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Oranges and Justin Bieber

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Unrelated topic to MCR.Well,kinda.

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just something I found again,more to come.goddamn she musta wrote all the time.this one is obviously less serious than the last,but it's got a pretty good point.
xo K.

Hello all,and welcome to a little angst session.
So,as a recipient of some hate in the past,I would like to tell you a little story.It's not gross or rude or full of profanation (for once),it's just a story.
I don't like oranges.I just don't.Haven't since I was a toddler,a kid,hell I don't like them now.I think they're slimy,too sweet and just gross.(By the way,that stuff your parents tell you about "oh don't worry you'll like it when you're older" thing is complete bullshit.)
So,since I don't like oranges,I don't eat them.
It makes sense.If you don't like something,you don't annoy/suppress/mortally injure yourself by succumbing to it.It makes logical,perfect sense.Like what people put on FicWad,on Frerards or Waycest,pour example;"Frerard:you don't like,you don't read."
So I honestly don't get it when people hate on videos or shit like that,when they're like "oh mah god this sux so much ballz i cud so much betta but the internetz wud explode from mah awesomeness if i put it up here but this still sux"
Yeah.We've all been there;we all know.
Take Justin Bieber,for argument's sake.I don't mind the kid;I've never met him,therefore I have no idea what he is like.I also will never call him or anyone else-apart from my ex-a "faggot",because
1.That is a horrible term
2.I have no idea what his sexual orientation is,it is of no interest to me
But anyway.I don't mind him,and it's great that he has great success over the last year,and well done to him.I don't like his music,well,frankly,because I don't like that sort of music.I like punk and rock and alternative."Baby" ain't exactly gonna be my favourite song.
But when you go on Youtube and see that the dislikes outweigh the likes...that just pisses me off.While I fully support freedom of speech and stuff,seeing comments about how much it sucks and just irks me.
And if you don't like Justin Bieber;what about the MCR haters?They're pretty shit.And I'm not gonna deny it,there are a lot of them.It's fine for you to say Justin Bieber sucks major ass but if someone insults My Chem you'd shove a shotgun up their ass,amirite?
I know I would.
But if someone leaves a stupid comment on MCR's page about how shitty and emo they are,you're just like,why man?Why are you doing it?It doesn't hurt anyone necessarily,it's just irritating.
I'd like you all to imagine something for a second if you would.
If you are a randomer who does not like,say,MCR,you have two possible ways of life:
Case Scenario #1
You hear,say,Na Na Na on the radio.
Your Friend:Say,isn't that My Chemical Romance?
You:Yeah.I kinda hate them.
Your Friend:Oh right.You wanna make s'mores?
You:HELL yes!
You make s'mores and carry on with your life.
Case Scenario #2
Na Na Na plays on radio.
Your Friend:Say,isn't that My Chemical Romance?
You:Yeah.I hate them.I think I'm gonna go rant on my blog about how shit they are and they should just go slit their wrists and their wives should be raped,and their kids killed,and then Imma make a Youtube video about it,and set up a MCR SUX Facebook account and then stalk them all on Twitter.I'm just that intellectually sensitive.
Your Friend:Oh right.You wanna make s'mores?
You:HELL yes!

Don't know why I made this,but hey.Sue me.
Damn now I'm hungry for s'mores,
xo lorna.
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