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Scary Movie

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frank and gerard watch a scary movie.

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hey guys I thought I would have a go at writing a little one-shot because I'm bored.
I’m not used to writing one-shots so it might be a bit crappy but I wanted to have a go.
Btw in this one Frank is 19 and Gee is 21. Neither go to school and Gee works in a comic book company drawing and shiz, Frank does not have a job.
Anyways I'm rambling so go read it, tell me what you thing and enjoy XD

Frank POV
I awoke to the sound of my darling dog wanting to go for a piss. She was always like this. When I had to get up she would lie and sleep on my chest forever, but when I could lie in she needed to piss. Typical.
“There you go Bella.” I told the little Chihuahua barking loudly at the door, I shivered at the cold December wind.
I was supposed to be meeting Gerard in two hours. I was now glad of the little doggie that was constantly waling me up when I over-slept. I jumped in the shower and enjoyed the spray of the warm water before I lathered my hair and washed.
I stepped out of the shower a little while later smelling of my strawberry shampoo. I went to my room and found a pair of clean, faded black skinnies, a plain black t-shirt and my favourite Misfits hoodie. I threw it all on and went to what was the spare room. It was now filled with a load of junk that just didn’t fit anywhere else. That included my mirror, my makeup and hair stuff.
I sit down on the floor in front of my mirror that is leaning against my wall.
I start by applying my red eyeliner. I always wear it. I then put in my lip ring. I took it out yesterday for a job interview but I know I didn’t get it, the tattoos on my arm ensured that.
When I have finished my makeup, I start on my hair. I used to straighten it, but my recent haircut left me with too short hair. I had dyed the shortest part red, and the longer part, my side-fringe, black. Gee hadn’t seen it yet I only did it yesterday, after the interview and Gee was working yesterday.
After a few cups of coffee, and some toast I left my house. I climbed into my car and tried to start it up. It wouldn’t. It just kept turning over. “Stupid piece of shit.” I say getting out of the car and fishing out my phone.
“Hello?” Gee answered.
“Hey GeeGee, I'm gonna be late. My car won't start.” I explained locking the old car and walking to the park we agreed to meet up in.
“Ok, I’ll wait for you babe. Hurry.” I heard the smile in his voice at the end.
“I will hun. See you soon.”
“Bye bye.” Gerard said before the click signalling that he had hung up.
I walked the distance as quickly as I could. This resulted in me falling and slipping on the ice several times. I reached the park ten minutes later. I saw Gerard.
“GeeGee!” I shouted, running over the frosty grass to jump into his arms.
“Hey Frankie.” He smiled at me as I clung to his broad shoulders. He was practically carrying me.
“I missed you.” I say into his long ebony hair.
“It’s only been one day Frankie.” He giggled softly into my neck.
“I know, but I still missed you.” I say as he puts me back on the ground.
“Come on. Let's go get coffee.” He smiled at me and led me out of the park and onto the street.
We spent the day in star bucks and shopping. We went into HMV, Blue Banana and the apple store.
“Do you wanna come back to mine tonight?” I asked Gee as we walked down the street. It was only half seven but it was already dark and i was scared of the dark, but I will deny it if anyone asks.
“Sure thing, Frankiekins.” He smiled at me and put his arm around my waist, pulling me in closer to his warm body.
“We could watch a film.” I smile up at his beautiful face.
“Oooh, yeah. We can watch one of the ones I just bought.” He took out the three films. Great, all horrors.
“Can't we watch one of mine?” I ask.
“What? Tangled?” he gave me one of those looks which meant he thought I was completely insane but loved me too much to say it out loud.
“Yes, it's a great movie! It even has a pony, Mikey would love it.” I giggle at the thought of mikes obsession he had since he was born.
“But I really wanted to watch the shining. I heard the older version was better.” Gee begged me and put that puppy dog face that I couldn’t resist.
“Fine, I'll watch it with you.” Fuck. I hate scary films what was I gonna do?
“Yay.” He jumped up and down, clapping.
“Come on, it's getting dark.” I told him quickening my pace.
“I can't believe you actually have your own house Frankie.” Gee said as we stepped through the door and into the warmth.
“It's not all you think it is. You have to cook and clean, well you're supposed to.”
“But you don't.” Gerard stood in the hall way with his hands on his hip, looking all sassy.
“You know I don't.” I giggled. Standing on my tip toes so I could kiss him.
His soft lips moving with mine, I felt his tongue seek entrance to my mouth. I parted my lips, allowing him to search the inside of my mouth. I let out a moan and knotted my fingers into this long hair.
“Woof” Bella caused Gee to scream his incredibly girly scream and me to sigh as my new little dog had ruined a small part of my life once again.
“Gee it's only my dog.” I laughed softly.
“Oh, yeah I forgot you had a dog now.” He laughed lightly with me.
“Are you sure you still want to watch that film?” I giggled.
“Of course.” He picked his bad back up, and then carried me into the living room over his shoulder.
“I really wish you would trust me to walk.” I complained, sitting on the sofa sulkily.
“And how many times did you fall over this morning?”
“That's different, there was ice.” I got up and went over to turn the TV on.
A few minutes later, Gee had made us coffee and we were sitting on my sofa wrapped up in my king sized duvet (I only had a king sized duvet, only a double bed) and I already didn’t like it. It was dark. Every time the scene changed quickly, I shit myself. Luckily I had put my mug on the coffee table and I was huddled up next to Gee. I was practically sitting on him by the time the film had finished and I was surprised he was still breathing. I had pins and needles in my arm from where it had been forced between Gee and the sofa and the other arm wouldn’t let go of him.
“Frankie, it's ok. The films finished.” He giggled at my scrunched up eyes.
“Are you sure? Can you turn the lights on?” I asked him, but as he tried to get up, I gripped him even tighter, if that was possible.
“Frankie hun, you're gonna have to let go if you want me to turn the light on.” He stroked my hair as my face was buried in his chest.
“I can't. I'm scared.” I mumbled into his chest.
“Fine, I’ll carry you.” He picked me up like a back-to-front piggy-back and walked over to turn on the light.
“Thanks GeeGee.” I said.
“No problem, can you let go now please? I think you're gonna strangle me.”
“Oh, sorry.” I climbed down and searched the room for crazy murderous people. “Gee?”
“Yes Frankie?” he took my hand and looked into my scared eyes.
“Can you stay here tonight?” I begged him.
“Sure, you still got my stuff?”
“Yeah, in the spare room.”
By about half eleven, I had calmed down a little. I was still sure that something would kill me in the middle of the night.
“Nice PJ’s.” Gee pointed at my hello kitty PJ’s and laughed as he walked into my room wearing only his boxers. They had bumble bee from transformers on them.
“Nice boxers.” I giggle.
“Touché.” He climbed into my bed next to me. “Don't worry Frankie, I’ll protect you from the dark tonight.”
I fell asleep in my boyfriends arms, snuggled into his bare chest. It was a perfect way to end the day.

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