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Men and Motors

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Gene and Sam go for ride round Manchester, in Gene's car.

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"It's like a bloody oven in here!" Sam moaned, as he climbed in to the front seat. It was a particularly hot day in mid summer, and Gene had left his car parked in the sun.
"Quit complaining will yer! Take yer jacket off, or something!" Snapped Gene, (after all, how dare anyone criticise his car!).
So Sam took off his leather jacket, and threw it on to the back seat. He shuffled in his seat to get comfortable, and undid the top two buttons on his shirt, to give him extra ventilation.
"You know, what this car needs is air-conditioning."
"Air-con-bloody-ditioning?" said an offended Gene, as he looked agog at Sam.
"Back in Hyde..."
"And don't you be starting that - back in Hyde malarkey neither - like you had air-conditioning in cars in Hyde. I wasn't born yesterday!"
"I was just saying..."
"Air-conditioning? You want bloody air-conditioning? I'll give you bloody air-conditioning."
Gene leaned over, took hold of the window handle on Sam side, and began to wind it clockwise. As he did, the side of his arm occasional encountered Sam's crotch, and when the window was open far enough, he slid his arm back across Sam's lap.
"Air-conditioning - Manchester style! Better? Now, where'd I put me gloves?"

Gene inclined himself forward, and undid the glove compartment. He rested his left hand on Sam's thigh, his head almost lying in Sam's lap, as he riffled in the glove compartment with his right hand.
"Ah, here they are." Gene said straighten up. As he did so he patted Sam's thigh, and added "I'm all done now, Sammy Boy!"
He pulled his gloves on, and started up the engine. They drove for a bit, before stopping at a set of traffic lights. The traffic lights changed to green, Gene went to grab the gear stick, but before he did, he missed slightly and brushed the side of Sam's flare-clad right thigh.

They headed south down Oxford Road, and then took a right. Gene kept his right hand on the wheel, angled himself, so that his left arm went behind Sam's head, to reach the lock on the passenger door. He pressed it in, and pulled his arm back across the nape of Sam's neck.
"W...what?" Asked a confused Sam .
"Moss Side." Replied Gene, as he locked his own door. "Dodgy area. I supposed in Hyde you don't have any dodgy areas to lock your car doors in, do you?"
"No, but we do have central locking."
"Central locking? What the bloody Hell is central locking when it's at home?"
"You have this one button, that you press..." Sam looked at Gene, and realised there was no point explaining it to him. He'd just be digging himself into deeper holes. "Oh never mind."
"You're bloody strange at times - do you know that, Sam Tyler!"
Sam leaned his arm against the side of the door, and rested his head in his hand.
"What the Hell is wrong with you now?" Gene barked.
"Well Guv - it's a bit breezy in the car."
"Yeah so?"
"Well, I was wondering, if you would like to wind my window up now and all?"

The End!
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