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Captain Grayson's Tale

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The Lighthouse at Westfall and a short meeting of friends. Drabble where an elf explains the haunting.

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It was Trizzie’s second visit to the area of Westfall, it was somewhere she hadn’t really thought to investigate too well, merely to work out the area and then head back to Stormwind. Well that was the plan, only the young Drenai was hardly noted for her great knowledge of geography.

A stomp in frustration caused a nearby wolf to barrel towards her; she grabbed the hammer in her hand and swung. Neatly crushing into the beasts’ side it fell stone dead and she sighed, why the beast had to attack blindly she would never know. She leant over to take off the supplies from it to trade in town though; a decent pelt of fur might make a few copper.

Jenesis was taking Thuu on a rare run; her nightsaber was one of her best friends, her precious pride and working joy as well. Thuu was a sleek looking beast and as Trizzie stood up and wiped her hands she didn’t see him until he’d ran under her feet knocking her down and tearing into the meal so easily put out on the floor.

“Hey!” Trizzie got up. “Shoo that’s mine!” It was evident the beast was not wild, as it hadn’t even attempted to warn her off being used to the races of Azeroth.

“Thuu!” Jenesis came running up; the night elf’s armour dictated that she and her beast were very experienced on the field. “I am so sorry…” The blushed cheeks showing her embarrassment just led Trizzie into a fit of giggles.

“He is very strong yes?” She looked at her; Trizzie in comparison was a young blooded fighter, a Paladin for the Light who wore white-blonde pigtails that melded around her horns. She looked like a happy sort and Jenesis smiled, pretty much already forgiven. “Trizzie Lightbringer.”

“Jenesis Gravebane.” Jenesis held out her hand. “Most of my friends just call me Jen.”

“I’m supposed to be making my way over to Duskwood but I spotted a light over on the coast for the lighthouse. I stayed out at Sentry Hill last night and noticed that it’s not working today.” Trizzie looked at her. “So I am worried about the keeper there.”

“Oh you…” Jen looked at her, the half decent armour showed she was still learning but had a way to go. “You haven’t been around here before? You should have asked one of the men back there. The Lighthouse is abandoned pretty much.”

“What do you mean by pretty much?” Trizzie’s tail worked side to side as she listened. Thuu watched it mesmerised.

“Come along I will show you.” Jen smiled and walked along towards the lighthouse with her.

Trizzie wandered behind her with Thuu watching her tail, his big paws would easily catch it… he stalked behind her hoping his mistress wouldn’t work out his plan. Jenesis got them to the small wooden platform where they could row the old boat to the lighthouse. Thuu slid into the water and swam across waiting for them to get there and shaking himself dry as they did.

“He so did that on purpose.” Jen muttered as they got out and she knocked on the old door.

“Get ye be gone! Tis no safe place te be!”

“Captain it is Jenesis, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine.” She called out, Jenesis winked to Trizzie before an old pirate looking ghost came into view beside them.

The younger woman squealed in surprise, Thuu took his chance and batted at the swinging tail sending Trizzie flying into Jenesis’ arms. Captain Grayson, dead and ghostly as he was, bellowed out a laugh as the hunter grabbed the nightsaber and pulled him back and Trizzie danced around a bit in shock.

“Trizzie…” Jenesis chuckled and put her hand to her shoulder. “It’s okay, the Captain is friendly. I’m sorry about Thuu.”

“Why… why isn’t there anyone here?” Trizzie looked around. “Do you make the light work?”

“Aye lass, I were killed the same night the light went out and now when the weather is bad I do me best to stop others from suffering a similar fate.” He shrugged. Trizzie leant on the fence watching the ghost and then looked to Jenesis, the old man was cursed to stay here? “The name is Captain Grayson lass, I were once a pirate captain but one night amidst foul weather we hit the perilous rocks of the Westfall Coastline…”

“Oh my,” Trizzie gasped, “a pirate.”

“Aye well tis nothing unusual ‘ere.” Grayson looked at her. “The night were black ye see and we nay able to navigate without the warning lights. The ship crashed, I were killed and I travelled as I am now to the lighthouse, I dunno maybe I were ready to shout at the people inside, fer getting us killed.”

“Angry spirit?” Trizzie looked at Jenesis.

“Maybe at the time.” She softy nodded. “He’s not so bad now.”

“Well what happened then when you got here?” Trizzie nodded, she was very interested now.

“Well I thought it would be in me best interests to find out and oh yeah I did. An old beastie or a Murloc named Old Murk-Eye led an attack on the place. Yer’ll see his scurvy like around ‘ere, the family were scared off but eventually returned, re-lit the old flame. That ole beast led his idiots back in and the second time right in front of me eyes they slaughtered the lot!” Grayson had become very animated by his tale, Trizzie listened intently.

“Grayson is still here because even though Old Murk-Eye has been removed he is the keeper of the flame. He has pledged not to let others have the same sorry end.” Jenesis said softly.

“Then I will visit you quite often.” Trizzie nodded and smiled, another purpose to her journey found, to keep the past alive.
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