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Back Massage

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Frerard. Practice for an up coming show gets a bit intense. Dirty.

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 "So, what songs do you want to practice?" I asked, nervously playing with the strings of my guitar. I couldn't help it. Being near Gerard, for some reason, always filled my stomach with butterflies. He smiled.
 "Whichever ones you want." he said grinning. I felt myself blush.
 "How 'bout You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison?"
 "Cool." It was just me and Gee practicing today. Gerard went up to the microphone stand and we preformed the dramatic song. After Drowning Lessons, Cancer, Dead!, Disenchanted, This is How I Disappear, and Teenagers, Gerard sat down to relax a second and catch his breath. I sat down next to him. I could smell the aroma of coffee and cigarettes. 
 I rubbed my shoulder. It was sore and hurt like a b!tch. I probably just have it all knotted up again. It was bound to happen again eventually with the crazy stuff I tend to do on stage (jumping, acting out songs, head banging, ect.) The rubbing helped a bit, but not much.
 "Frankie, you okay?" he asked. 
 "Mmmhhmm," I responded, nodding.
 "Here,  let me help you with that." he said as he leaned in and started rubbing. 
 "O-oohhh. Thanks Gee. Yeah, oh! Right there. Oooo."
 "No problem." Oh God, it felt so godd@mn good. "That better?" he asked as he continued to massage my back and shoulders, pressing his fingers against my back firmly as he traced circles near my shoulder blades. I nodded silently as he started to slowly make his way down my spine in a spiral pattern. "Wanna lay down?" he asked. I nodded again and laid down. He kept going and the relaxation and pleasure got even more intense. My muscles relaxed under his soothing touch.
 I gasped in surprise when he lifted my shirt up to be able to get the small of my back. He froze at the sound but I removed my shirt to reassure him and so he could get deeper into the muscle. He hesitated and I thought I had weirded him out, but then he went back to massaging. He pressed harder this time and rubbed more vigorously.
 He surprised me by starting to massage my legs. He started with my feet then went all the way up my calf, my thigh and then to my extreme surprise my ass. I gasped but this time he didn't stop and honestly I didn't really want him to. I realized with a start that I felt turned on but before I had time to think about it his hands had touched the most intimate part of me and a moan escaped my lips.
 "Oohhhh Geeeee." he helped me remove my pants and threw them across the stage. I rolled on to my back and slipped his shirt over his head. He started nibbling on my ear and a shiver from pleasure shook my body. I took off his belt as he started leaving a trail of kisses down my neck and sucked on my scorpion tattoo. I felt his teeth graze my skin and I felt my boxers getting tight. I shakily took off his belt and then I took off his pants. He  rubbed his hardness against mine and he let out a small moan which made me want to make him moan louder. I slipped my hand in his jeans and took him in my hand. I stroked his length and he shuddered with pleasure.
 "Ooohhhhh Frankiiiieee." I started pumping his dck as he let out a low moan and balled up his hands into fists in my hair. I continued to tease him and his hands left my hair and started exploring my body. He pulled down my boxers and his warm, wet tongue licked the tip of my dck and my hips bucked. He took me in his mouth and I couldn't keep down the moan rising in my throat. 
 He started to suck, slowly, teasingly.
 "Oh Gee, harder! Har-harder!"
 "What was that Frankie?"
 "Please-" Gerard licked me from begining to tip, causing me to moan loudly. "Please Gerard! Please, harder!"
 "As you wish." I could hear the smirk in his voice as he started to suck harder and faster. I screamed out his name and threw my head back. The hot, urgent, pleasure surrounded me completely. Gerard suddenly pulled away. 
 "Turn over." he said, gasping. I did as I was told. He put two fingers to lips. "Suck." he commanded. I sucked his fingers feeling a bit confused. Why the f*ck am I sucking his fingers? I should be sucking his c•ck. He took out his fingers and brought his lips to my ear. "Now, I need you to relax. This might hurt a little at first. Relax." he whispered. He kissed my cheek and I felt my muscles relax.
 He poked a wet finger in my opening and I let out a little gasp of pain. "It's okay baby, you're doing great." He pushed his  whole finger in and moved it around a little allowing me to get used to it before putting in a second one. I winced silently but got used to it quickly. He scissored his fingers and I felt myself stretch. He removed his fingers and I could feel his hardness hovering above my opening. 
 He pushed in slowly, trying to be gentle. It felt a bit painful at first, but the pain soon faded and turned to pleasure as he got deeper in. Once I was completely filled by him, he waited a minute to let me grow accustomed to it before he drew himself out and pushed in again.
 "Faster Gee!" I cried out.
 "Frank!" he screamed out. I was so close, I felt ready to explode. He hit something inside me that felt so godd@mn good.
 "Right there, Gerard! Again right there!" I screamed. He slammed into me again, harder. "Gerard!" I moaned out. "Oh god Gerard, harder!" He hit it again and again harder each time.
 "Frank, I-I think I'm gonna come." He slammed into me again and then once more.
 "FRANK!" he shouted as his come shot into my ass. That pushed me over the edge.
 "GERARD!" I shouted as I came on to the stage. Gerard rode out his orgasm and then drew himself out of me and lie there next to me, slowly and lightly tracing circles on to my back. He scooched over and I rolled over and he rested his head on my chest as we tried to catch our breath.
 "I've loved you ever since I laid eyes on you Frank Iero." Gerard whispered and at that moment I was the happiest man on Earth.
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