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Mini Frerard, kinda. Gerard helps a young Frank deal with his grief. Sad but kind of sweet.

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NOTE. I meant to get I don`t love you like I did yesterday up, but didn`t have much chance to write it out. This was already saved on my laptop from a while ago. Hope you like it and it isn`t too sad or shitty. I wrote it because I lost my 15 year old cat a few months ago and call me a bay or whatever, but I still really miss her a hell of a lot. i don`t particualy like this story,but I wrote it not long after she died and It helped me a little. Let me know what you think,
“Frankie?” I call from outside the closed bedroom door, holding my breath. From the other side of the wooden door I could hear his faint sobs. It killed me to know that Frankie, my Frankie, my best friend was in so much pain. I knock on the door once more, not wanting to enter unless told to, but wanting to see him, to make sure he was alright and to try and cheer him up.
“Come in.” He sniffs, and in my head I can see him lying there curled up into a ball, teary eyed and hurt. I push the door open quietly, and close it behind me.
“Frankie.” He wasn’t on the floor, but I could see a lump on his bed, under the covers. I sat down on the very edge of the bed and gently pulled back the covers to reveal something that couldn’t possibly be my Frankie. His beautiful soft dark hair was limp and greasy and lay matted over his face, which was so pale it rivalled my own skin tone. I couldn’t see his face cleanly as he was shielding it from the outside world with his hands, but I could still hear him sniffling, so I imagined his usually kind, loving eyes would be tear stained and red.
“Come here, sweetie.” The name my mama calls me and Mikey when we are upset just slips out, it doesn’t feel wrong though, it feels…natural, right. As natural and normal as breathing.
I wrap an arm around his slender figure and pull him up so that his head is resting on my chest. He doesn’t say anything, so neither do I, I knew he would speak when he was ready. Until then I keep my arms around him, hoping that it would give the younger child some degree of comfort. His mama had said he hadn’t talked to anyone since he had found out, something which really worried her as Frankie was never silent. He wasn`t eating either, and apparently he hadn`t slept since he had found out. She had asked if I would try and speak to him, knowing how close we were. Of course I had told her I would, she wasn’t the only one worried about him.
“I don`t get it.” He sobs, clinging onto my shirt. “It isn’t fair!” he screams through the tears, causing him to cry even more. He was really making a big mess of my new shirt, but I really couldn’t care less. He was upset; I had to help him that was all I cared about at this precise moment in time. He was my best friend, and I was his, we were there for each other through the good and the not so good.
Today was one of the not so good days.
“I miss him, where is he Gee?” the worst of the crying is over now, and he is able to talk more normally, though for Frankie, it wasn’t really normal. Normally whenever he spoke it was either an excited yell or scream, so this pitiful, broken voice he was using really frighten me, and hut me knowing he was suffering so much. I needed o explain to him, needed to let him know, I just didn’t know how to.
“Where is he!?” I don’t speak and just hold him tighter. I can tell that he is beginning to get worked up again, so start gently rubbing circles on his small back, something mama always does to calm me and Mikey down.
“I want him back, Gee!”
“I know, Frankie.” The “he” my best friend was referring to was his pet rabbit which had sadly…left us and this world yesterday evening. As frank was younger than me he didn’t fully understand the whole “dead and not coming back” thing. And I had no idea how to tell him. I knew his mama, who was like my second mama, had began to tell him, but Frank had ran of crying as soon as she had mentioned the name of his much loved (and quite frankly quite old) rabbit.
“Frankie, um…err, I don’t know how to say this, but, um…” he lift his head and looks at me for the first time since I had arrived. His beautiful eyes were puffy and bloodshot, and his face stained with his tears. I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I realised that the child was in much more pain than I had realised.
“Rosie isn’t coming back, she`s…” I was about to say sleeping, but didn’t want to scare him into not wanting to go to sleep. “In heaven, with lots of other rabbits and other animals.”
“ she okay up there, what if she gets thirsty or misses me or-“
“Shh…” I press a gentle kiss onto his forehead. “She`s fine, she`ll have made lots of friends and will have loads of food and water. And.”I pause. “I`m sure she misses you, but you`ll see her again, ya just gotta be happy and strong till you do. Can you do that for her, and for me and your mama?” Frank nods onc and rests his head on my sholder. Absentmindedly I start fiddling with his hair, and he closes his eyes.
“Thank you Gee.” I smile, glad he felt a bit better at least.
“No problem, Frankie.” I kiss him again. I would always be there for him, always. No matter how big or small the problem was, I`d always be there to help him, make him smile again. He was my best friend; he would do the same for me.
“Love you, Gee.” He mumbles before drifting asleep, head still on my shoulder. I smile and brush a lock of hair away from his closed eyes.
“I love you as well.” I did, I truly did. He was my best friend, like my second brother, the one I could always trust. In short, he was my entire world.
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