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Just a poem, read if you like

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Distance you ask for, distance I give

Give you my heart, I already did

For the one who knows the truth, for all that it is

With the words I say, the words I misuse

I’d take it all back, but leave the best for you

The best is what I want to offer, what I want to provide

But this is life, there are not rules, there are no guides

Only the stars that continue to shine, but you made the stars seem dull

You shined brighter than they ever could

You light my sky like no star, like no orb, like no other before

Distance can only make the heart grow fonder, but I guarantee my heart will never wander

I dream a dream, a dream of you, I swear to you, this is all true

We fall in love, and we fall in deep

The obstacles are always so steep, but I get over them, over them for you

Just as clear as these words are true, I’d do it all, only for you.
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