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isnt a chater, quick note.

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Right, i haven't updated this story in fucking ages. when i did chapter three, i didn't feel as if this was going to be a good story, but looking back at the amout of views im getting, im guessing its interesting. but what im trying to say is, do you guys want me to carry on? just say so, cause i think im going to edit some of it to get it back on to tracks. but please comment if you want me to carry on, please?

oh and thanks for all the lovley reviews im getting on my other story, Stand Up fucking tall ect... you guys are so fucking kind! if you guys are reading that story, im writing the fifth chapter now, dont worry i havent given up on that one yet, im quite fond to it(:

but yeah, please just say if you want me to carry on cause i need to know whos reading this story :3

georgiee :D
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