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Any Time You Want Ch. 7

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Gerard's P.O.V

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Gerard's P.O.V:

I didn't understand.
How could anybody want to do that to Frank? He was so cute. His big brown eyes, his now clean black hair which fell to just above his soulders and swept over his face. He seemed so... innocent, too. So sweet and adorable. Like a puppy. He wiped the tears off his cheeks. "Sorry," He said. "I do a lot of this self-sympathy shit- I really shouldn't. What's your story, then?"
"M-my story?" I repeated.
"Yeah. C'mon. I just told you about me, now you have to tell me about you," He urged, flashing me a smile.
"Well... I lived with my Mom and my Dad and my little brother Mikey until I was eighteen, when I met this guy Jason at a high school thing - not a reunion, really. Just... a kind of get together of some of the people who were there the same time I was," I explained. "He seemed nice at first. We rushed into it, we hadn't been together long when we moved in together. Like I said, I thought he was nice. Turns out he wasn't so sweet. He got hooked on alcohol and heroin. He got really mad, really touchy, and started to take it out on me. He used to smack me around big time, and let his friends do it too. I was young and stupid and I just let him because I was in love with him. And then... sometimes his buddies would be looking for someone to er... take home for the night, if you get me. Obviously then didn't find somebody every time. So... Jason would bring them back to our place and let them use me instead."
"Oh. I'm sorry about that," Frank said, uneasily.
"No, don't be. It's in the past now. I broke it off with him when he said he didn't love me and he was just using me for sex," I shrugged, choking back the tears. Frank peered at me. Then he smiled. "What?"
"My ex told me the exact same thing," He said, quietly.
I dragged Frank to the hospital after he'd eaten.
Thank God, he didn't have pneumonia. "Told you we were wasting their time," He grumbled, in the car on the way home.
"Sorry. But I had to be sure," I said, holding my hands up.
"Hands on the wheel!" Frank pushed them back into place.
"Sorry," I replied, chuckling.
"It's not fucking funny, Gerard!" He said. I thought he was joking - but he was shaking and hyperventalating.
"Sorry," I repeated, more sincerely this time.
"It's okay. Just... shit, don't do that again!" He closed his eyes, took in one deep breath and smiled as he let it out. "Stuff like that freaks me out."
"Why?" I asked, curious.
"Just does," I shrugged.
"Okay...." I dragged out the word. "So. You're spending the night at my place."
"What?" He blinked at me, confused.
"You can't go back out onto the streets in the snow," I tutted. "You'll freeze. You need a place to stay."
"Oh. Thanks," He mumbled.
"I don't have a spare bed - but your welcome to share mine," I grinned at him. He glared at me.
"I'm not gonna fuck you if that's what you're after," He told me.
"What?" I said, apalled. "I wasn't expecting you too."
"Good. Because I'm sick to the back teeth of people pretending they like me to get into my pants," He told me. "In fact, I'm sick of people getting into my pants all together. I think I'm gonna become a monk."
"Why?" I laughed.
"Because they're not allowed to have sex, right?" He said.
"True," I said, shrugging as we pulled up outside the building.
I sensed Frank was tired and might want to go straight to bed. I lay him on the mattress and tucked him in. "Night night, little Frankie," I said, stroking his hair.
"Night, Gee," He replied, curling up into a foetal ball. "And I mean it. Try any funny business, and I will rip your cock off."
"Duely noted," I replied, laughing though I was a little confused. I kissed his forehead before I went back into the other room.
What was with this phobia of sex anyway?
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