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Just a man? Not a hero...?

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Just a little poem, really terrible but please read so I feel loved :D

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I put Angst as the genre because I really like this deffinition;

You can guess who its about, and its really naively done because I've haven't written many poems. But please leave reviews and advice, I'd really appreciate it :D
x x x Mycro

BTW- I wrote this in a Maths revision class, and failed my test. Well done me ;D

This gives me something to hold onto,
Until the remaining seconds are through,
It’s far from my dealings,
But shares the same feeling,
I listen the rhythm I’m craving.

A voice so sweet and a caring touch,
No wonder the world can’t get enough,
Ante unwanted and anguished,
Now doubtlessly cherished.

To be a voice for a generation similar to your own,
Takes guts and love far from home.

Speaking for a dying world,
For the lost and grieving,
Reaching four hands out for the bleeding,

Promises broken,
Promises made,
I can promise you one thing,
You WILL be saved.

*FacePalm* This sucks....
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