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He intends to find out....

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Kinda short....But, I have a test tomorow, ao forgive me. I may not be updating as much because of the year end exams :( but after exams, its a nice shining yellow brick road to lots of updates!! Thanks for reading! R&R!!!

Chapter 12

We all raised our hands. This was gonna be good.

We started the game. The rules were, you had to take a sip of Vodka and the last person who doesn't puke looses. I figured me and Rosie would win, because vampires don't puke, and hardly ever get drunk.

After a couple sips of Vodka everyone was tipsy. Me and Rosie were giggly, but that was nothing new. Party Poison and Kobra Kid had stopped drinking because they wanted someone whom was responsible enough to watch sleeping Gracie and the Diner.

Three Hours Later--------------

"Shoo, guyzz are da bestest frund anywun could eva havesh!" Ghoul slurred as he stumbled over.

Rosie and I looked at each other and laughed hysterically. They were all so drunk, except Party and Kobra, and we had doubled what they drank. Party Poison and Kobra were still trying to figure out why we weren't passed out, and why the term 'One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila FLOOR!' hadn't come into action. And considering we had 6 shots of tequila (in a row May I add) and we were still not drunk, nor passed out.

Now everyone was getting to the passed out stage, and we figured we should bring them inside.

Me and Rose carried half the people. After we carried everyone in, we decided to play a round of cards with Poison and Kobra. Poison won every time, so it wasn't that great. Kobra and Rose went out side to get fresh air, and they left Poison and I alone in the Diner. Ok, i'll admit I had a tiny minor hardly anything crush on Party, but nothing major.

"So, are you sure there's nothing else that you and Rose arn't sharing with us?"

Man he was good! There was something, but I wasn't going to tell him.

"Nope, nothing."

'I know there's something. And I intend to find out." He reassured me.

"Well, good luck with not finding anything. I'm gonna go see what Rose and Kobra are doing, care to join?" I said.

He nodded and we left the Diner. I walked out to see Kobra and Rose cuddling as they sat on icebox.

"Awww! How cute! Rosie's got a wittle boyfwend!" I teased in a little kid voice.

Now if only Party and I could be like that.....
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