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Eleven: If I Fall

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She felt the warmth of fire scorch her skin.

Explosions burning the air around them.

Did she care? My God, did she care that she was burning it all?

Pain. Black. Sharp.

Everything. Every letter. Every word.
Erase him.

His brain. Screamed.

Erase your pain.

Warmth. Slipping away.

She couldn't care. She couldn't.
All the smiles. All of his laughs.

What's happening. What's going on?


His gaze met Gerard's.

Their hopes. Their dreams.

Brother. Brother.


Their eyes. Latched together. They both knew. They both refused to accept.

Atlantic City, summer of 1940.

Screaming for the light to stay.
For Alicia.
For her.

The Iero household, Christmas of 1939

Tear filled eyes. Fear filled eyes.

All gone. All gone.
Ashes in the hot evening air.

Don't let go. Don't let me go.


I don't want to die.

"Ali--what...what are you doing?"

Breathing was hard, now that blood filled his lungs.

Lindsay was standing behind her. Staring.

Heartbeats. The last ones.
I'm dying.

She felt the sobs grow. Claw at her throat.

Gerard screamed.

Do You care? Do You care if we all burn?

No. Hold on.

Or was it all part of Your plan?

Keep fighting.

Did you suffer? Did you bleed?


You're gone.


You left me.


I kept it all. Every word.

Be strong.

For you.

For her.


Stay with me.

But you never came back.


You never came home.

Don't go.

She screamed, helpless effort to quench the pain inside.

June 3rd, 1944
(...)And sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. Is it worth to fight and kill and get killed? Is freedom worth the price we pay?
But then I think of you.
Your smiles.
Your laugh.
Our walks in the park.
And I realize you're the reason I'm here. You're the reason I fight for. The driving force. The blood which feeds me.
I fight for you. For no one else.
I fight so that one day, I will be able to hold you again. To laugh, to feel your breath against my skin.
For you.
For my Alicia.
I think of you, always
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