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I'll keep you safe tonight

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Gerard and Lynz find survivors at the mall. But will the oncoming zombies stop them from getting back to the gang??

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Thank you SOOOOO SOOOO much for the reviews. As soon as I saw them I instantly started writing again. Thank you very much and i hope you like this next chapter. In case you hadn't noticed YES I've decided to continue writing :) Enjoy! PLease RATE and REVIEW.

“We should go back to town and look survivors.” I glanced over to where Gerard sat playing with a machete. It had been a week since the last time the zombies had come. Sleeping seemed almost impossible now. Any little noise sent my heart racing a 100mph as if it would burst through my chest.

He replied, “No, not yet. Give it time. We don’t want to go into town until it’s absolutely necessary. What if one of us gets bitten? Then where will we be then? We can’t be careless.” He placed the massive blade onto the floor. He was so gorgeous, why couldn’t I tell him how in love I was with him? I couldn’t. It could ruin our whole friendship. I sighed. My miserable figure made him sympathize with me. “Come here.” His voice was quiet but caring. This entire situation felt impossible to me. I had always been a strong person but when I had needed that strength I had broke down and almost gotten Gee and me killed, by my own parents! We had passed home a very hours after the mall incident to find them eating the neighbor’s brain. He pulled me into his arms, quietly rocking me back and forth like a small child. I leaned into his touch. He was so soft and warm. I felt at home in his protective arms. He seated us on the sofa and sang Headfirst For Halos to me. His soft, musical voice was soporific. In no time I was fast asleep in his arms. Dreaming of happier times, like when we’d go after work to buy coffee.

The Breakout

The following day we were looking through the mall we had been at when I first saw the undead. We were grabbing supplies while looking for any survivors in this hell. The guys had gone into town and were picking us up in an hour. Gerard was pigging out on potato chips like no tomorrow, in our case that could very well be true. The entire mall had become an assortment of food, clothing, novelties, and anything else our hearts could want. That’s if we could find anything that wasn’t spoiled or tore. While Gerard continued to eat I walked into the old Sears I worked out, looking for a sturdy leather jacket, zombies couldn’t bite through them as easily. As I scanned the racks I felt eyes watching me, Paranoia was slipping into me. I felt vulnerable; quickly I grabbed the jacket and ran backwards into the dressing room, having an area to defend was better than being out in the open. I pulled out my .22 revolver, not the biggest gun but I felt like a psychopath carrying a rifle, peaking through the entry. Before I had time to react I felt brawny, muscular arms grab me from behind. I was fearsome as I kicked the man in the shins, screaming for Gee to come save me.

“Let me go! Gee! Leave me alone! Gee! Gerard!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Another man about 40 with monstrous eyes and auburn hair came from inside the store with a young girl about 6, trailing his footsteps. I’m going to die. I decided to try and reason with the two men. “Please, let me go. I’m not a zombie, obviously! Please, don’t hurt me.” I pleaded, desperation in my voice. The hands around me loosened, dropping me to the floor. Without a second to spare I backed away from them, pointing my gun as I inched away.

“Hey! Don’t you dare shoot there missy or you’ll wind up dead first” The man who had been holding me said. He was a red head with dark brown eyes, almost black. He was adamant in his statement. His body figure was fleshy, reminding me of Shamoo, the whale. Gerard ran into the dressing room, his eyes landed on me before looking over to the two men pointing their guns at me. Without even a hesitation he was by side and lifting me up.

“Excuse us, but who are you?” He looked at the older men without fear, or at least what seemed like it. I was close enough to him that I could feel his heart racing.

The one with the auburn hair spoke. “I should be asking you the same question. Where are you from, boy?”

“Out of town,” Gerard’s voice was reserved, dispassionate.

“Well we might as well help each other out. My name’s Cletus.” He extended his hand. Gerard shifted me in his arms before shaking hands.

”I’m Gerard,” he nodded to me. “This is Lynz.”

“That’s Victor” he glanced over to the other man. “And that’s his daughter, Annabel Lee. Sorry to have scared you before young lady. We can’t be too friendly in a time like this.”
I smiled and nodded. “No, it’s fine. No blood, no foul. Where are you all staying?”
“Here.” The man named Victor stated.

“It’s not safe here, the areas too open, lots of doors and windows for the undead to come in through.” Gerard lowered me down to my feet, looking into my eyes. “Why don’t you stay with us? We live a few miles away from here in an old farm house. The area’s pretty isolated so it’s easy to spot anything coming. Plus it has plenty of bedrooms.” Gerard’s hospitality made me smile. He was much too kind, hopefully it wouldn’t be the death of him.

Suddenly we heard a clangor outside of glass breaking. “Hold that thought; let’s go see what’s going on. Load your guns.” Cletus readied his rifle and walked over to the store entrance. He shouted back, “It’s a mob of the undead!”

The three men ran over, shooting like crazy at the zombies. Annabel Lee was crying by my side, grabbing onto my leg. I pulled out my gun, ready to defend her. Hundreds of them were coming near us, way too many for the three men to handle. I was indecisive of what to do. Stay and hide little Annabel Lee? Or go with Gerard and help them fight off the undead? The scent of decay was overpowering, making me squeamish. Before I had the chance to make a decision, Cletus took out a small hand grenade from his jacket.

“Everyone inside now!” I didn’t wait to see. I lifted her up and ran to the far end of the store hiding her in the employee’s lounge. Seconds passed before I felt Gerard hugging me from behind. The explosion was bizarre, much different in reality than in movies. The explosion roaring hurting our ears. Annabel Lee screamed, clawing her boney fingers into my arm, causing blood to drip out of my flesh.

“Let’s go to your place!” Cletus came running back inside with Victor, who grabbed his daughter and led us to the back entrance. That hadn’t been my first experience with zombies but I might as well have been naïve to begin with. I tripped on the way out on a fallen rack, my ankle bending, possibly spraining it. I screamed out in pain. How terrific! I was going to be useless now. Gerard looked at me with concern before picking me up once again and carrying me back to the jeep. I was such an burden. I was going to be the reason we both got our brains eaten.
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