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Chapter 4: I Forgot To Breath.

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"This is crazy!" Gerard exclaimed.

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Chapter Four

"So you might need something to sleep in.." Gerard said turning to me after handing Frank a bucket of things to clean the kitchen up. Frank was on his knees scrubbing the floor and moaning like a little girl, I couldn't help but laugh.
"Yeah, that might be right." I replied grinning up at him, I was covered in sticky chocolate and in real need of a shower.
"Gerard you started this! Why aren't you cleaning?" Frank said wiping sweat from his brow. Gerard turned his attention from me to Frank.
"I wasn't the fucking idiot who got Ray angry. You knew that shit was going to go down one way or another." Gerard stated, Frank just frowned and carried on scrubbing. "Shower?" Gerard asked turning back to me.
"Oh yes please." Before I knew it Gerard had grabbed hold of my hand and was leading me upstairs. Ray and Bob had gone back home and Mikey was passed out on the sofa. Gerard lead me past his bedroom door and to the end of the hallway. He opened the bathroom door and stood there for a secind, looking down at me, still holding my hand. I shifted uncomfortably under his gaze and unwillingly let go of his hand so I could think straight. Once I let go of Gerards hand he suddenly looked confused and took a step back.
"What's wrong?" He asked, frowning.
"I just need to think straight for a second.." I told him, stepping forward so we were close again.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean you make me all dizzy when you're close and I can't think straight." Gerard seemed to think this funny. He laughed lightly and placed his two hands on either side of my waist. My breath caught and my heart started to beat really fast again. He closed the gap between us and leaned in towards me. I suddenly realised I wasn't breathing and took in a deep breath.
"I feel like that around you too." Gerard said, leaning in closer and closer then he let go of me and stepped back. I fell forward alittle. "Aw man.." He sighed, looking at me in a confused way.
"What?" I asked, my heart hadn't slowed down yet and I was still feeling woozy.
"I don't know. How can I feel like this for someone I only met a few hours ago?!" Gerard had flung his hands up in the air as if he were surrendering. I just nodded and kept my head down. "This is crazy!" Gerard exclaimed.
"Tell me abou-" Gerard cut me off by taking a large step forward, closing the space between us- taking my face in his two hands and staring deeply into my eyes, he looked like he was searching for something. My heart felt like it was going to explode at the rate it was beating and my stomach felt like it was doing flips. He pulled back, my face still in his hands and he smiled his crooked smile.
"Sorry." He apologized, pushing back some hair in my face. I was unable to move or say anything. I just stared up at his face. He laughed at me, stepping back towards the shower. He reached in and turned it on. I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on my breathing. "The showers tricky to turn on and off, so call me when you're done and i'll do it." I nodded, my eyes still closed. "Tess? Tess are you okay?" He asked. I opened my eyes and saw that he was reaching his arms out for me. I took a deep breath and walked into them, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. I stopped breathing. "Can you please talk? You're driving me crazy here!" I laughed against his chest, pulled back alittle and looked up at his pretty face.
"I'm getting chocolate all over you and you just changed." I grinned. My whole body felt fuzzy, like it was recovering from pins and needles.
"Get showered and i'll set you up for tonight." Gerard said, looking down at me with his beautiful hazel eyes. "Call me when you're done. There is a towel over there, you can pick some of my clothes to wear after your shower." and with that he let go of me and disappeared out of the room. I stood there taking it all in, then closed and locked the bathroom door and undressed before getting into the shower.

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