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Note to all my readers- important!

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...If you read any of my stories, please read this! LINK TO MY UPDATE OF "BE MY DETONATOR" INSIDE!!...

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Hey guys (:
First off, I'm really sorry for the lack of updates lately...updating my stories in the last few weeks has been really hard, cause I've missed over four months of school due to anxiety and depression, and have just started going back; I have four months worth of work to catch up with and I have to revise and do all the exams I missed. My evil parents aren't making things any easier- they've banned me from the computer D: I managed to sneak out to the library a couple of days ago to type up and post my new chapter of "You'll never fit in much, kid." (which is where i am now xD), but it's not easy to get my updates up, even when I've written them and I'm already seriously busy with tons of revision and schoolwork, so it's hard enough to find the time to write them, let alone sneak out to the library without gettting notcied by parents to type my chapters up. however, I'm trying my best- the update of "Be My Detonator" is written, and I will try my hardest to post it by the end of the weekend, along with another update of "You'll never fit in much, kid."
To each and every one of you that rates and/or reviews my stories, THANK YOU SO MUCH! you guys are amazing! seriously, without all your support, I'd have stopped updating long ago :/
if you haven't already read and reviewed my new chapter of "You'll never fit in much, kid.", please do- it's up now (: for those of you that have, thank you all a million :D
okay, i'm gunna shut up now! I'll hopefully update by the end of the weekend, and so sorry my updates have been kinda minimal lately...hope you aren't all too mad at me :/
keep on rocking, guys!

CosmicZombie xo

P.S. i've updated "be my detonator's the link (:
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