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I'm Not Okay

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Gerard's Having a tough time in high school, Mikey is in a girl dilemma, Frank loves Harry but still loves Gee and Ray is just confused.

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Buzz. Buuuzzzz.
The doorbell? It was 4am. Gerard Sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes thinking who the hell that could be and how important it would be at 4am. He got up ,only in his underwear and socks, and slowly made his way to the door of his bedroom. He opened it to realise that Mikes had already answered it. It was a girl? Mikey knows a, girl? Wow. From what I could hear they were talking about some kind of party. "I miss you Mikey. Why can't we ever be alone?" Mikey looked like he was gonna cry. "I miss you too. I really wanna spend time with you Jade." Jade huh. Cool name. "The reason we can't see each other is..." Yes go on... "is...." Spit it out already bro! "it's my brother, he doesn't know about this, i mean uhm us..." Me? I don't care, I'm just glad he doesn't play with one of his stuffed toys and pretend that, that is his girlfriend. What does he think I'll do? "Gerard's just gonna make fun of me and take the piss all the time." She held his hands and came closer to him, "Mikes? Gerard can't do anything to make us apart. And he never will. Promise me that you'll tell him in the morning?" He leant in and kissed her. Blech boy girl love. "I promise." The girl left and Mikes stood there for about 3 and a half minutes smiling with his back up against the wall and his hands running through his hair. I didn't know whether to go down there and say something or go back to bed. He started coming up the stairs so I ran into my room and slammed the door. Gerard you idiot why the fuck did you slam the door?!? "Gee?" Mikey came into my room. I was stood in the middle of my room looking guilty and embarassed. "Hey bro, just got up to get...dammit the door bell woke me up and I went to see who it was..." Mikes started to blush, he blushes whenever he even thought about a girl. "You didn't see anything did you Gee?" I sat down on my bed. "Uhm I-I saw you. And a girl. And I saw you, kiss her." Mikey started to look angry and upset at the same time. "Why didn't you tell me Mikes?"
"Because you would just mess it up and take the piss out of me." I felt offended. I walked up to him and stared right at his hazel eyes. "Why do you think that? Am I just your shitty brother who just fucks up everything and takes the piss out of his younger brother?! Is that what you think of me Mikey? What have I done to you?" I pushed past him and stormed down the stairs as quick as I could. Why does he think I'll ruin everything? What have I done to deserve this?
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