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I have to kill it before it kills itself

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Please read, it's important

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Okay, I'm cutting to the chase. FrankEnstien is just not good enough anymore. To be honest, this fanfic I lost passion for a long time ago, hence the sudden time lapses.
Don't worry, I'm not abandoning it, nor am I flinging it into the flames of hell to burn forever, I am merely...postponing it. I will store it on my laptop and work on it, tweak and adjust it until I can get it as flawless as possible. I will revisit it in due time and repost it when I deem it good enough to return here.
I want to thank all my avid readers who read, rated and reviewed this shambles of a story, I hope you understand and respect my desicion. I have to kill it off before it kills itself.
However, putting this story on hiatus will enable me to continue and complete stories such as 'If I fall', 'Dead Memories', 'Haru and the Kobra Kid', 'Truth, lies, and guns and knives', and maybe even 'Let's play a game...' for the more horror engrossed ;) (I have watered that fanfic down more)

Much love,
- Sara xoxo (Unicorns-are-real)
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