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A supernatural type story involving the boys of My Chem in High School. Ferard and Bikey to come in later chapters.

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Gerard’s POV

I sit on my bed with my legs crossed. Slowly I breathe in and out forgetting the world around me. I allow my eyes to close and my head to drop forward letting my red hair hang in front of my face. The little girl singing next to my bed fades to the background. I hear my bedroom door open and my brother Mikey rapping his knuckles against my desk. He speaks softly, “Gerard, we’re going to be late.”

I sigh and open my eyes. The flash of blue momentarily blinds me. I blink a few times and breathe until the color fades. I notice his bright blonde hair and snicker, “Mikey, what’s with the hair color?”

Mikey ran a hand through his blonde locks, “Wanted to be different then boring old Mikey Way. Don’t I look good?”

I giggle, “You look like a man whore.”

Mikey growled, “At least my hair color looks normal.”

I growl back at him, “You know I can’t help this color. Even when I dye it black the red still comes back.”

The little girl is still singing some nonsense song. I glance at her, “Are you ever going to tell us why you are here?"

The little girl smiles, “Why should I? I’m having fun with you.”

I kneel down next to her, “But I’m sure you’re parents are worried.”

The little girl frowns, “I never got to see High School.”

I giggle, “Is that all,” she nods, “Ok, then come with us today.”

Mikey glances at me, “Find out what the girl wants yet.”

I nod, “Yeah, she wants to go to High School.”

Mikey cocks an eyebrow, “Crazy ghost girl. Come on. We are going to be late.”

I grab my sling bag and head out the door with Mikey. We had just moved from Woodbridge to Bellville and were starting our new High School today. I hated new schools. I hated going any place with residual spirits. The closer we get to the school, the more colors assault my eyes. My head is pounding from all the auras I’m seeing. We stop at a crosswalk even though the light is green. Mikey looks up at it “Change.”

Suddenly, the light goes from green to red, never even touched the yellow. My brother has the power of luck. Things just happen for him when he asks them too, such as a traffic light changing from green to red to give us more time before walking into the building. I have the power of the witch’s sight. It’s nowhere near as cool as Mikey’s power. I can see auras and ghosts and even get visions sometimes. Since I can’t ever turn it off, I get a lot of headaches from seeing the color of people’s auras all the time.

About a block from the school, we stop and stare at the building. Mikey looks at me, “So any black?”

I sigh and concentrate on the building. I push past all the purple and red and blue and orange. Not too much yellow or green at this school. I finally spot one person with a black aura. I sigh and turn to Mikey, “Mostly purple and orange and one black aura. It looks like it’s attached to someone though. Like it’s not their aura but someone else’s.”

Mikey shrugs, “Just have to avoid that person then.”

The two of us nod at each other and slowly enter the building. The colors assault my vision to the point that I actually put sunglasses on. As crazy as it sounds, they actually do help. They dull the brightness of the colors until I can concentrate and dull them myself. Mikey grabs our schedules from the office and hands me mine. I glance over it, great, Health first period. I glance at Mikey’s schedule, he has English. Comparing schedules, I see that we only have the same lunch. We agree to meet up for lunch and part ways.

It wasn’t long before I found my homeroom and first period class. I walked up to the teacher, a skinny grey haired old biddy, and handed her my schedule. She nodded and glanced around the room, “Alright, we have a new student class. This is Jared Way.”

I cough, “It’s Gerard actually.”

The old bird took off her glasses and glanced at the paper again, “Oh whatever. Just find an empty seat and wait for the bell to ring.”

I sigh and head to the only empty seat in the class, right between two jocks with deep purple auras. Apparently, they really wanted to mask something. I look around and notice the little girl isn’t following me anymore. I guess she got her taste of High School and decided to pass on to the next life. Finally the bell rings and I leave the classroom. As I walk to my next class, I notice the black aura walking towards me. I hold my breath as he starts to pass, till I realize that the black aura is trailing behind him. His aura is actually a crystal blue with fire red mixed in swirls around his body. I take in his appearance, short with dyed black hair that seems to hang into his face but still frame it. His eyes have a smile behind them. I speak quietly as he passes next to me, “Hello.”

The boy turns to me, “Hey.”

He continues walking. I change course and follow him a few steps. The boy stops and turns to me, “You don’t have to be scared of me. You can just come and talk to me.”

I hurry up to stand next to him. How did he know I was scared? Especially when he didn’t even look at me. I hold out my hand, “I’m Gerard. I’m new and I think I’m lost.”

The boy smirked, “So that explains the fear I feel from you. I’m Frank. What’s your next class?”

I look at my schedule, “It’s Science with Suhey.”

Frank nodded, “That’s right next to me. I got English with Uribe or Mr. Bubbly as I like to call him. You’ll see why when you have him. Come on, I can walk you there.”

I nodded and start following him. I notice the black aura behind him grew bigger the second I started walking with him. He stopped and shivered for a second, “Sorry. Got really cold for a sec there. Anyway, that’s your classroom there. Wanna meet after second period and I can show you the rest of your classrooms?”

I smile, “I would really appreciate that Frank.”

I think quietly to myself as I sit in the back of the classroom. What could that black aura be and why is it following Frank around?

Author’s Note: Yes I’m writing another story. I’m almost done with Bullet’s Embrace so I wanted to write something new. It’s a little supernatural so I hope you like it. The guys are how they look from Danger Days and Bob is in it and he will of course be like from Black Parade. For those that care, yes I am part of a circle. There are five powers of a circle, emotion/Empathy, knowledge/telekinetic, heart/pryokinetic, faith/luck, and sight/Seer. I already told you about Gerard and Mikey. Wanna guess who the other’s are? Oh and I will be needed some people for other roles. Mostly, kinda evil roles.


Minions of the Devil

Ghost boy that hangs out in a park

Ghosts that need help

A ghost to follow Gerard around

What I need from you:




Personality: (please not the typical loner person personality. I like to write bubbly people

If a Ghost, why are you hanging around the human realm:

If a Minion, what do you hope to get by helping the Devil:
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