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A young Gerard is ill and has to go to the doctors. Frank cheers him up. Kinda like a mini frerard

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NOTE. This is shit, I know. But I can`t sleep. Got inspired by my little cousins who went to get an injection for soemthing today-you should`ve heard `em. Anyway, hope you like it
Mikey`s pov
“I won’t go! I won’t!” Gerard sounds kinda snuffely from his could, but still full of anger.
I watch as my older, rather annoying at times but equally loveable brother stomps his feet and screams at our mama. Gerard is famous in our neighbourhood for his tantrums that could be heard several houses away and he was about to start throwing one of his famous ones now. Mama doesn’t look too impressed and daddy was starting to go a bit red in the face. I try to warn him to just do as he was told for once but he ignored me.
“I’m not going to the stupid doctors! They have needles and stuff.” He shivers involuntarily as he mentions the evil word “needles.” And sticks out his bottom lip slightly, hoping that mama and daddy would take pity on him and fall for his cute act. He had no luck and I can’t help but feel a little bit smug. Everyone said that `cause I was youngest I got more spoiled, but in reality Gerard could get away with murder- everyone loved him so much. Not more than me, but despite everyone knowing he wasn’t exactly what you could call innocent, he got away with everything.
“Gerard.” Mama sighs looking at her watch.
“Gerard, we are going to be late.” Gerard pouts but other than that shows no signs that he heard what daddy said. “We are not asking you to go doctors, we are telling you.” He sounded cross, and I flinched a bit-daddy never got cross.
Gerard scowls.” I`m not going! Frankie went a while ago and he said a doctor gave him poison!”
“Gerard, I think you’ll find the doctor gave him medicine to make him better. Remember he had a cold?”
He shakes his head furiously, causing his ebony hair that had grown out to just above his shoulder to go everywhere.
“He needs a haircut too.” Daddy tells mama who sighs again. “We can take both of them after the doctors.” I look up clutching handfuls of my hair. They were not going to cut it off.
“Gerard, please. Don’t be a baby. “We`re going to the doctors in one hour.”
He keeps scowling and throws storms upstairs to our shared room, knocking things onto the floor as he goes.
There was a knock at the door a minute or so later, and mama and daddy rolled their eyes but laughed slightly, already knowing who it would be.
“Frankie!” I run over to him excitedly.
“Mikes, where’s Gee?”
“Sulking upstairs. LIKE A BABY!” I yell the last part, knowing he would be able to hear me.
“AM NOT!” he breaks off and I can faintly hear him coughing.
“He has your cold.” I tell Frank and lead him upstairs and into mine and Gerard’s room.
He was sitting on the white (well, it was originally white, then Gerard was born) carpet, using his bed as a table and writing something of a piece if paler.
“The last will of Gee Way.” He reads aloud, turning to face us.
“What are you-“Gerard hushes Frank and carries on.
“I leave all my clothes to my little brother Mikey; my comics are to be split between Mikey and Frankie.” he smiles at frank.” My toys again to both of them and all my drawings to Frankie. And mama and daddy get nothing `cause they making me go evil doctors” he nods once and places the paper down.
“Evil doctors?” Frank asks me confused as Gerard searches the room for all of the things he had mentioned in his “Will.”
“He had a cold and mama and daddy want him to go doctors, but he won’t go `cause of the needles.” I tell him, watching as the looks of confusion changes to a rather devious looking smile.
“Gee?” He runs over and pokes his on the shoulder. “Don’t die, I’ll miss you. I mean, who else am I supposed to annoy?”

Later after the doctors.
Gerard’s pov
“How`d it go?” Frankie asks me, sitting on the couch while holding a red lollypop in one hand and a purple one in the other. He hands me the red one and unwraps the other.
“Still alive, obviously.” He smirks as I sit down next to him, wailing as I bang my left arm on the back of the couch.
“What`s wrong, gee?” He leans over me, eyes wide in fear.
“My arm really hurts Frankie.” I admit, it hurt, but I kinda was putting it on a bit, mostly because I kind wanted Frankie to hug me and say it`ll be alright.
“Let me see.” He lifts up the sleeve of my shirt to reveal a single plaster with a picture of bugs bunny on it.
“I got stabbed by a needle, Frankie.”
He kisses the top of my forehead, and holds me tight, whispering that i1`ll be fine.
“It`s all your fault, you gave me the cold.” I want him to feel bad, because my arm felt bad. But also I knew he would kiss me again and it felt nice.
“Baby.” He rolls his eyes but gently lowers my sleeve and kisses me again.
I yawn-it had been an eventful day.
“Sleep tight, wimpy little baby.” He mutters, kissing me once more as I fall asleep in his arms.
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