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Childhood Innocence

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A/N: So first off the bat, I’m unbelievably sorry about not updating Shadow of the Day, I can’t even express it [If you’re reading that] I’m not giving up on it-I’m just a slacker and have writers block. I can upload the beginning of chapter two, but you guys aren’t in it yet. Lemme know in the reviews. I’m helping my friend whom I have just discovered has used drugs three fucking times and I’m also helping Seth (DeathDefying) with our story ‘Sabotage’ if you read that.
But, if you are just another ficwader [if that’s a word, if not screw it:] that has just so happened to stumble upon this, than hey. Welcome to the danger zone. You are not invited to the other side of sani-LACIE JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP NOW. *shudders*
I don’t know if I’m going to leave this as a one shot or not. I like to have different things going at once, so I had this idea. It’s not a waycest. So tell me if I should continue it and another ideas for fics I could write-I’ll do basically anything but waycest . I wrote this in like, 10 minutes and it’s really kind of pointless but whatever. It’s a cute little story. And about halfway through this I got lazy and didn’t use baby talk, so just pretend. I’ll shut up now.

Oh, in this fic, Mikey is 4 and Gerard is 10. Again, i wrote this in literally 10 minutes, so sorry if its shit thats been stepped on by a rhino and attacked by dung beetles. I’m seriously going to shut the hell up now. Enjoy!


The only place to get away from it all.

Other than death

Shut up.




No homework, no little brothers, no mama’s nagging you to clean your room, no sick grandmas.

Just Gerard, in his own little dream land. Until-

“Gee Gee Gee! Wake up! Wake up nooowww! I need to talk to you!”


Gerard let out a groan and glared at the door. Normal little brothers would barge right in. But not Mikey. Mikey just knocks, and knocks, and knocks, until Gerard finally gets up. You see, when you’re 4 and a half, a lot of really dumb things scare you. Like for instance, take Mikey here. He was afraid of Gerard’s room door because for one, it was bigger than Mikey, two, it was heavy, and three, Gerard had accidentally slammed it on his hand. Stupid fear right? Although, the monster stickers and signs reading ‘KEEP OUT’ don’t help the issue either. But that’s beside the point. Every single morning/, Mikey would come barreling up the stairs, down the hall and to the right; his bare feet slamming against the hardwood floor, and knock on Gerard’s door. That isn’t what annoys Gerard though. The fact that he has to get /up/, get /out of bed/, un/lock the door, and see whatever Mikey wants is what bothers him. Did I mention that he has to spray his whole room with ‘monster’ spray?

“WHAT?!” Gerard whipped open the door and glared at his little brother.

Mikey jumped back, ran,and hid behind a plant in the hallway, his eyes glimmering like diamonds
and a teeny tiny frown on his lips. He brought his knees up to his chest and pulled down his
unicorn pajama shirt.

“Come back Mikes, I’m sorry.” Again he muttered. Little brothers were so sensitive. “Come back to my room.”

He shook his head. “Monstahs.”

“Mikey, there’s nothing in here. I promise. If they are, why haven’t they come and gotten me?”
He mentally slapped himself.

“Cause Gee, they dont wike you. You dont taste good and you’re too big.” He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Almost like 2+2, which is, infact, racecar in Mikey’s world. “But cute wittle boys wike me are delicious!”

“Who said you were cute?” Gerard said, grinning.

“Mama did.” He pouted. “I am cute. Natawia said so too when we got ice cream.”

“Natalia is 17.”

“So? She’s hot!”

Gerard laughed. “Come on Mikey, I’ll protect you from the scary monsters.”

Mikey seemed to ponder on it for a second. “Fine.” He got up and marched right over to the big scary door. He whimpered, ran back to Gerard, and clung to his waist like it his only way of survival.

“Stop being such a baby Mikes.” He opened the door and dragged Mikey in.

Immediately upon entering, he let go of Gerard’s leg, ran to his bed and hid under the red duvet.

Gerard sighed, threw a comic book at him and sat on the bed.


“Mikes, I’ll never let them hurt you. I promise.” [A/N I had to xD] He put his hand on the
lump that was Mikey. “What were you going to tell me?”

The younger Way peeked out from under the duvet. “It’s a reawy reawy reawy long story. Mama sent me to talk to you.”

“O-kay? That doesn’t answer my question. Tell me.”

He took a deep breath. “Weeellll, iwastalkingtomamaandiaskedherificouldhaveicecreamforbreakfastbandshesaidnoandgaveme

“Mikey, what the hell did you just say?”


Gerard covered his mouth with his hand. “I’m sorry Mikes, it won’t happen again. Now try-OW! YOU BIT ME!”

Mikey responded with is guessed to be ‘Release me foul beast!’ but since his mouth was covered it came out like ‘Wewahshashefashaeat’

Gerard complied. “Talk a little slower.”

“But I told you ever-“

“Tell me.”

“I di-“

“Tell me right now or so help me go-“



“Stop interrupti-“

“Mikes, jus-“

“Don’t test me Gerard!”

“Just tel-wait….what? Where did you learn to talk like that?”

“Gerard, shut up or I’m gonna smack you.”

“Hey. Mikey.” He cautioned.

“Sowwy. Okay, so, I was talking to Mama and asked her if I could have ice cream for breakfast but she said no and gave me a waffle and juicy juice instead and then I took it and then I went to go watch Blue’s Clues-“

“Mikey,” Gerard sighed. “Get to the point.”

“When’s daddy coming home?”

And this was the hard part. Gerard and Mikey’s dad had left them about 2 weeks ago but they
never told Mikey. They said he was going on another business trip. 5 days ago, however, there was a car crash, and you get the picture. They all went to the funeral, but it was closed casket, and Mikey didn’t even remember his dad’s first name so he didn’t know whose funeral it was. He just played outside with all the other little kids and managed to get Gerard’s old suit covered in mud and grass stains. Talk about childhood innocence.

“Well, Mikey,”

“Cause I wanna play Battleship with him like he promised when he got back. And Mama said to
talk to you about it cause she doesn’t want to hear it. So when’s he coming back?”

“Soon, Mikey. Do you want me to play Battleship with you?”

“Of course not Gee. You suck.”

“Hey! You aren’t good either!”

“But I’m better than you!”




And Gerard proceeded to tickle Mikey until he turned blue.

“GERARD ARTHUR WAY, STOP TORTURING YOUR BROTHER.” Their mother yelled. She heard the noises, the cries and the squeals-all from Mikey

Hazel locked on Hazel with smiling eyes. Gerard winked. “Don’t worry ma, I’m not!”

“Come downstairs then.”

“I’ll race you Mikey.”

“No fair! You always win!” he protested, glaring at Gerard.


“Yeah HUH.”

“Uh oh Mikes,” Gerard had a scared look on his face. Thank you grandma for signing me up for acting


“I think I hear,” he growled. “Monsters!”

And with that, Mikey Way snatched up the comic book, and ran outside of that room at a speed that definetly was not humanly possible.

Talk about childhood innocence.

A/N: What’d you think? Should I continue or leave it as a one-shot? Thanks for the read and sorry if it sucked monkey balls.

I’m up for any ideas so please tell me! angst, horror, humor, highschool, whatever[:
Thanks for reading!
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