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Audition Results.

by escape_velocity 2 reviews

These are the characters I have chosen for solid roles in my first public fan-fiction. Thank you to everyone who auditioned.

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The characters I will be using throughout the story will be:

Wimmy by VeggieNoEatChicken

Jenna by dancingdragon

Frida by littleboots


Max by BlueFlare12

I have chosen a couple of characters who I'm considering giving secondary roles to, depending on which way the story goes. These characters will be:

Amy by mcr_killjoy

Maria by Kill_the_mainstream

I hope everything turns out well (: Thank you for being so patient and thank you to everyone who auditioned. If other characters are needed for short one-time appearances it is likely I will be using characters I did not initially choose, I hope no one minds this.
Again thank you so much for everything! Have a lovely day
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