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Untitled Victorian AU

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Victorian AU. Frank is a 1st class teenager, and he goes on a visit to a workhouse. He sees a sick man, and takes him home with him, much to his mother’s dismay.

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Frank's POV
I woke up to the sound of my mother calling me. I was reluctant to get up at first, but soon I remembered; today was the day I finally get to see the workhouse! I got up in such a rush, I gave myself a headache. I had to sit down for a little while, clutching my head. One of the maids - Myrtle - saw me and was quick to ask me what was wrong. I giggled as I looked up at her worried face.
"Stop being so concerned, Myrtle, I'm fine. I just got out of bed too quick, that's all." I smiled kindly at her, and she curtseyed. She then placed my favourite tea tray (a beautiful one with roses painted on it, and vines curving around each corner) with small cups on my bedside table. I noticed that there was a note underneath a tea cup, and so I picked it up. It was a note from Mother - I could tell straight away from the writing. It read:
Dear Francis,
I am writing this note to tell you that you should be dressed and in the courtyard at 9 o'clock sharp. Wash, dress in your best clothes, and please brush your hair for once.

I looked at the clock and cursed to myself - it was already 8 o'clock! I hurried to get myself washed and dressed, not bothering to drink any of the tea. I was getting sick of it, anyway. I searched around for a hair brush, nearly giving up until I saw one on my bedside table, next to the tea tray. "Oops" I giggled to myself, picking up the brush. I stared at it for a little while, turning it over in my hands, before brushing my hair. And damn it hurt.
I looked up at the clock, and cursed again (a very bad habit of mine), as I only had two minutes left before it was 9 o'clock. I ran downstairs to the courtyard, and jumped into the carriage. My mother only gave me a stern look and a word of greeting, before the carriage took off. I grimaced as I returned the "Hello" and looked out the window, anticipating our visit. We were going to one of the workhouses in town. My mother had an important meeting she was involved in there, and I begged her to take me. I always wanted to see how the lower classes lived. It was interesting. Mother had arranged a tour around the workhouse for me, even though she didn't want me to go with her in the first place. Persuasion is my special talent.
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