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Happiness Doesn't Come Easy

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Hayley and Jacob are madly in love, but each thinks the others don't feel the same.

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~~~~~JACOB'S POV~~~~~~

Me and Hayley ran back in doors when the bell ranga and headed to the French exam room, meetinf Jazz half way there. We went inside and were met, yet again by the rules and instructions. I was good at French so once more, I sped through it and leaned back in my chair. After we went to do Music. I had to play my bass and sing, as it's a practical this afternoon. It all went well. I played My Chemical Romance's Famous Last Words. My favourite song by my favourite band.
I ate lunch with Hayley and Jazz but it rained too hard for us to go outside. Home Ec and PhysEd were fine. Jazz and I walked home in the pouring rain together, getting soaked. As soon as my key was in the lock, Nina, Jazz's mom, was there, bombsrding us with towels and coffee and blankets. We looked a sight.
I went up to my room and hit the on button on my laptop. I opened up the Spotify tab and began blasting out some of my favourite tracks including Summertime, Bulletproof Heart, Sing, Chasing Cars and Run. I'd brought my iPod when I ran away, my inspiration being Run by Snow Patrol. It inspired me to leave the hell hole I was forced to call home.
I'd listened to that song some many thousands of times when I was running. I'd also listened to My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco. That'd been over six years ago... Wow, so long ago since I'd been "home".
Keep runnin' ...
The words emerged from my headphones just as I was thinking about the days I'd spent running through fields and cities and hitching on caravans.
Jazz came into my room and sat with me, singing along with the music. We revised for our Drama and French speaking test tomorrow. Last exams... Hell yes!
After two hours of revision I went downstairs and got started on dinner. I made steak and kidney pie which I think was actually really nice, y'know, for kidney...
We ate and I went up to bed, exhausted. The music was still playing and I kept it that way.
Sleep came easy that night. Happiness? Not so much.
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