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Chris Must Do

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Chris goes to the Christmas Do and gives Sam something!

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Chris stood in front of the mirror in the gents as he tucked in his shirt and smoothed down his brown knitted tank top.">Chris stood in front of the mirror in the gents, as he tucked in his shirt, and smoothed down his brown knitted tank top. His knew the tank top was perhaps a bit naff, but his Mum had knitted it for him and well, Chris loved his Mum. The one thing his Mum loved to do was knit, she would spend hours in front of the telly on an evening as sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats and so on, emerged from the stands of wool, when they passed over those clicking needles. She was currently knitting a sweater for Chris's girlfriend, and it was nearly finished. His girlfriend had said she would pop round the day after Boxing Day to collect it, and he knew when she did the two of them would disappear up into his bedroom for a bit of a kiss and a fumble. That was all they ever did, a few kisses and a bit of touching. Hot kisses mind and dirty fumbling, but nothing more. She said she was saving herself till she got married (it was always when she got married, not when they got married) - said she wanted it to be special.

To tell the truth though, Chris was secretly relieved. Mind, he liked his girlfriend, really liked her, but he was never really to sure if she was his /girlfriend/. They hung round together a lot and everyone has just started to refer to them as boyfriend and girlfriend, even him. He liked kissing her and touching her, but he really liked that fact that he could talk to her about things like his feelings. They would spend hours in his bedroom making mixed tapes using his tape recorder. She had introduced him to music of Elton John, and for that he was grateful. He supposed if things gone on like this they would have probably got married and would been relatively happy with each other, but nine months ago things changed. Now he knew that though he liked his girlfriend, there was more and he wanted more. He had fallen in love and fallen hard.

This was one thing he couldn't talk to his girlfriend about. Chris knew that people often thought he was a bit dim - (even he would admit that sometimes he was), but he knew he couldn't talk to anyone about who it was he loved, for he was in love with Sam Tyler. He loved his so much he couldn't even say his name out loud for he was worried that saying the name "Sam" would sound far too much like a sigh than a name. So instead he called him "Boss" all the time. As much as it hurt him, he had to keep it a secret but there was something he needed to do tonight. He looked at himself in the mirror one last time, opened the door and went back to the office Christmas party.

The party was in full swing when he got back. The party sevens were open, the cheese and pineapple sticks were nearly all gone and Slade's "Merry Christmas" was being played over and over and again. Chris's eyes found Sam. He was perched against a desk, drinking a bottle of beer. Chris felt his heart skip a beat - God did he looked sexy in his stripy shirt and his cord flares. He felt so nervous, but he knew what he had to do. "Be a man Chris", he told himself and so he motioned to Sam to come over to him.

"What is it Chris?" Sam asked him.
"Boss can I have a word with you in the corridor like?"
Sam followed Chris out. Chris had to this away from everyone.
"In 'ere," said Chris as he made his way through the door of Lost and Found.
"Wait there Boss, I've got something for yer."
Chris went to one of the shelves and produced a large squashy parcel wrapped up in bright green Christmas paper.
"Merry Christmas Boss!" He said laying the parcel on the table.
Sam looked totally bemused as he removed the paper. There within the paper was - what was it? He picked it up. It was a sweater, a skinny ribbed sweater in olive green. He was holding it up from the back and it looked alright then he turned it round. Emblazoned on the front were three large white letters "S A M".
"Me Mum knitted it for yer," said a beaming Chris.
"It's, it's lovely - I'm speechless."
"I told her all about you. She chose the green 'cos she said it would go with your eyes."
"I'm touched Chris, really touched, but I didn't, well I didn't get you anything."
"That's okay Boss. You don't have to put it on now."
Chris knew that he had to get Sam alone to give him his present. He hadn't got anything for anyone else and somehow he knew certain people in the office would not understand.
"Okay - I think I should, um we should get back to the party okay?"
"Sounds like a good plan Boss."

It was getting cold in the office. They all had been too much into the party mood to realise that the heating had packed in. It was Phyllis who noticed that the radiators were cold and as she went to open the front door snow was falling hard.
"None of you lot are going anywhere until that snow eases off!" She declared. "Any of you lot get too drunk I'll stick you in the cells to sleep it off."
A few people donned their coats as the temperature in the office began to drop. Chris could see poor Sam shivering with just his leather jacket over his thin shirt and then he watched him bob out and return a few minutes later. Chris could see under his jacket Sam had on his new sweater to keep him warm, and what's more Chris had been right - it did go with his eyes.

"Give us a kiss," said Annie as she held a sprig of mistletoe over Sam's head. She had her coat and gloves on now as it was so cold. Chris sat across the other side of the office watching. He had on a matching set of hat, scarf and mittens his mother had knitted for him, so he should have felt warm but looking at Annie and Sam about kiss made his blood freeze. It was quite a chased kiss (after all they were in the office), but non the less it was on the lips and their bodies moved till they were just an inch away from each other as if wanting more. It felt to Chris like he'd been kicked hard in the stomach and yet in that moment he imagined how he would kiss Sam if ever he got the opportunity. As they pulled away from each other Chris's eyes moved around the room. The Guv was leaning against the door of his office; he'd been watching the kiss too and there was a strange look on his face as if he'd been scorned or something.

Suddenly Chris was aware he was being stared at and he turned to meet Ray's eyes. Chris froze - Ray had seen him watching the kiss - what if he had guessed just who Chris had been watching so intensely? Chris always had a sneaking suspicion that Ray knew. Until Sam arrived, Chris had looked up to Ray, wanted to be him, hell he had even been a wee bit in love with him. But looking back now it wasn't real love, not like his love for Sam. Ray had to spoil it of course. He ran up to Annie and grabbed the mistletoe out of her hand and stuck it down the front of his trousers.
"My turn for a kiss luv!" He said.
"She won't find much to kiss down there Carling!" Shouted Hunt and that was that.

The lights flickered and then they went out. It now was pitch black.
"Bloody power cuts!" said someone.
"Could be a fuse or something?" said someone else.
"I'll go see if I can get a police torch if I can find me way back to the front desk." said Phyllis.
"You should borrow your blokes guide dog." said Hunt.
"It's still not back from shagging your Mother, and the meantime no one move it's too dark - you lot are all half cut. We don't want any accidents!"

Something in Chris told him his time had come. He knew now was the time to make his move. It just seemed so right. Sam was resting against a desk at the other side of the office and he knew he had to concentrate to get to him as quietly and as quickly as he could. He was aware he was accident prone, he was aware as he crept across to the other side of the office that he must not fall over, or bang into anything. He could hear people all about him, laughing and shouting to each other, but no one heard him as he reached the spot where Sam was sitting.

In the dark he could smell he was near him. Sam didn't reek of aftershave like Ray, or smell of drink and fags like the Gov, or even the nice sent Annie sometimes wore. He hardly smelt at all, except for a slight hint of soap which Chris could just about detect. He moved so that it was just about level to where Sam's was, he could feel his warm breath on his face and he went in for a kiss. It was the one he had imagined when watching Sam kiss Annie. Not a crude aggressive kiss, but a soft, gentle one filled with love. And there - there in the dark he felt, he felt Sam kiss him back. He felt Sam's lips part so he slipped his tongue in deep. The kiss passed from being soft and gentle to being one of passion as their lips locked, tongues met and saliva was exchanged. Chris knew as much as it pained him he must pull away soon otherwise the lights might come on and he would be caught. He was pushing his luck, and boy had he been lucky! He must let go and so he did, he pulled away. It was perfect, a perfect kiss and he felt the presence of Sam still lingering on his lips.

Inside he felt elated and strangely it was easy to get back in the dark to where he had been sitting. Just as he sat down the lights flickered back on and the music started playing again. Chris was too busy getting himself another beer (and trying to hide the fact that he was a very excited boy at the moment!) to see Sam was running his fingers over his lips with a bemused look on his face. He didn't see him lift his eyes to look about the room, looking for the culprit. Chris didn't see as Sam's eyes met the Govs and he didn't see as he gave him a knowing smile. Chris was too wrapped up with the odd feeling inside of him, something he didn't feel often - confidence. He felt cool, so cool in fact that he picked up a beer and shouted over to Sam.

"Hey Boss - how about another drink?"

Sam had worn his sweater and kissed him. It had been the best Christmas Do ever!
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