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Chapter 8

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Franks POV

We had gone back to my house, at 5 am may I add, because I wanted to get the rest of my CDs that I had thought I lost but remembered they were in my living room.

Somehow I managed to fall over and smash two vases, a picture frame and turn on the TV.

“Shit.” I say as my dad walked in holding his crowbar. “Hey daddy.” I giggled, hoping not to be killed.

“I thought I told you to leave.” He didn’t put his weapon down.

“Chill, I just came to get my CDs. Not like you're gonna listen to them.” I pick up the cases and check they’re all there. “See ya’, maybe.” I wave and throw my key at him as Gerard and I left the house and I slammed the door behind me, trying to wake up as many people as I could.

We were now sitting in the airport, waiting for our plane. Gee was on the chair and as there were no other seats I sat on the floor with my head leaning against him.

“Gee, how much longer?” I had fallen asleep a few times but I tried not to because I wanted to sleep on the plane.

“You sound like a winey child.” He pointed out.

“I don't care, just tell me when we can move.”

“Ten minutes. We’ll be there in 8 hours.” He smoothed my hair down, I probably looked like crap, but he didn’t care.

“Fine, do you want a coffee?” I jumped up, I needed to move my ass or I wouldn’t be able to feel it in ten minutes.

“Sure, here’s $10.” He handed me the old crinkly note and I hugged him before turning to walk to the little coffee shop.
When I got back with the two coffees, one black and one caramel frappachino, I saw he was exactly where I had left him, only he had fallen asleep.

I waved the coffee under his nose and he opened his eyes immediately opened and he took the cup gratefully.

“Thanks hun.” He smiled and kissed me gently.

“No problem.” I smiled back at him.

Half an hour later (Yep 20 minutes late) we took off. I was shitting myself, I had only ever been on a plane once before and I got a massive nose bleed.

“So what did you do to your parents these last three years exactly?” Gee asked when we were flying steadily and I wasn’t so worried.

“Oh, you know, just disowned them. Never spoke to them much, I was only really around them when I was getting my food, I ate it away from them of course.” I explained checking my nose.

“So they thought you were straight?”

“Yep I think so anyways.” I was gripping the armrests of my seat. God they were uncomfortable, it's a good job I'm not claustrophobic.

“You sure you want to leave them?” He took my hand.

“Yeah, they never really felt like parent when we left, I felt like I was in a fucking prison, not home.” I told him.

“I suppose it's not the same as my family. By the way, Mikey has a girlfriend now. She’s pretty cool, I’m really happy for him.” Gerard kissed the top of my head. I hadn’t realised my eyes were closing and I was almost lying on him. The old couple next to me gave us a dirty look so I gave them the finger and went to sleep.

I woke up just before we started landing. “Hey sleepy head.” Gee greeted me. “Have a nice nap?”

“Mmm, I feel much better now.” I replied noticing that the old people had moved. Oh well, I’ll live.

“You missed the food, luckily. It was disgusting.” He giggled.

“Why are you so happy?” I asked sitting up.

“I liked watching you sleep, and listening.”

“Oh shit, was I talking again?” I had always talked in my sleep.

“Yep, you said Gee a lot and Emma, but I’ll let that one pass considering it didn’t sound very nice when you said her name.” He laughed at my face.

“Shit, I'm always going that. Is that why they’ve gone?” I pointed to where the old people were.

“I don't know, they called a trolley dolly and she moved them.”

We landed and I ran off the plane as fast as I could, forgetting about Gee until I was halfway down the long corridor so I stood and waited.

“FRANKIEEEEE!” I heard him call from somewhere.

“Gee! Over here!” I jumped up and waved hoping he would find me.

“Don't run off here, you’ll get lost.” He hugged me and we set off down the long hallway to get our bags.
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