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See and Feel

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Christa's unique gift is revealed.

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Several minutes passed. Hudson kept his arm still while Christa continued to stare at the blood.

"Trust.” Hudson said softly breaking the silence.

Christa took a deep breath then leaned over his arm. The moment his blood touched her lips she felt a jolt. This feeling was stronger that what she felt when she tasted Anna’s blood it was much more intense. She took several more drops in her mouth then sat back.

Hudson was watching her closely his eyes flashed. Slowly he reached out and cupped her face drawing her closer. “Christa, look into my eyes. Tell me what you see.”

Christa eyes grew wide. “I see..” A blush covered her face, “Oh my.”

Hudson grinned, “Sorry about that. That was recent.” He understood she had just seen how he’d entertained himself with the ladies while he’d been waiting for her and Katherine to arrive. “Look past that. What else can you see?”

Christa took a deep breath and concentrated, “I see you backstage. You’re talking on your phone to Katherine.”

“Yes that is when she called to tell me about the accident.” He confirmed. Gently he asked, “What else?”

“You were…” She suddenly could not only see what had happened she could feel his emotions. “You were upset. Really upset. You love them.” She said in awe.

“Yes I love them both.” Hudson said softly, “But as you can feel it is a different kind of love than what you feel for others.”

“It is the way Healers love.” Christa said as understanding filled her. “But there is sadness in it.”

Hudson removed is hand and sat back.

She could tell he was uncomfortable. “I’m sorry but it’s true. You are sad you can’t feel the human love they share.”

“Shared.” He said looking away. “The love they shared. Now that Gerard has been turned that love it gone.”

“And you hurt for Anna because of that.” Without thinking she reached out to touch his hand, “I am sorry.”

Hudson pulled his hand away, “That isn’t important. What is important is that I just proved to you what you can do. You my dear can look into the eyes of a Healer and not only see but feel the truth.”

Christa was truly amazed by this gift but still confused, “How will this help Anna?”

“All in good time.” Hudson said standing. He walked over to the bar and retrieved their drinks. “Here.” He said handing Christa hers.

“I’m really don’t drink this early in the day.” She said with a small smile.

“You may need it.” Hudson said downing his glass with one gulp. He sat back down watching her closely.

Christa took a sip then tried to smile, “Okay I trusted you and now I understand what I can do. Now you need to trust me. I can tell there is something you have to say but you’re hesitant. What is it?”

She was shocked when he took her hand and held it tightly, “Tell me you trust me.” He pleaded.

“I do.” Christa said without doubt. When she had looked into his eyes and had seen the truth she had understood what she’d seen was difficult for him to admit. As a Pure he was expected to be strong so his desire for human love shamed him.

“Will you allow me to blood bond with you?”

Christa hadn’t expected this. “Why?” She asked tilting her head slightly, “Why do you want this?”

“I will admit being bonded to a Ingredior Utriusque is considered an honor. However that is not why I want this. I want this for them. If we are bonded then there will be no questioning why you are with me when we go to Jacob’s estate. As a Pure my will supersedes Anna’s. If I want you there it doesn’t matter that Anna commanded you to distance yourself.” He smiled, “We Pure’s are the top of the food chain so to speak.”

“So you want it just so I can go with you?”

“That is one reason. The other reason is because if we are bound you will be able to follow my thoughts. Going before the council will be challenging. It will be very beneficial for you to be able to know what to say, what to do. I will be able to communicate with you telepathically.”

Christa considered his words, “We will be able to do that?”

“If the bond is deep, yes.”

“How deep?” She asked her eyes narrowing.

Hudson sighed, “Very deep. Deeper than your bond with Anna. The amount of blood we will share is quite a bit. I must admit this to you because I will not lie. This bond will be deep and lasting. The rest of your life you will be bound to me. I am not like Anna you know that. I am a Pure and I will always have a certain amount of control of you if that is what I chose to do.”

“Would you do that?” Christa asked.

“Look into my eyes. Do you believe I would force you to do anything you didn’t want?”

Once again she searched is eyes. “No, you are a man of your word. You would not.”

Hudson’s whole body relaxed. “That is true.”

Christa took another drink then spoke with a new resolve, “When do we bond and when do we go to Jacob’s?”

“You have no problem getting away for a few days? What about Ray?”

“He’s out of town so that’s not a problem.” She took another drink then added, “But know this, I love my husband and do not want to do anything that would jeopardize that love.”

Hudson nodded, “I understand that but you must understand how difficult that will prove to be. You have bonded with Anna so you know the feelings that surface.”

Christa lowered her gaze, “Yes I know.”

“The lust will be difficult for me to handle but I give you my word nothing will happen between us that you would consider wrong.”

“I take it that means you wouldn’t consider it wrong?” Her voice slightly shook with nervousness.

“Sweetheart we don’t equate sex with love. Since we don’t love like mortals to us there is nothing wrong with enjoying each other’s bodies.”

“Well we won’t be enjoying each others bodies.” Christa said making her feelings clear but at the same time realizing how crazy this all seemed. She was sitting talking to one of the most famous and loved performers of all times about sharing blood and bonding forever.

Hudson smiled seeing the look on her face. It wasn’t hard for him to guess what she was thinking. “Yeah, I know I’m pretty damn irresistible but I’ll fight you off.”

Christa gave him a shocked look, “I really don’t think that will be necessary.”

He gave her his world famous smile, “Maybe, maybe not, but I promise you I will not take advantage of the situation even though that is what I will desire.”

“How do you know what you will desire?” Christa challenged.

“I already desire you. You are a very unique woman and let’s be honest here I like women, mortal and immortal. I’m sure you know of my reputation.”

Christa laughed slightly, “Everyone knows about your reputation.”

He shrugged. “The sad thing is I am judged by the mortal world. In the Healer world the fact that I enjoy sex often is not considered wrong at all. It is just how we think.”

“Does it bother you?” She clarified her question, “The way we think?”

Hudson chose to be honest with her, “At times I suppose it does but that’s just how it must be.”

Christa stared at him a moment then blurted out, “You aren’t exactly like most Pures are you?”

“Oh now you are getting into dangerous territory. Pures do not like to ever be questioned about their actions.”

Still she did not back down, “Because you believe you are superior and above being questioned?”

Hudson’s eyes narrowed a moment but then a smile appeared on his face, “Yes, that is true. But Christa you must always remember to show respect to Healers and especially to Pures. That’s very important. Once you are bound to me I will protect you but there is only so much I can do. That is why the bond we will share is very important it will help me to guide you before the council.”

“So I don’t say or do anything wrong?”

“Yes.’ Hudson nodded. “And hopefully we will be able to help Gerard and Anna. I will admit to you I am very angry about this whole situation. If the accident was deliberate someone set out to hurt two people you are very important to me. I don’t put up with that shit.”

Christa smiled.

Hudson gave her a puzzled look.

“Sorry.” Christa explained, “But I guess I’m so used to the proper way that Anna speaks hearing you curse seems weird.”

“Oh I can curse a blue streak.” Hudson acknowledged, “I’m not like Anna or Jacob for that matter. I’ve always easily adapted to the way the world has changed, so has my speech.”

Christa sat back. “Okay then I think we should get started.” She wanted the bond to happen before she had too much time to reconsider. Deep down she felt it was the right thing to do but still…

Hudson stood, “Let me get Katherine.”

“Why?” Christa asked slightly confused.

Looking down at her he grinned, “Really wanna know?”

There was something about the look in his eyes that made her heart start to beat faster, “Yes.”

“Having Katherine here will help me. My lust will be great and being a Pure herself she will understand.”

“Oh, you mean..” She snapped her mouth shut.

Hudson threw back his head and laughed, “Yeah that’s exactly what I mean. She will be able to take my attention away from you.” Suddenly his smile slipped, “You know it will be difficult for you too.”

Christa was about to angrily disagree but stopped. She knew deep down he was right. Bonding with Anna had proved how intensely certain emotions could be. “But you promised.” She whispered.

His eyes flashed, “I did promise and it is a promise I will keep.” With that he turned to find Katherine.


“Claire, can you talk?”

Nothing that Bob had turned away from the stove when her cell rang Claire smiled at him then answered, “I am watching Bob make lunch.”

Christa understood this meant Claire would be careful when speaking. “Okay. I just wanted to touch base with you. I’m not at home.”

“Yes, you have worried Alicia. She said she tried to call you.”

“Crap.” Christa muttered. She thought a moment then said, “Okay please give her a call and tell her you talked to me and I’m fine but visiting my friend Polly. Tell her I called you before I got to her house. Polly lives out in the country where the phone reception is terrible.”

“I understand.” Claire answered seeing that Bob had turned back to the stove. “I did not know you were going to visit her.” She hoped Christa would explain where she was.

“I’m in New York.” Christa said understanding completely. “I’m with Katherine and Hudson.”

“Oh” Claire said slipping off the breakfast bar stool then making her way towards the sliding glass doors that lead to the deck. She needed to talk to Christa where Bob couldn’t overhear the conversation. Her mind was now full of questions. Once she was outside she slid the doors closed. “What are you doing?” She asked in a rush.

Christa had heard her moving and assumed she’d gone to a place where it was safe to talk. “I had to do something. I called Katherine and she called Hudson.”

“But I thought he was in Europe?”

“He was but as soon as Katherine called him he flew back. He’s very upset just like us.”

“He is not like us.” Claire said shaking her head, “He’s a Pure and so is Katherine. Oh God, what did they say about you calling them?”

“It’s okay.” Christa said wanting to put her mind at ease. “At first I was scared I’d done the wrong thing by calling Katherine but it’s okay. Remember Anna and Gerard are both bound to Hudson. He’s very upset about this and he believes there may be a way we can help them.”

“Does he know Anna forbid us from becoming involved?” Claire asked worriedly.

“He does but…” Her voice trailed off when she saw both of the Pures walk back into the room. “Look I can’t explain this all right now. Just know that we are doing everything we can to help Anna.”

“I do not understand.” Claire answered nervously. “I hate this.” Tears threatened her eyes.

“I know.” Christa whispered. “I’m sorry I can’t explain this any better but I just wanted to give you some hope.”

Claire saw Bob walking towards the doors. Lunch must be ready she thought. “Thank you.” She said softly. “But please be careful. Dealing with Pures can be dangerous.”

Christa glanced at Hudson, “Yes, I know but I will do anything I can to help Anna, you know that.”

“I know.” Claire said feeling guilty there was nothing she could do.

Christa understood how she felt, “I know you would too. But just remember you have to think about your baby. That is what Anna would want.”

Bob slid the door open.

Claire pasted a fake smile on her face, “Thank you for calling. I will tell Alicia when I speak to her.”

Christa understood that Bob must be within listening distance, “Take care, Claire. I will call you when I can.”


“How is she?” Hudson asked while returning to his original seat on the sofa by Christa.

“She’s very upset.” Christa answered closing her phone then setting it on the coffee table. “But I just wanted her to know there is hope.”

Hudson sighed, “Yes, hope. Mortals cling to that emotion.”

“We do.” Christa said nodding, “It is one of our more important emotions.”

Katherine took a seat in the chair across from the sofa then spoke to Christa. “So I understand I am here to keep Hudson from ravishing you.”

Hudson shot her a scowl. “That is not what I said.”

Katherine, who had spent many years with Hudson, ignored the look and laughed, “Well that is what I’m supposed to do, why sugarcoat it?”

Once again Christa became nervous.

Hudson took her hand in his, “Christa are you ready?” He asked gently.

“Yes.” She nodded.

Katherine leaned back in the chair. Just the thought of watching these two bond had already turned her eyes topaz.

“I will take your blood first.” Hudson said while stroking Christa’s hand. Once more his eyes turned topaz.” Then you will take mine.”

Christa nodded, “Yes, I know. Anna and I have bonded.”

“But we will exchange much more blood.” Hudson said looking directly into her eyes. “I wish I could glamour you.”

“Why?” Christa asked returning his stare.

He smiled, “I just think it would make it easier for you. You’re terribly nervous.”

“I’m okay.” Christa said with false bravado. “Lets do it.”

Hudson laughed, “Lets do it? You know most women would find the idea of “doing it” with me a pleasurable experience.”

“Hudson.” Christa said frowning, “Stop it.”

He smiled, “Sorry I can’t help myself.” Slowly he leaned forward to brush Christa’s hair back allowing him to see her bare neck. Suddenly he pulled her hand he was holding towards him causing her to collide with his body. “Trust” he whispered as he leaned down deliberately keeping his fangs from her view. When he bit into her soft neck he couldn’t keep himself from moaning gently as her sweet blood filled his mouth.

Christa closed her eyes but tightened her hold on his hand. An intense feeling of closeness filled her mind and body. The more blood Hudson took the closer she felt to him. All thoughts of doubt disappeared.

After several minutes Hudson forced himself to stop but it was one of the most difficult things he’d ever done. Her blood was intoxicating to him. He quickly licked the wound on her neck then sat back to look into her eyes. “Are you okay?” He asked gently.

Christa gazed into his topaz eyes and nodded, “Yes.”

He lifted his hand to his own neck and with his nail quickly sliced open the skin. For a moment Christa was confused.

Hudson smiled, “My choice.” He said knowing she had assumed she would take from his wrist.

Christa’s breathing was heavy. “Oh” She whispered seeing the blood bead to the surface. Almost in slow motion she leaned forward to press her lips to his neck. Again Hudson moaned but his time Christa also moaned as his blood filled her mouth.

Sitting up in the chair Katherine too was becoming involved in the scene. It took all of her willpower to fight the urge to join them.

As Christa continued to suck Hudson caressed her back gently. When she suddenly moved her body forward he fell back on the sofa. Christa sucked harder once her body was covering his unable to fight the feelings that were overwhelming her. She needed to feel closer to him.

Hudson was fighting the lust that was threatening to overcome him. He knew how easily this could get out of control. The woman was pressing her soft body to his and he needed to hold on to his control.

When at last he knew she’d taken enough he forced himself to gently grab her shoulders to lift her off him. She resisted.

“Christa.” He said softly, “You must stop.” If she took anymore he’d been weakened.

Katherine had gotten up and was standing by the sofa looking down at them. Her body was on fire.

Still Christa refused to remove her lips from his neck.

Calling upon all his willpower Hudson pushed Christa back. He saw her eyes were glazed, her lips covered with blood. The sight made him want her more. He couldn’t stop himself from pressing her lips against hers. Quickly his tongue darted out to remove the blood. Christa moaned.

“Hudson.” Katherine placed her hand on his shoulder.

He shook it off then stood. Without a word he scooped up a still dazed Christa into his arms then moved towards the bedroom. Christa put her arms around his neck laying her head against his chest.

“Hudson.” Katherine said more strongly this time.

He ignored her and continued on. Once inside the bedroom he quickly moved towards the bed to lay Christa down.

“Hudson.” She whispered feeling overwhelmed by so many emotions her brain seemed unable to function.

“It’s okay.” He whispered as he reached down to pull of her shoes.

Christa watched him silently as he pulled a light blanket over her body.

“Sleep Little One in a few hours we will talk.”

It took Christa a moment to realize she’d heard his words but he hadn’t spoken them out loud. She was now hearing his thought.

“Thank you.” She whispered gazing into his topaz eyes.

He smiled then leaned down to drop a quick kiss on her forehead. Before he could change his mind he quickly turned to leave.

Katherine was waiting in the hallway. As soon as he closed the door he turned to pin her against the wall. The lust they both felt could no longer be denied.
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