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Chapter 4

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Mikeys p.o.v
I feel amazing, I've only been around her a day and she makes me feel so different! I kissed her and it felt, unbelievable. I thought she would pull away, I thought she was going to date Frank. He's had far more experience and he's more positive and so much different than me but I think she likes me...
i have two hours to have a shower get ready and set the living room up. Gee got rid of the parents, I'm looking forward to this so much. Shit. Left my key for the front door in my pocket, and now I'm gonna have to depend on Gee opening the door.
Gerard unlocked the door and just as I was about to thank him, the bastard punched me in the face.
'You shouted and fucking give me a heart attack! you shit.'
we looked at eachother both scowling for a moment and then both erupted into racious roars of laughter.
I rugby tackled him to the ground and we wrestled on the grass until I remembered the reason I was in such a good mood.
'Right, Gee this is gonna sound crazy but theres a girl i invited..'
'..I noticed..'
'..and she's really important...'
'..I figured...'
'...No but seriously behave..'
'...I always behave, I'm a good boy little brother' he said in an angelic voice batting his eyelashes.

Gerard p.o.v
aww, my baby brothers in love by the looks of things. Lets hope she's worth him.
I watched him rush up the stairs and heard the shower tap turn on. Well, looks like the vodka shots i bought for tonight WILL get drank I hope this girl's a heavy drinker cause maybe my bro might actually get laid then he wouldn't be such a tight ass most of the time. Who knows. Maybe ,Maybe not.

Heather p.o.v
hmmm... phone charged check, note to mom that I was sleeping at Jenna's check, spare clothes just in case, check. I have everything I need, and I'm dressed pretty casually. Black converse, Black skinny jeans and grey Rolling Stones top. I had a casual amount of make-up on and i had my long silver locket tucked into my bra haha. It was 5:55 so i stood looking out of my window and sure enough within a minute Mikey was waiting for me in his car. I took one last look in the mirror before i skipped out of my room. For the first time ever i didn't feel like i wanted to change my looks I felt beautiful and it was all because of Mikey.
I walked out to the car and sat down in the front seat. Mikey had 'All The Small Things' playing while i was sitting next to him and I could only stare at him. He was wearing a 'DropDead' T-shirt but it was hugging his toned muscular body and making me stare i tried not to but he caught me glancing and it made him laugh. He was a little embarrassed but i was absolutely mortified so he tried to cover it up by saying,
'Like watcha see?' and winking which made it better and made me laugh.
'Should we go then or are we going to sit here all night haha ,we picking Frank up?'
'yeah we'll go now but we aren't picking Frank up he says he wants to walk up later cause he's having a family thing with his parents. He's trapped and can't make it until 7:30 haha'
'okay' I said smiling more than i had done in one day than i had in a month.

We arrived at the house and a sudden shyness and sickness in my stomache made me not want to go inside. I grimaced and Mikey saw.
'Hey ,whats wrong? are you okay!?'
'yeah..wait. Yes I am I'm just a little...'
'a little..?'
'Jesus Mikey, I'm scared!'
'Of what, hahaha' he mused chuckling
'of your brother, Mikey what if he doesn't like me!?' i was starting to sound stupid even i got that.
'I'm sure he will, who wouldn't!'
I knew the exact answer to that question but tried to push it out of my mind. I had butterflys... No actually BATS would be far more accurate.
He got out of the car and opened the door for me trying to persuade me to go in.
'Would it be better if i held your hand?'
My head snapped up as I looked at him and smiled
'I'll take that as a yes then hahah' He grinned at me in an adorable way and grabbed my hand as it started raining. We ran quickly before we could get too wet from the rain, and in the exitement i forgot all about Gerard,Mikey's brother and walked right into him. facepalm
'Oh my god, I'm really really REALLy sorry!' i apologised stupidly but he just smiled and laughed warmly at me.
'hahaha It's fine you don't need to apologise it was my fault'
I smiled at him
'so this is the infamous girl who's making my brother so happy then?'
Mikey looked at the floor laughing awkwardly and blushing which made me blush too. Gerard knew he had made things awkward so he changed the subject.
'so yeah, pick a film guys text frank too and ask him cause we all have to agree but I'm not having no chick flicks. we're sticking to the horror genre tonight! And also I'm Gerard nice to meet you' he smiled at me and shook my hand 'call me Gee, you're welcome to stay the night seeing as its raining and well... yeah.'
'I don't think horror films'll be a problem hahaha and sure I think i'll stay the night it would be pretty easy if thats okay with Mikey?'
Mikey didn't answer he grinned at me which made me blush even more so than usual
'Oh get a room' Gee said winking at us.

I can't actually remember what i picked cause we picked out of 5 choices and it was some sort of zombie apocalypse movie. Mikey brought blankets down and we all changed into our PJ's so we would be comfortable. I was so glad that i hadn't actually packed any cause i didnt really know if i was sleeping or not but Mikey said i could wear one of his T-shirts which was really rather big and some shorts which fit well. Me and Mikey got comfortable on the sofa with Mikey's guitar duvet while we waited for Gerard then he surprised both me and Mikey...
'Hey Guys... SHOTS!'
I had drank before and the result hadn't been particularly bad so when he offered it to me i accepted and drank it. I didn't drink too much or I might have done something I regretted so I kept an eye on what I drank and so did Mikey. Then the door opened and in strolled Frank He said hi to Gerard ,Mikey and Me but he seemed different from when he had seen me last. He seemed a lot more sad and I was pretty sure that wasn't due to me and Mikey cuddling up on the couch.

There was something bothering Frank and I had to find out what...
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