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Alcohol Reunion

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Brendon gets really bad cravings for alcohol and needs to find a way to get Ryan out of his house.

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When Brendon slowly started to wake up from his healing and necessary sleep he felt a pair of arms wrapped around him. Ryan's arms.

The older man was snoring into Brendon's ear but it didn't even bother him. Brendon was just so happy that he didn't have to be all alone.

His body didn't feel so heavy and stiff anymore and his head wasn't aching as bad either. He guessed that the worst part of his sickness was over.

No sunbeams penetrated through, or under, the thick material of Brendon's blinds. It was probably night or the sun was covered by dark clouds.

Brendon found himself really wanting to have a drink. The desire took the form of a thousand ants crawling in his body. Brendon wanted to rip his skin open to free them. He knew that the only thing soothing his nerves would be alcohol.

But he couldn't drink with Ryan around. He had to get rid of him.

Brendon removed Ryan's arms from their tight grip around his body then he rolled over so that he was facing Ryan. The singer watched how the older man slept peacefully. His eyes were closed, his hair messy and drool trickled down his chin onto Brendon's pillow.

The shirt Ryan was wearing had got crinkles all over it.

Did everyone look so young and innocent when they were sleeping? Would a terrorist look harmless in that state too?

Brendon let his thumb sweep over Ryan's chin to remove some of the saliva running down it. That seemed to be enough to wake the guitarist up.

His eyes twitched and then fluttered open slowly. Brendon smiled sweetly. "Morning," he said.

"Morning," Ryan replied. "How are you feeling now?"

"Much better!" Brendon answered cheerfully. His mind then went to how he was supposed to get Ryan out of the house. Since Ryan was such a caring person it would take a lot of effort to convince him to leave Brendon's side while he still was the tiniest bit sick.

Ryan immediately placed his hand on Brendon's forehead. "Your temperature seems to be normal," he mumbled. It turned on a light of hope inside Brendon's body. Maybe he would leave if he thought Brendon was healthy enough. All the singer wanted to do was to chug down a bottle of beer. The cravings for alcohol made him want to scream out loud. Instead he bit his lip and looked at Ryan nervously.

"You look weird," Ryan stated after a couple of seconds. Brendon inhaled air deep into his lungs. "I'm hungry," the singer lied.

Ryan's face lit up and his eyes sparkled. "Can I get you something?" he asked. Brendon knew that by saying that he was hungry he would turn Ryan's nurturing instincts on.

Brendon pretended to be thinking about options for awhile before he answered.

"I want pancakes."

Ryan grimaced slightly. "I don't you have enough ingredients to make that," he mumbled sadly. Brendon looked like he was sad too even if it was all an act.

"Too bad. I have really bad cravings for pancakes," the singer said and pouted. He could see in Ryan's eyes that his brain was moving in a rapid pace. In reality the only thing Brendon craved was alcohol and certainly not pancakes.

Ryan suddenly got out of the bed and tried to straighten out his very crinkly shirt. "I'll go buy you some pancakes and then I will come back to you," he said.

Brendon nodded slowly. "Thank you," he said as Ryan left the room.

The exact moment that Brendon could hear the front door being both opened and closed he jumped out of the bed. His legs were still a bit wobbly but he could manage standing on them.

When Brendon was about to step out of the bedroom he saw something that didn't please him at all. His doppelganger had appeared right in front of him.

The doppelganger looked stern and unamused. "Where do you think you're going?" he snarled.

Brendon shook his head. "I'm about to go and get some alcohol in my dried out fucking system," Brendon snapped back at the copy of himself. He then pushed past the doppelganger and rushed to the kitchen and the liquor section.

"You're stupid, Brendon!" the doppelganger called out after the singer and followed him to the kitchen. He watched Brendon taking a bottle of beer out and opening it.

"Does this piss you off?" Brendon asked and smirked as he put his lips to the opening of the bottle and heightened it to pour liquid down his throat.

The doppelganger shrugged. "I can't really stop you from killing yourself, can I?" he asked with a hint of hopelessness in his voice. To answer him Brendon took another big gulp of the beer and looked delighted.

"It's your choice," the doppelganger sighed and disappeared with a bang.

Brendon drank the last of the bottle of beer in peace. He then threw the bottle into the bin and walked upstairs where he brushed his teeth to get free from the smells, he then walked into the bathroom and laid down on his bed.

He was ready for Ryan to come back.
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