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Chapter 42

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The end

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Time Lapse - Fast Forward Half A Year

Elena’s POV

The six months since Gerard tried to commit suicide passed quickly for me. It was a very eventful six months; we were able to get through it with each other, thank god.

Fortunately, the fights and things at school ceased since dear Frankie finally took Gerard’s advice and stood up for himself. I am so glad to hear no more stories of fights at school, and it warms my heart to see Frankie free of all bruises.

Speaking of which, I am happy to say that I am now Frankie’s legal guardian, until he can legally move out. Luckily, that will be a while; Gerard is a little older than Frank is, and he will be getting his license in a few months, if he is lucky. Frankie has a long way to go before he turns eighteen.

The young man named Bob’s funeral took place a few days after his passing; Gerard and Frankie were not invited, which can be understood. Bob’s parents were not too keen on having the strangers with which their son ran away with at his funeral, but it still would have been the right thing to do. However, when the day of the funeral rolled around, I was worried about how Gerard would take it, considering how much he blamed himself for Bob’s death. Surprisingly enough, he did not seem too disturbed by it, though he seemed like he was struggling with himself. Frankie managed to keep his mind busy for the most part, so he got through the rest of the day in one piece.

Looking back, the hardest thing for me personally was watching my younger grandson commit a crime against his own brother, his own blood, just because Gerard was different from him. I thought his parents and I had taught him better than that, but I do not blame them or myself for his actions. Mikey was old enough to know what he was doing, even if it was not the best action to take. It hurts me to know that Mikey is where he is, in a juvenile center halfway across the country, and that Gerard and Frankie are both safer that way. Brothers are meant to be together, not separated by hundreds of miles of land. I tell myself it’s better off this way, and I stick to that every day.

On a lighter note, Gerard is making new friends. A nice young man named Ray Toro stops by frequently. Gerard and Frankie met him the day Bob got hurt, and Ray helped them get Bob some help. He has been friends with Frankie and Gee since then, and he comes from Monroeville nearly every weekend to play guitar with Frank. I have never seen such talented guitar players; Ray and Frank’s styles are very different, but combined, they make the most excellent harmonies. Gerard will write music and lyrics and sing them, accompanied by Frankie and Ray. The beauty of the lyrics and the music, and how the guitars and my grandson’s voice sound together, nearly sends me to tears every time I hear them. At one time, it was mentioned that they start a band, but they took it lightly and I doubt they considered it.

“Elena?” I heard, and I was pulled out of my dreamlike state back into reality. I was sitting on the couch in the living room, watching the early-morning news when I heard my name.

“Yes, Frankie?” I watched as he emerged from one of the back rooms in the darkness, holding a newspaper article that had been clipped out. He walked over to me silently and handed me the clipping. It was the obituary section, half a year old.

“That’s Bob,” he explained, as if I did not know. “I found that newspaper clipping while I was rummaging around in Gee’s desk for some paper just now. Today is—was—Bob’s birthday,” he finished quietly.

“Oh,” I nodded quietly, understanding.

“I’m worried about Gerard,” he admitted. “I don’t know how he’ll act today. I mean, it is New Year’s Eve, after all. This is the day everyone is pressured to drink and party, and—” He cut himself off, his eyes darting away.

“I see, and I think you have a right to be worried,” I said, not taking my eyes off his concerned face. “We’ll watch him like a hawk today, just to make sure he doesn’t do anything he’ll regret later. I think it’s been long enough since Bob’s accident, but it’s difficult to tell with Gerard sometimes.”

He nodded in agreement, and we shared hopeful smiles. He started to make his way back to the back room again, but turned around mid-step, looking hopeful.

“Wanna make banana pancakes?”

I laughed. “Of course, honey. This time, I shall be the victor.”

He smirked. “I don’t know, old lady. Are you sure you want to try your luck again this time?”

“Honey, if I thought you stood a chance at beating me, I wouldn’t have agreed to make pancakes in the first place.”

This contest ended up being a lot messier than the last one, but we had a lot more fun. Gerard concluded in the end that I, indeed, made better banana pancakes. I, however, could not taste the difference between Frankie’s and mine, and I told him that.

About three cups of coffee later, Gerard realized what day it was, just as I hoped he would not. Frankie and I watched his face fall, and we tried our best to keep his mind off it. Miraculously, Gerard went all day without showing any signs of major depression, and for that, I was grateful. It was not until night fell that we knew there might be a problem.

The three of us had been seated on the couch watching a movie when he disappeared into his room for a few minutes. Frank and I trusted him, despite knowing of the contents of his closet, but after he had been gone for over five minutes, we started getting a little edgy.

One of us was about to go back to secretly check on him when he emerged from his room with two bottles of liquid in either hand. I silently gasped and prayed that he wasn’t about to do what I thought he was about to do, but the gasp turned to relief when he said,

“I don’t need these anymore.” Frank nervously grasped my hand unconsciously while we watched Gerard go to the sink and pour the last of the malicious drinks out. When he was done, he looked like a great burden had been lifted, and continued, “Those were the last bottles. I don’t need them to help me with my problems anymore.” Those words made my eyes water, and Frank and I both jumped up from the couch and pulled him into a group hug, all three of us crying. Only, this time, they were tears of joy.

Not too long after, after the hug-fest was over, Frankie and Gerard exchanged “I love you”'s a few times and cuddled together on the couch. They are adorable together, and they have no idea how much they mean to me. I mean, if it weren’t for Frankie, Gerard probably would not be alive today, as I am sure is vice versa. Words cannot describe how happy I am that they found each other, and when the movie ended and they walked off to the back of the house for the night, I knew they were going to be doing a little more than just sleeping.
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