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Ryan teaches Brendon how to be obedient.

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Brendon had a lovely skin tone, pale and beautiful. It contrasted nicely with the wide leather cuffs that held his arms behind his back. Ryan was unable to look away from the soft bands of leather, to stop running his fingers over the intricately tooled designs. Brendon was kneeling perfectly still, allowing Ryan to move him to his liking with nothing but a gasp or a whimper when Ryan’s hips were a little too forceful.

“God, look at you just take it,” Ryan whispered, almost in awe. Brendon made a little noise high in his throat – begging, pleading for Ryan to finish him off. Ryan smirks, and thrusts into his lover, hard and fast, just how he knew Brendon liked it.

Brendon had to be quiet too, even though Ryan liked to make Brendon scream in pleasure. But tonight was one of those nights where Ryan was horny and in his dominant mood. Brendon loved the things Ryan did to him when he was ordering him around. There was just something about it that turned Brendon on so much about it. Being told what to do, what not to do, and having Ryan adjust Brendon into any position Ryan wanted him in.

He let out a squeak as Ryan thrusts into him again. If Ryan wasn't so demanding tonight, Brendon would've gotten off a while ago. But Ryan had threatened to tease Brendon some more if he got off without Ryan's okay. Ryan let out a soft moan. Brendon could feel Ryan coming inside of him, feeling Ryan's liquids fill him up inside as Ryan thrusts in deeper and harder.

It was almost too much to bear. All of this was bring Brendon closer to the edge. His entire body was shaking in pleasure. Brendon was definitely not prepared when he felt Ryan pumping his length in his hand. "I bet you want to come, don't you?" Ryan asks, in a dirty tone close to Brendon's ear.

Brendon nods quickly, without moving his head too much. Ryan slowed his hand down, his fingers lightly running down Brendon's length, barely touching Brendon. He couldn't help but whimper at this. If he wasn't so hard and desperate, this would've felt nice. "R-Ryan~" Brendon whimpers out quietly.

Ryan runs one of his long fingers slowly down the underside of Brendon's length, smirking at Brendon. "Shh," Ryan says, as he stops teasing.

Brendon whines, but those whines quickly converted into moans. Ryan knew exactly what to do, how fast to move his hand, how much to tighten his fingers. "Make noise," Ryan orders sexually, into Brendon's ear, in which Brendon quickly starts to moan. "Uhh~ Ry-Ryan~" Brendon moans out.

“You make the sluttiest noises,” Ryan remarked. “I fucking love it.”

So did Brendon, actually, though he’d never admit it.

Brendon finally came into Ryan's hand, moaning Ryan's name loudly as he filled Ryan's hand up. Ryan seemed to be okay with this, because his hand never stopped moving. "Oh, I love you Ryan," Brendon gasps out in lust. Ryan smiles, and kisses Brendon's shoulder. "I love you too."
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