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My Chemical Halloween Party

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So A halloween/birthday party is being thrown, what happens? Mini-Frerard. Similar to my other ones.

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I had a lot of fun writing this as me and my best friend and next door neighbor always have a huge OTT halloween party. Serioulsly- the whole house gets decorated. Kinda sad for a 14, 13 and 16 year olds, Eh? So, hope you like reading this as much as I did writing it. Anyway, I wrote this ages ago and posted it but seeing as it is neerly haloween I edited it and reposted it.
Gerard`s pov
It was a day before Halloween-the greatest, coolest day of the year. Well, in my mind at least. As if the monsters, ghosts, zombies, vampires and sweets weren’t good enough it was also my bestest friend in the whole entire world`s birthday. Yep, the crazy, hyper (and sometimes kinda scary) misfit was my Frankie. (More commonly known to uncool people simply as Frank Iero.)
"Do you think Frankie will like my gift?” I was so preoccupied wrapping my own gift for him that I hadn’t noticed my younger brother enter the room. He was proudly holding up a parcel that looked as though it had been wrapped in the dark (and by feet).
“Do ya?” he looked up at me with such adoration in his eyes that I couldn’t help but smile.
“I`m sure he’ll love it, Mikes.”I tell him, ruffling his hair, something I knew fine well he hated. I knew Frankie would love it no matter what. He was just that kind of person-always kind and grateful.
“Boys, come downstairs and help me decorate the house!” Mama yelled up at us from the living room. Daddy was busy working like most days so it was down to us to decorate for the big Halloween slash birthday party we were throwing tomorrow.
“Hey, Mama!”
“Hey, sweeties.” She answered, emptying the contents of a giant cardboard box in which we stored the decorations. The outsides of it were decorated with pictures that me, Mikey and Frankie had drew a couple of Halloweens ago. They included the usual things like bats and spider but also some pretty realistic sketches of zombies missing their limbs and some blood covered vampires.
“Here, Gerard, help Mikey put up these cobwebs on the walls.” Mama handed the cotton wool spiders webs from last year and we eagerly took them from her and draped them over the walls.
“Where did I put it?” Mama mumbled to herself while searching in a different box.
“Ah-ha.” She triumphantly pulled out a CD with Halloween type songs on it like “Ghostbusters”.
She put the CD in the ancient player and pressed play. The room was filled by the creepy intro music. She chucked us some garlands shaped like bats and told us to hold on to them while she got a chair so she could stand on it and hang them from the ceiling.
“So, what`d ya get Frankie?” Mikey asked curiously.
I shrug like it wasn’t important, when really it was. I had spent weeks searching for a gift for Frankie, looking for the perfect one. I had been saving my pocket money since the beginning of October. Eventually I had settled for a bunch of assorted, fake tattoos because he was always drawing on his arms and told me he `d get my name tattooed when he was older. This idea didn’t really appeal to me. I know it sounded babyish, but I had this huge fear of needles. I`d also got him a couple of packs of skittles and a bunch of other sweets. AND I had bought him a pair of fingerless skeleton gloves` cause he had seen them in a shop a few weeks ago and said that he had liked them. I really, really hoped he`d like the gifts and see how much thought I’d put into them.
“Guys, guess who came to help decorate?!” Me and Mikey turn around, already having a good feeling who it was going to be.
“Bob, stop flicking junk in my hair!”
Mama is biting her lip and I think its cause she`s trying not to laugh. I don’t have a chance to ask her though, because Frankie jumps at me, causing me to fall backwards and land on the floor, him still on top of me.
“Frankie!” I pull the smaller kid closer to me, wrapping my arms securely round his skinny little waist.
“I missed you Gee.” I smile, it had only been a few hours since I had last seen him at school, but hey, if he`d missed e ii wasn’t gonna complain. I kind of enjoyed knowing that he cared about me enough to miss me.
“Stop hugging and help decorate!” Mikey yelled at the two of us and chucked some spare cobwebs at us.
“Hmm…I wonder…” I glance over at one of my other really closes friends-Bob and give him a “What the heck” look. He responds with a look I know very well, we all do. It was his famous “I`m gonna annoy Ray” look.” I roll my eyes, gently move Frankie and grab some plastic spider, dotting them about on the table and other places.
We all continue peacefully for about an hour, sticking up plastic glow in the dark skeletons and bats. Mama puts up the bat garlands and hangs up the stuff we can’t reach, like the pumpkin lights.
She goes into the kitchen to get us some juice and we all take a seat and admire our handy work. The living room was covered in decorations-skulls, blood, coffins, you name it.
I`m still curious about what Bob has planned though, and seeing as no one else saw I don’t want to mention it case Ray overhears.
“Hey boys, here’s the juice. “Mama places the red plastic cups on the blood covered table and looks around puzzled.
“Did you put the last of the spider webs up?” we shake our heads. Out of the corner of my eye I can see bob smirk. About five minutes later I watch desperately trying not to laugh as he grabs something out of his pocket-the missing spider webs and pretending to mess up Ray’s hair, drapes them over his giant `fro. Ray doesn’t bat an eyelid and I`m left wondering how he doesn’t notice. I guess he was kinda used to Bob bugging him and putting stuff in his hair. Or maybe he knew and secretly liked the attention.
“Frank, your mama`s here!” It was late evening time and by now everyone apart from Frank (who lived next door) had left. He gets up of the couch where he had been curled up in my arms watching TV.
“Bye, Gee, see ya at the party tomorrow.”
“Bye, Frankie. Wait, what party?” I tease him-he was so cute when he was annoyed, even only slightly.
“My birthday party, idiot.” I act “Hurt.”
“Wow, Frankie, I`m hurt.”
He knows I`m joking, but reaches over and pecks my check anyway. “Better?”
“Night, night Frankie.”
Next day. The party.
Gerard`s pov still
There was a knock at the door and hoping it was Frankie, I run over excitedly to get it, narrowly missing running into the door itself.
“Hey, Gee.” He hugs me briefly and I can’t help but smile. I can tell he`s grinning too, then again he always was.
“I`m a vampire, just like you!” He says proudly, baring his fangs that are coated with "blood".
It was a cool costume-fake blood, pale face and black cape, but I didn’t get what he meant by “Just like you”
“It`s cool, don’t get me wrong, but I ain`t a vamp-`m a zombie.” I point at myself in my torn outfit that too was spattered with a bit of "blood".
“Not today you aren’t, but you are usually in real life.”
“I am NOT a vampire.” Frank crosses his arms and looks at me expectedly.
“Prove it.”
“How? “
“Try and drink my blood.” He holds tilts his head back, exposing his pale neck. I roll my eyes and lean in, pressing my lips gently onto the flesh for half a second, making sure not to hurt him.
“See, no blood.” I tell him, grabbing hold of his hand and leading him into the living room where the others were.
“I still think you’re a vampire, you’re too pale to be normal.”
I shrug. “Who cares `bout being normal.”
“Fwankie!” Mikey yells running over, nearly tripping over his rainbow tail in his excitement. He is quickly followed by everyone else.
“Here.” he shoves the badly wrapped parcel into Franks hands.
Frankie smiles and compliments him on his…unicorn costume. Mikey`s gift of a couple of comic books is followed by a Cd from Bob, who had come dressed as a guy with a axe in his head, (Fake blood was all over him) and a present of sweets and more comics from Ray, who had come dressed up as a wizard (minus the hat `cause it wouldn’t stay on top of his head.)
Realising I was next to give him my gift, I gulp, suddenly feeling nervous- what if he hated it?
Franks face screws up in concentration as he tries to get the wrapping paper off. I can’t look at him as he opens it.
“Awesome!” Well, everyone else seemed to like it… a warm pair of arms wrap around me suddenly, and I am pulled into a bone crushing hug. “Thank you, Gee, I love them.”
“I`m glad.”
“Who wants’ cake?” Mama walks in carrying a huge coffin cake with candles and the words “Happy Ieroween” (Mikey`s idea) written in blood red icing.
“Make a wish.” She tells him as we all huddle round the cake, waiting for him to blow out the candles.
“I don`t need to make one.” We all look at him confused. “I`ve got the bestest friends ever. What else could I possibly need?”
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