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1.Pain I don't wanna feel

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Fan Fiction about My fan charater, Leila, Gerard Way, Frank Iero and Mikey Way at school together.

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If Leila could have screamed, she would have done so ages ago.
She could feel the blood glushing out of her mouth in a slow waterfall and her body pummeled to oblivion. She had yelled and cried out when she was younger when it began, but as she grew older, the punches and kicks grew along with her and it seemed more people found the entertainment of making her life hell a good idea.

Leila Brook was only 15 and she felt as though she had gone through hell but not leaving the phycical body. When she was younger, she had prayed that it would stop tomorrow and she would be safe. Then, she prayed she wanted to die and leave the hell which she was already on, even though she was standing above the lower reigions. She had long, raven black hair with a fringe, colored red and emerald green eyes. She was very clever, was brilliant at singing and playing the piano and she loved rock and metal.
This is why she was battered and bruised

When she began high school, she felt nervous, but so very happy. The prospects of meeting new people, new friends and new teachers. She had a friend who was there already, Lucy Freeman. They laughed together as they made their way to their class and then the subject changed. This was where hell kicked off. " so, what kind of music you into?" asked Leila, nearly at their classroom. " oh pop, hip-hop, rap" said Lucy " beyonce and Rhinnana, stuff like that. What about you?" And Leila still screamed at herself for saying the words she spoke " Rock and metal" Leila said " Iron maiden, AC-D..." she stopped in mid-sentance. Lucy had stopped infront of her and turned to her with a look of horror and disgust on her face " you like THAT shit?" Lucy said with a horrible tone that Leila had never heard before " god, i thought you were ok" she continued " but your just an emo FREAK" and walked off, laughing.

After that day, the words began to fly. Everywhere Leila walked, there was a shout of " emo!" or " why dont you go home an slit your wrists". Then, the bullying started when she was walking to music class. The normal boys were shouting horrible things to her and she blew her top " look!" she yelled " why dont you boys go and fuck eachother?!". That had done it, They came to her and held her arms while the leader, Ryan, began punching her stomach and chest. She had screamed herself hoarse before they let her go, laughing and jeering.

So, as you could imagine, it was a feeling of dread for Leila on Mondays. She packet her bag, put her shoes on, straighted her hair, put eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow on and left her house. She glanced behind and saw the house next door to her house where the new people had just moved. Little did she know, that 2 people who lived their would change her life, forever
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