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Area 51.

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Gerard becomes employed at Area 51, a top secret military location in the middle of the desert, and meets Frank while he's there.

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A short man, wearing a perfectly fitted black suit, and sunglasses to cover his eyes, stepped out of the driver’s side of a sleek saloon car, and walked to the back door of the car, on the same side and opened it. As he opened it, the man who had been sat, slumped against the door, completely unconscious, fell out of the car, landing on the dusty, sand covered road that lead up to the gates to Area 51.
The shorter man stepped back, slightly alarmed, and stared down at the man on the floor, who had shaggy, almost shoulder length black hair. He was wearing, a now dust covered white shirt, and black skinny jeans, and black converse to match. He didn’t look like he fitted into a place like this, but once he got cleaned up, he surely would, the shorted man convinced himself, before crouching down, and shaking the man’s shoulder, trying to wake him. He smiled as the man’s eyelids flicked slightly, and he let out a quiet groan, then as he inhaled a load of the dust that hung in the air, he gave a few raspy coughs, waking up a little more.
The short man gave an amused sigh, and smiled to himself, before grabbing the other mans shoulders and hauling him to his feet. The black haired man stumbled, and he was dragged upright, and lent against the shorter man for support. As he felt the weight of the other man against him, he brushed some of the dust of his sleeve and hooked his arm around his own shoulders, and put his arm around the man’s back, supporting most of his weight, till his could stand by himself. Once the two of them were standing, he started to lead the man leant against him towards the open gates, past the several men that stood guarding it. The black haired man let out on another series of coughs, and then a tiny “Urgh” sound, shortly afterwards. The shorter man decided to speak to him, seeing as he seemed to be a bit more conscious now.
“Sorry mate, we’re going have to walk for a little bit. The security guards aren’t keen on letting cars from outside this establishment, inside.”
He paused, looking up at the man for some kind of response, but he barely even had his eyes open, so he continued talking.
“Even if the person inside can barely even stand up.”
He smiled, and laughed to himself, and heard the man give a slightly chuckle as well, the corners of his turning up in a slurred smile. The short man was glad he was finally starting to register what was going on.
“I’m Frank, by the way.”
The man he was pretty much carrying, opened his eyes a little bit more, and looked down at him carefully, then nodded slightly. He stumbled again, as he legs could barely keep up with Frank’s pace, and Frank tightened his grip around the man’s waist, keeping him steady. As he regained his balance, taking in more and more of his surroundings, he finally managed to speak.
“I’m-...I’m Gerard”
He said slowly, letting out another cough after wards. As his mind slowly started to clear, a million questions started to congregate in his head, where was he? How did he get here? Why was he here? The list went on, but he couldn’t quite focus enough to voice any of these questions to the man who seemed to be supporting his entire weight, Frank. He glanced up from the man next to him, and turned his attention to a series of building they were approaching. A few men walked in and out of the front entrances to the building, and Gerard’s curiosity peaked.
“What are those buildings?”
He asked, looking down upon Frank, whose face he still had yet to see properly, because on how he stood, and because he still wore sunglasses covering his eyes. Frank looked up at him, slightly surprised to hear him speaking, then glanced towards the buildings, and started to explain.
“Those? Those are like the....”
He paused searching for the right words.
“Well, I suppose there the ‘living quarters’ or whatever. Where everyone here sleeps, basically.”
Gerard looked forward at the grey buildings; they looked very dull, very military. He frowned slightly, but said nothing about the appearance of the buildings, not being one to make a fuss. He let his thoughts wonder for a moment, and then he heard Frank speak again.
“I live in that one.”
He gestured towards the furthest away building, and Gerard smirked, he had quite far to walk, though his smile disappeared as Frank continued.
“There are two people to each room, and I think you get the privilege of being my roommate. I assume you are, anyway. I mean, I guess so, because I think that’s the reason they sent me to bring you here.”
So, I have to walk really far as well? He thought gruffly, though that wasn’t the main thing on his mind at the time. He stopped walking, swaying slightly, but managing to steady himself, and took his arm of Franks shoulder, and he could feel Frank release his arm from around his waist. He turned to face the man who had apparently brought him here.
“What do you mean, ‘they sent you to bring me here’? Where even is this place? What is it?”
He asked, sounding slightly angry, trying to focus on Franks face, waiting for him to respond. Frank looked up at him, obviously a little perturbed by the sudden outburst of questions, though he wasn’t surprised that Gerard couldn’t remember any of the answers himself. He had experienced this himself, when he first came here a couple of months ago. It’s the after effects of being knocked out by a worrying combination of chemicals, so that when they bring you to this place, you’re so out of it, that there is no way you’ll be able to work out where this place is.
“Give it time, you’ll remember. No one is allowed to know where this place is, so they knock you out before the journey here. It makes you forget a lot, it’s a bad side affect, but that wears off after about an hour of waking up.”
Gerard stared at him, shaking his head slightly, obviously angry that he still had absolutely no idea what was going on. Frank smirked, and laughed quietly.
“Honestly, I’d be surprised if you could even remember how old you are right now.”
Then he turned, and continued walking to the buildings where he was going to be staying for however long. Gerard scoffed, and walked after him, trying to keep up.
“Of course I can remember how old I am, I’m twenty...”
He trailed of, shocked. He had forgotten. Frank looked up at him, with a “I told you so” expression, and Gerard scowled.
“Oh god...”
He mumbled quietly. He’d been here less than 10 minutes and this place already seemed like a nightmare.

Im afraid to say that chapters won't probably be as long as this from now on, but I'll certainly try. This is my first ever fanfic, so please be nice, and bare with me if its horrifically bad. I try. :]
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