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My Chemical...Dress up?

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So, similar to my other two "my chemical art" and "my chemical school" Everyone is at the Way`s house and don`t know what to do. Frank has an idea. Mini frerard, kinda.

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NOTE. Sorry this isn`t I don`t love you or Bob`s story, but I HAVE updated both two days in a row and need some thinking time. I wrote this during my luch break and finished it in creative writing. (Home ed is the best, apart from GCSE corsework.) Who here remebers playing dress up as a kid? I can`t be the only one, right? Right? looks around worriedly So, hope you like this, I was very bored, I have no life and I`m baby sitting this weekend, so I guess that is where these are all coming from. I Don`t think it`s cause of my lack of mental...normality, right? Again, no ages but I don`t think they`d be too old, ya know.
Eh, whatev. Hope you like this, let me know if you do,
“Okay, boys. I`m going to be outside doing some gardening, okay.” Mikey glanced over at Gerard, who nodded and then copied him.
“I`m just outside so try not to wreck the place. And, Gerard, I`m putting you in charge okay.” The younger of the two scowls-it wasn’t fair, just `cause Gerard was born first didn’t mean he was better at being in charge.
“And don`t forget Mrs. Iero is coming round soon with Frank. And Ray and Bob might t come round as well, kay?”The two children smile and Gerard says that he won’t. Like he would ever forget about Frankie coming round-they were best friends. Mikey had sometime feel a little left out, but then they would all play a game together or watch some cartoons and he`d soon forget about it.
“Hello, we`re here!”
“I`ll get it!” Mikey unsuccessfully holds back a laugh as his older (but most definitely not more mature) brother rushes to get the door, eager to see his best friend. He grabs his juice box, takes a slurp and follows him into the hallway. He too, was eager to see his friends.
“Frankie!” Mikey gets there just in time to see Gerard practically crushing poor little Frankie by the means of one of his very rare (I`m talking real rare) hugs that were reserved only for him.
“Gee!” Frankie hugs back, he had no other choice. Mikey had to hand it to him, not many people could put up with Gerard. He of course had to; he was his older brother…apparently. He did have his doubts sometimes.
“We invisible or something?” asked a sandy haired boy sarcastically.
“Now, Bob, what did I tell you about being polite?” his mother scolded him and he made a face.
“Yeah Bobbie, what did your mama tell ya `bout being nice?” said a kid that was roughly the same age as the others, with a giant `fro.
Bob rolled his eyes. “Whatever, poodle. Bye mum.” She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and walked back to the car.
“Bye mama.” Rays mother hastily tried to adjust his hair to make it more presentable, but it wasn’t happening. She sighed, signalling her defeat, kissed him and followed Bob`s mother to her own car which was parked just outside the Way`s house.
“Wh at do you wanna do?” Frank asks his friends as they made their way into the kitchen to get some juice and sweets.
“Not a clue.” Ray said while reaching up onto the kitchen counter to get a juice box like Mikey`s.
“Here.” He chucked one at Bob, who was sitting in the middle of the floor, watching horrified as Frank was jumping up and down by the door of the cupboard where the sweets were kept. He presumed that Frank was busy trying to open the door.
“Need a lift?” Gerard asked his…vertically challenged best friend.
“Mmm…I can`t reach the handle.” Gerard laughed, but not a mean one, a rather high pitched girly one.
“What the heck was that?” Bob asked. “It sounded like a cat dying.” he smiled to show he hadn’t meant it. Everyone apart from Gerard seemed to find his remark funny.
Ignoring Bob, he walked over to Frank who was still struggling to reach the cupboard. Without speaking a word he snaked his hands round the smaller boy`s waist and lifted him up.
“Thank you Gee.” He gave the elder boy a hug.
The five of them went into the living room and switched on the T.V.
“Can we watch power puff girls, pweese?” Everyone turned to stare at Mikey, jaws open, looks of pure horror on their faces.
He diverts his eyes and stares fixedly at the floor. “Joke, guys. That shows for baby`s.”
“How about…SpongeBob!” Bob excitedly picks up a DVD of the popular show and holds it out proudly so everyone could see. “C’mon. SpongeBOB?!” He puts emphasis on the last part of the word, causing his friends to groan.
After a short…disagreement about what to watch, the five of them sit down with their sweets and juice and began watch re runs of Scooby doo.
“I always wanted a talking dog.” Frank said to no one in particular.
When the show was done, the young boys were again at a loss for something to do.
“Play outside?” Ray asked and pointed to the medium sized, toy strewed garden.
“nah, mama`s out there gardening.” Mikey told them. “What about-“
“I WANNA PLAY DRESS UP!” Frank screamed suddenly, nearly giving the others a heart attack. L
“” Ray turned to look at Bob, praying he would tell him that Frank hadn’t really said that. Bob, looked shell shocked.
“Gee said last time that we could do what I wanted.” Frank said proudly taking a slurp of his juice. Bob made a mental note to never drink anything from a juice cartoon again, or better yet, never let Frank drink from one-the effects were too scary.
Everyone apart from Frank, who was happily drawing on his skinny arms, turned to face Gerard, glaring at him.
“Did you?” Mikey asked his brother, still glaring.
Frankie squealed ecstatically “Yey! Let me go get some stuff!” he ran over to his house which happened to be next to the Way`s.
Bob stood up suddenly and ran towards the front door, “Quick, lock it before it comes back.”
“Frankie isn’t an it!” Gerard yelled at him, storming over to him.
Bob raised his hands in surrender. “Fine, but I ain`t dressing up.” He went to sit back down next to Ray, who was still watching T.V, and began flicking sweets into his hair.
“I’m back! Miss me?” Frank ran over to Gerard and hugged him, thrusting a cardboard box into his pale arms.
“No.” Gerard lied. Of course he`d missed his best friend.
“W...what is that?”Mikey and Ray asked Frank at the same time, worried expressions on their faces.
“The box of evil.” Bob said in a deep, evil voice.
“Idiot, it isn’t.” Frank threw a cushion at him, and sat down on the next to Gerard.
“Open it.” Gerard cautiously lifted the lid of the box, not really wanting to disappoint Frank, but most definitely not wanting to play dress up. He carefully lifted out the first item and breathed a sigh of relief when it was a pair of franks old trainers. He chucked them over to Ray, who picked them up gingerly.
Gerard carried on emptying the content out of the box. When he came the last item he nearly froze-did he just see something pink? No, course not. He did.
“Erm…Frankie?” he began, not wanting to hurt his best friends feeling. Do “w...why do you have a dress in here? I um, don`t think it`ll fit you.” He picked it up and held it up against the younger kid.
“Don`t be silly. It isn’t for me.” Oh thank god. But who was it for? Everyone held their breath.
“Well, I`m going toilet.” Bob stood up and practically run upstairs to the toilet.
After a few seconds Ray stood up, followed by Mikey. “Us too!” they ran after him, leaving Frank and Gerard alone.
Gerard was shocked to see tears in Frank’s beautiful eyes. “Come here.” He wrapped an arm around him protectively, and Frank gladly snuggled into his chest.
“Gee, will you do something for me?” Gerard knew he was going to regret this, but damn it! Frank was so adorable he couldn’t say no.
Frank stood up and grabbed the dress up off the floor and held it out to him. Sighing Gerard took it and put it on over his black tee shirt and jeans.
“Happy?” he muttered and Frank nodded.
“You better be, not many people would do this for you.”
“I know. I`ve got the bestest friend in the whole world.”
“You sure do!” Gerard jumped on the smaller boy, wrestled him to the ground and started tickling him. After a while they grew tired and fell asleep on the floor, franks head on Gerard shoulder.
“Boys, where are you all?”
“We`re up here!” Mikey, Ray and Bob called timidly from the upstairs toilet.
After Mrs. Way had talked them into coming downstairs, she asked them where the other two were.
Mikey shakily pointed to the living room.
“Gerard, Frank are yo-“the two were still lying there peacefully. She had to smile; they were both just so sweet together. Then she realised something.
“Erm, boys?” She called into the kitchen where the others were. “Why is my eldest son wearing a dress?!”
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