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Do Not Disturb

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Frepha, Frank Iero/ Jepha Howard. The two men finally get alone time.

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A/n: Okay so I posted this story yesterday, but the whole thing got messed up and only posted half of the story. So I'm posting it again. This story is based off of "this": video. I do not own the video, and I know that The Used and MCR don't really get a long anymore, my fantasy world they do. Alright, let me know what you think.

“Frankie! Will you come sign this for me?” An adoring fan asked Frank as he walked past the barrier, a security member just behind him. Smiling he walked toward the barrier, of course he'd sign something for his fans, he'd sign anything. “Frankie! Will you sign my boobs?” Anything but that....

Sighing to himself, Frank walked to the girls at the barrier shaking his head adamantly. “No sign boobs. No. No boobs. Anti boobs. Sorry. “ He shrugged, brushing these girls off. No he would not sign boobs. How degrading is that? Not only for those girls but for Frank himself, he likes to think he has higher standards than signing boobs. He'll honestly sign anything, a hand, a stomach, a back, a foot, whatever the hell these fans wanted, but boobs is where he drew the line. Not only was he not interested in boobs, he felt that he and his band had more...morals than to signs boobs just to get fans.

After signing...appropriate things for his fans, Frank made his way away from the barrier, back to the tour bus, his hand already slipping into his pocket for his cell phone. Pulling out his cellphone, he climbed onto the bus, making his way past his band mates in the living room area to his bunk. Sliding into his bunk, shoes and all, he dialed his boyfriend's number, tapping his fingers against his chest as he waited for the older man to pick up the phone from God knows where America.

After the third ring, an out of breath Jepha answered the phone with a hurried, “Hello?” He had just ran from the front of the bus to the back, then back to the front trying to find the object that was making the horrible, 'barbie girl' ringtone that was set for his boyfriend, courtesy of said boyfriend.

“Everything okay over there?” Frank laughed turning on his side, happy to just hear his boyfriend's voice.

“Ahh, yeah, fucking Bert just hid my phone. I think he's tired of barbie girl.” He laughed softly, finding a seat in his own bunk, wishing that his slightly smaller boyfriend was next to him in the small bunk.

“Are you sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you flushed his phone last week?” Frank questioned, a smile adorned on his face remembering the way his boyfriend called him in tears of laughter, explaining what he did.

Scrunching his nose up, Jepha squinted his eyes speaking grudgingly, “Alright, fine, that's probably it.”

Laughing once more, Frank curled up on his side, “So, you'll never guess what just happened, Jeph.”

“What happened, babe?” Jepha asked, curling a hand behind his head, a small smile forming on his face, ready to hear about his lovers antics.

“So I’m walking back to the bus right?” Jepha made a small noise of understanding, “and these fucking girls asked me to sign their boobs! Like fucking ew, right? I mean not just because they're boobs, but because like... they're boobs and I don't fucking sign boobs, y'know? I mean I wouldn't sign a guys dick just because I happen to like dick!” Jepha laughed quietly to himself, listening to Frank. “So I was just like, 'I’m anti boobs! Sorry'. Haha, how great is that? Anti boobs...” Frank trailed off, laughing as the joke got to him.

“Babe, that's great, you actually said you were anti boobs? Now they're really gonna think that you're gay.” Jepha laughed turning his head to the small cubbie in the bunk, seeing a picture of him and Frank, smiling softly to himself. Yeah, that's right, he has a picture of him and his boyfriend. Sue him if he's nostalgic sometimes.

“I fucking know! And I’m pretty sure there was a camera there, so it's going to be all over fucking youtube, Jeph. The whole worlds gonna call me gay now.” Frank smiled widely, turning back onto his back, staring at the bottom on Ray's bunk.

“I'm pretty sure the whole world does, Frankie. No offense or anything.” Jepha joked.

“Hah, oh yeah? Well what about you, Mr. I Like To Kiss All My Band Members?” Frank squinted his eyes in a joking glare, he knows Jepha can't see him's for effect.

“Me?” Jepha laughed shaking his head. “What about you? You put the 'Fr' in Frerard.”

“Ahh and so it's revealed. You're jealous.” Frank smiled, continuing the running joke with his boyfriend. Both men knew about the...affairs that took place on stage and in photo opps with their fellow band mates. The could kiss all they wanted, make out even, but it was for show, nothing emotional.

“Yup, you've got it, babe. I’m jealous of you and Mr. Frontman.” Jepha said seriously, causing Frank to giggle.

“Well, Mr. Frontman happens to be here, so I need to use him to get my kiss fix.” Frank said casually, “Unless you want to jump out from your tour and come live with me.” Frank continued, joking and not at the same time. He'd never truly want Jepha to leave his tour, his band just to be with him, just like he hoped Jepha would never ask that of him, but the offer did sound tempting.

“I would. In a heartbeat, Frank.” Jepha spoke seriously. These past few months have been hard on both men. Different cities, different states, hell even different countries. They haven't seen each other in person in about....four months, two weeks, and 6 days, but who was counting? Frank wasn't, that's for sure.

After a long silence, while Jepha's words echoed in Frank's head, he took a deep breath and turned his head to the side, speaking softly into the phone, “You're stupid.”

Jepha let out an airy laugh, smiling broadly to himself, “Just stupidly in love with you.”

“Yeah, yeah. I love you, too.” Frank mumbled, a smile on his face so bright that the sun was put to shame.

“I'll talk to you tomorrow?” Jepha asked not sure what the smaller man had going on.

“Yeah, call me before your show.”Frank sat up slightly in the small bunk, not wanting the phone call to end.

“I will. Oh, and Frankie?” Jepha asked, ready to mess with his boyfriend's mind.


“Don't worry about the boobs thing. It happens to the best of us.” Jepha smiled.

“You mean you've signed boobs?” Frank couldn't hide the surprise in his voice.

“Goodnight, Frankie.” Jepha said before closing his cellphone, leaving his younger lover in shock.

Frank was in shock. After the call ended he sat in the bunk thinking about how his boyfriend is usually so against degrading women and how they need to respect themselves. Why would he sign boobs? It didn't seem like something Jepha would do.

In the midst of Frank's internal battle of whether his boyfriend of two years would actually sign a fans breast, his phone alerted him of a text message from said boyfriend. After opening his phone he looked at the message which read, 'Of course I didn't. Stop worrying. Night, babe.

Laughing to himself, he shook his head and sent a quick message as a reply, 'youre a monster.'

To which he got this message as a reply: 'your monster'

So, sue them for being in love.

It took them another three weeks to finally get together in a hotel room in the middle of Virginia. You see, Frank and My Chemical Romance had a show the night before in Philadelphia and they were going to have another one there tomorrow night, due to a sold out venue. And Jepha and The Used were having a show in North Carolina, then the buses were taking them to Virginia for a show and a day off. Frank, luckily had the same day off as Jepha is almost the same state. So, Frank rented a car, drove the few hours to the middle of the state and to met up with his boyfriend in the Holiday Inn that the rest of The Used were currently staying in.

Upon reaching the parking lot that was filled with The Used buses and equipment, Frank could feel his heart begin to race. In just a few short minutes he'd be meeting up with Jepha, the man who he had given his whole heart to, among other things.

Parking the rented blue Ford Focus, Frank grabbed his overnight bag from the passenger seat before climbing out of the car. Slipping the bag over his shoulder as he made his way over to the front entrance, Frank smiled to himself, looking up at the window of the hotel just to see if it were possible to see his boyfriend. Walking through the automatic doors, without seeing Jepha in the window, Frank walked passed the front desk, right to the elevator, pressing the up arrow. As he waited for the elevator to come down to the lobby, he bounced on the balls of his feet. Could this fucking elevator move any slower? When the doors finally opened, he smiled triumphantly and stepped inside, pressing the button for the fourth floor. After taking the elevator up the four floors, Frank looked at the signs on the wall, motioning that the 400-429 were to the right and 430-460 were the to left. Turning swiftly to his right he smiled looking at the numbers as they slowly increased. He passed 410 then 412 until he finally hit 414 on his right. With a huge Frank Iero signature smile, he knocked on the door, shoving his opposite hand in his pocket.

After waiting a few minutes he heard his boyfriend mumble a few explicit words out, obviously tripping over the mess he already made, and he heard the locks jingle as they were being opened. Then he heard the clank as he boyfriend pushed the door handle down and pulled back the door.

Standing in front of Frank was Jepha, clad in a white fitted t-shirt, black pants and a black hat. Smiling broadly at the figure in front of him, Frank stepped into the room immediately wrapping his arms around Jepha's neck, pressing his lips to the slightly taller mans.

Stumbling backwards slightly as the weight of the smaller man was pressed against him, Jepha wrapped his arms Frank's waist, pulling the man in close to his body as he kissed back. Jepha pulled Frank into the room, letting the door slam shut in their wake. When the two men found themselves in front of the bed, Jepha let his fingers wrap around the strap of Frank's overnight bag. He lifted it over Frank's head, breaking the kiss to toss the bag aside. While they're separated Frank smiled deviously, pecking Jepha's cheek before taking long strides to the door.

Jepha, taking the opportunity while Franks gone doing...whatever, took off his shirt, pants and hat, leaving him only in his boxers as he climbed onto the bed laying flat on his back. “Frankie?” Jepha asked, confused as to where his boyfriend ran off to.

Frank just giggled as he opened and shut the door placing the...'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the outside handle. Walking back to the bed area of the hotel room, Frank smiled seeing his nearly naked boyfriend on the bed.

“Why leave on the boxers?” Frank asked, removing his own shirt, tossing it on the chair in the corner of the room.

“Gotta leave something to the imagination.” Jepha explained with a grin. He propped himself up on his elbows, watching his boyfriend undress himself. “What were you doing with the door?” He countered, biting his bottom lip as Frank removed his oh so tight pants.

“Making sure we're not disturbed.” Frank winked, slipping his boxers and pants down, tossing them to the side. As he walked to the bed, he stepped out of his shoes and used the carpeted floor to take off his socks.

Jepha laughed and sat up completely, attaching his lips to Franks when the younger man crawled onto the bed. He wrapped his arms around Frank's waist, rolling Frank onto his back and moving himself over the smaller man as they kissed. Smiling into the kiss, Frank wrapped his arms around Jepha's neck, pulling his even closer as he spread his legs, inviting his tattooed boyfriend between them.

Jepha moved in between Frank's legs as they kissed, their tongues meeting inside Frank's mouth as they let their semi-erections brush against each other. Moaning into the kiss, Frank wrapped his legs around Jepha's boxer clad hips and pulled him in closer, needing to feel his boyfriend. Jepha got the hint and moved his hips down against Frank's naked ones, letting their growing erections move against each other.

Breaking the kiss, Jepha attached his lips just below the scorpion on Frank's neck, devouring the olive skin that he missed. While their lips were unattached, Frank panted and moved his hands up through Jepha's hat hair, turning his head slightly to whisper into Jepha's ear.

“Get those fucking boxers off and get your dick inside me. Now.” The whisper that Frank had planned turned into a growl. Jepha laughed and removed his lips from Frank's neck, pressing a small kiss to Frank's forehead before before climbing off the bed.

Removing his boxers quickly, Jepha made his way to his own overnight bag, digging through it to find the lube he had stashed away for tonight. Finding the tube among his boxers, Jepha returned to the bed, crawling between Frank's spread thighs.

“Mm, what a perfect picture.” Jepha smiled, pressing a small kiss to Frank's left knee cap as he opened the the cap of the lube, spreading some on his fingers.

Leaning over Frank, Jepha gives him one swift kiss as his fingers finds Frank's entrance, teasing the skin gently. Frank groans and looks at Jepha,

“No teasing, come on, babe, it's been months.” Frank pleads looking down at Jepha, pressing his hips down to Jepha's hand.

Jepha laughed softly, pressing his lips to Frank's again, letting his lips linger against the soft skin as he slowly slid a finger into Frank. Moaning into the kiss, Frank wrapped his arms around Jepha's neck, kissing him greedily. Jepha slowly worked one finger in and out of Frank before adding a second one, gingerly. Using his fingers, he stretched Frank, getting his boyfriend prepared for something they haven't done in months. After adding a third finger and working it in and out of Frank for a few moment, Jepha removed his fingers, grabbing the bottle of lube and spreading some on himself. Getting himself situated between Frank's legs he aligns himself with the younger man, slowly pushing in.

Frank takes in a hitched breath as Jepha pushed into him, wrapping his arms tightly around his lovers neck. “Oh, Jepha.” Frank moaned softly, pressing his forehead against Jepha's.

“This okay, baby?” Jepha questioned, concern lining his voice.

“Mm, perfect, Jepha, keep going.” Frank whispered, moving his hands from around Jepha's neck to run up and down his lover's sides.

Jepha nodded and let his lips find Frank's again as he slowly began to rock in and out of the younger man. Soon finding their rhythm again, the two lovers let their lips move slowly and sensually as their hips moved at a faster pace. Jepha let his hand that wasn't supporting his body weight, find Frank's erection and began slowly stroking it, letting it tease Frank.

Moaning loudly after breaking the kiss, Frank let his open mouth pant against his lovers as the moment over took the two men. Frank continued to moan each time the two mens hips collided, creating a feeling of immense pleasure that the two men had missed. When he felt Jepha expertly tap his spot, he moaned even louder, arching his back off the bed as he pressed his bare chest against his boyfriend.

Liking this new found friction, Frank put a hand to his boyfriend's chest and tried to form a sentence in between his pants, “Jepha, wait. Sit back.”

Jepha obliged, pulling out of his boyfriend, sitting in the middle of the bed. He watched as Frank climbed over his legs, straddling him and pressing himself onto Jepha. Moaning loudly, he arched his back, starting to very slowly ride his lover.

Jepha, completely taken by his small boyfriend's change of pace, let his hands roam over Frank's skin. He missed the feeling of having Frank close to him, the sweat of passion beading down his body. Sitting up while Frank rode him was one of his favorite things. The moment, to Jepha was so intimate and beautiful, like they were literally one person. Well that and Frank was damn good at riding.

Letting his hands rest on Frank's back, Jepha watched with half lidded eyes as Frank rode him. He watched as the different levels of passion and pleasure raced through Franks face. He could feel himself grow closer and closer to his orgasm. He took Frank's erection in his hand again, stroking it fast now, in time with the thrusts.

With both men moaning loudly as they approached their release, Frank opened his eyes and stared down at Jepha, wanting to see it happen. The moment when Jeph let go. Resting his hands around Jepha's neck again, he looked directly into the face of his lover.

“Come on, Jeph.” He egged on his lover, knowing that they were both so close.

Groaning in response, Jepha let his hips thrust up against Frank's. That thrust hitting Frank's spot dead on, causing Frank to scream in pleasure and come between them, contracting tightly around the other man. Feeling Frank's new tightness, Jepha came almost instantly inside of Frank, arching his back, letting his head drop back while he moaned loudly.

As their hips came to a slow stop, after riding out their orgasm in it's entirety, Frank slumped forward resting his head against Jepha's shoulder, whimpering slightly at the aftermath. Jepha let his clean hand stroke up and down Frank's back feeling the hot, sweaty skin.

Pressing a small kiss to Frank's cheek, Jepha, carefully laid Frank back on the bed, pulling out of him before slipping next to him. Wrapping his arm lightly around Frank's panting stomach, he smiled lopsidedly, burying his nose in Frank's mop of hair.

“I love you, Jepha.” Frank mumbled as he turned, letting his face fall into Jepha's neck, his breath hitting against Jepha's adam's apple.

“Mm, I love you, too, Frankie.” Jepha hugged Frank a little closer, so content in the moment.

The two men laid like that in silence for hours, at one point, Jepha was sure that Frank had even fell asleep. Jepha laughed to himself, stroking the swallow on Frank's opposite him. His poor boyfriend had a show the night before, then woke up early, rented a car and drove through pretty much two states just to be laying here right now. No wonder why he was sleeping.

Hearing his stomach growl, Jepha turned to the clock and noticed it was way past the normal dinner hour. Looking down at his boyfriend, who was still sleeping peacefully, he decided that he would just order sandwiches from room service for them both. Pressing a small kiss to Frank's head, he moved to get out of the bed, but when Frank felt him move, he stirred away and looked at Jepha in a daze.

“Jeph?” Frank asked, his voice raspy from the sex and sleep.

“Hm?” Jepha looked down at Frank as got off the bed.

“You really didn't sign boobs, right? I mean, you're against it, too? Right?” Frank mumbled, probably still half asleep.

Jepha was kind of dumfounded, they had this conversation weeks ago and Frank hadn't brought it up once since, but deciding to humor his tired boyfriend, he nodded.

“I've never signed boobs. I think it's wrong and degrading.” Jepha smiled, stepping around the bed to kiss Frank forehead gently.

Walking to the desk, Jepha picked up the room service menu before turning back to Frank, “Now dicks, on the other hand, that I would sign.” Jepha joked.

“Hey!” Frank frowned, grabbing the remote from the table behind him, tossing it at Jepha. Luckily, having years of experience when it came to defending yourself against fellow band mates, ie Bert, Jepha caught the remote and shook his head.

“Kidding! I’m kidding!” Jepha laughed, bouncing on the bed, straddling Frank again the menu in his hand. “But I'll sign yours if you wanted.”

“Jepha!” Frank laughed, rolling his eyes.

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