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My Own World

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Darren and Madame Octa talk about the perfect world

Category: Cirque du Freak - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Darren Shan, Other - Published: 2006-05-29 - Updated: 2006-05-29 - 122 words

It was a sunny day in the park and Darren and his mum were studying in the local park. Darren sat up in the old oak tree, with Madam Octa. His mum was sitting on the cool grass reading him some stupid History novel. Darren, began to dose off. His mother climbed the tree and smacked him with the book. "DARREN SHAN!"

"I'M HERE!" he shouted.

"Stay awake!" she barked and slid down the tree.

"It's a sunday afternoon...I should be out...having fun!" said Darren to Madam Octa. "Right?"

The spider just cocked her head. "Man, this world stinks," he sighed.

Madam Octa nodded. "But in MY world is different...for my world is a wonderland!"

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