a tragedy can bring you down from a high so that explain hysterical bert. i think next chapter will be Gerard's P.O.V ... not sure :) x
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