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Baby Power Cut

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5 year old Gee and almost 4 year old Frankie meet for the first time but the power goes out!!!

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“Gerard.” Mrs Way called softly. “Wake up Honey.”
I opened his eyes to his bright sunlight flooding into his room with transformer paper on the walls and random transformers on the floor along with a few comics. I was told I was very mature for a five year old.
“But I'm tired mommy.” I complained trying to rub the sleepiness out of my eyes.
“I know, but the Ieros are coming over today and I don't want you in pyjamas.” She looked at me funny and I laughed.
“Mommy, I don't wear pyjamas.” I smiled up at her.
“I know, let's get you dressed then.”
I was watching sponge bob when the door bell rang. When mommy went to answer the door, I followed her, hiding behind her when I saw it was the Ieros.
“Hello Linda.” She said to Franks mommy.
When they came in both me and Frank hid behind our moms.
“Why don't you two go watch the TV?” mommy took us into the TV room and sat us down on the couch.
We watched sponge bob and didn’t talk until Patrick made Frank giggle.
“You sound nice when you laugh.” I told him smiling.
“You have pretty eyes.” Frank smiled back.
“How old are you?”
“Tree years and tree-hundred-and-fifty-six days.” He replied, looking happy that he remembered the big number.
“Don't be silly, that's a made up number.” I argue.
“Nu-uh. It's my birthday in nine days.”
“Wow that's on Halloween!” I squealed. “I wish my birthday was on Halloween.”
“How old are you Geera, Geer. Gee?” he couldn’t say my name right but I like the nickname.
“I'm five.” I giggled.
“Wow you're really old.”
“I know, I'm a big boy.”
Then the lights went out. We were in the basement so there were no windows, Frankie started to cry.
“Shh,” climb across the couch and giving him a big hug. “It’s ok Frankie. My mommy probably pressed the wrong switch.”
“But it's so dark.” He sniffled, clinging onto me.
“Don't worry, I’ll look after you Frankie.” I pat his back like my mommy did to me when I got scared.
“Ok, but stay here, a monster might eat me cause I'm so small.” Frankie gripped me even tighter.
I kissed him on the top of the head and hoped he would stop crying soon, I didn’t like it when people cried.
“Frank, are you ok?” Mrs Iero came down the stairs with a torch.
“I'm over here momma.” Frankie said, still sniffling a little.
“It’s ok honey, Donna’s gone to put the lights back on.” She pointed the torch at us huddled on one side of the couch. “Aww.” I heard her say softly.
“They should be on soon.” I heard my mommy say from the hall. A few seconds later the room was filled with light and my mom came down the stairs but stopped as soon as she saw us.
“Aww, Gerard did you look after Frank for us?” She smiled at me.
“Yep, he was scared so I kept him safe.” I smiled, but didn’t let go of Frankie.
“Ok, well we’ll go back into the kitchen now.” She turned on the stairs and Frankie’s mommy followed her.
We stayed on the couch watching TV for ages, but it was fun with Frankie around. His giggle was pretty and he was nice.
“Frank, it's time to go home.” His mommy came down the stairs.
“But I want to stay here momma.” He complained.
“I know, but we’ve got to get dinner.” Frankie looked like he was making a big decision.
“Can we come back?” he asked after a while.
“Of course, we can come back tomorrow.” His mommy told him.
“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow GeeGee.” He said getting up and kissing me on the cheek.
“Bye bye Frankie.” I said sadly.
“It’s ok, I’ll be here tomorrow.” He smiled as his mommy picked him up.
“Bye Gerard.” His mom called as Frank waved at me over his shoulder.

hey guys so i wasnt gonna post anythig today because im suposed to be studying for an english exam i have in the morning but i got bored so i just did this little one-shot
i think its better than my other one and im actualy quite proud to post this one which is unusual for me
anyways thank you for reading please R&R
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