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One-Shot about being TOO obsessed with Gerard Way.

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I owned all of their CDs, DVDs, uncountable amounts of their tee-shirts, so many posters filling one of my walls. I even had a large cardboard cutting of Gerard Way, life-size of course. My parents thought it was weird until my friend Lucy came over and re-assured them "It's normal for teen girls to be obsessed over celebrities."
She said she was obsessed with Aston Merrygold. But I'm not obsessed. I'm not like other fans who sit around and wait for the golden oppurtunity to just come to them when they finally meet Gerard Way. I went out looking for him.
I heard about their UK tour. Obviously I heard, I was probably the first to hear. I leave my laptop on all night long and wake up every single hour to refresh their homepage, my Twitter account, EVERYTHING that contains something My Chemical Romance related. I can't miss the latest noise, miss one of the band members being online on Twitter.
One night I was up in time and Gerard Way was online answering fans questions. I tweeted non-stop for a few minutes asking the same question - Do you think we'll ever be together? x
He didn't reply. Naturally, I assumed he'd seen it and didn't want to reply to make other fans jealous. I honestly thought he'd follow me and DM me in the morning. I went to sleep that night extremely happy.
Back to the tour. The second that tickets went on sale, I went online and purchased some. One for London and one for Birmingham. Two nights right next to each other. I knew it was going to be the best weekend of my life.
"Seeing My Chemical Romance is one thing," I told myself "But this is the weekend Gerard Way will realise he loves you."
Remember I said I kept tweeting him? And I thought he'd DM me? Well he didn't. But that didn't put me off. I told myself that Gerard was just shy or maybe he was nervous about his wife seeing.
Yes, I know about his wife.
I've looked at pictures of her, listened to her music and stared at her artwork. I'll admit she's got talent - But Gerard can do so much better than her. Maybe with someone like me?
The first show in London was fantastic. I knew all the words, of course, and I got right up against the barrier. I swear for a second Gerard looked me right in the eyes. He looked away quickly though. But I bet he couldn't get my face out of his head.
I waited for hours after the show but they had to get straight on their tour bus.
Did I give up? No. I went home with my head held high, re-assuring myself that tomorrow was the day I would meet them.
And I saw my big chance on Twitter at around 4AM. KerrangMagazine posted a tweet saying - Want to meet My Chemical Romance at tonights Birmingham show? Click the link!
I clicked it, entered the contest an uncountable amount of times and at around one in the afternoon, I got a text message confirmation. I was going to meet My Chemical Romance that night.
Gerard Way wasn't going to like me if I looked like any other fan. If I wore a My Chemical Romance tee-shirt and skinny jeans, he'd think I was just another fan-girl. And not the girl of his dreams. I dressed up in a really short skirt, fish net tights and a tight slightly revealing top. My Mom made a mean remark about it but I just raised my eye-brows wondering what Gerard would think.
I got to the venue. About five other fans were there, also waiting to meet the band. We had to hang around for a long time. At first I thought the five other fans had all come together because they were all talking together happily. Then I realised that two of them had come together, three of them had come together and one more had come alone. They had all made friends. But they kept glancing at me and whispering. Rolling my eyes, I ignored them. They were just jealous of how good I looked. They knew Gerard would only pay attention to me and not them. And they couldn't stand it.
Finally the band finished their sound checks and everything and walked over. The band didn't say anything about my outfit but I saw their expressions. I saw Gerard's. It wasn't what I was hoping for.
When he came over to sign my stuff he shook my hand first "Hi, my name's Gerard."
I smiled at him "I know. My name's Elizabeth."
I handed him my ticket and one of my notebooks for him to sign. While he was signing I asked casually "Do you like my outfit?"
"Uhh it's very original?"
I glanced down. It wasn't very original. I wanted him to tell me everything he had told me in my daydreams.
Noticing that things were going anywhere, I decided to step it up a bit "So, didn't your wife come with you on tour?"
"No, she had things to do at home."
"If I was your wife I'd come with you."
He seemed surprised at my forward gesture. He handed me back my stuff and took a step away but I blurted out "Gerard, I think we were meant to be together!"
He stared at me for a moment before glancing at the others. They hadn't heard. The fans were busy chatting to the other band members and the band members were busy listening to them carefully.
Gerard grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the others "Elizabeth, how old are you exactly?"
"I'm 12."
"You are aware that I'm 33 right? [A/N - I know Gerard isn't 33 anymore but at the time he would've been :)] I'm old enough to be your Dad!"
"I don't care!" I told him "You and me were meant to be together. I won this contest by fate! It's a sign Gee!"
"I'm married," He told me firmly but gently "With a child. They're my family and I love them very much. This thing between us would never work. For one thing, I don't know what your parents would say-"
"I won't tell them!" I begged "Please Gerard, I've been dreaming about this forever!"
He shook his head "This is unhealthy Elizabeth. You need to be dating people your own age. Having a crush on a celebrity is one thing, but this is taking things too far."
"But I'm in love with you..."
"It's not going to work." He told me "I'm sorry."
"Gerard!" Frank called to him "We gotta go!"
He turned back to me "Enjoy the show. I'm sorry things can't work out the way you want but it's just not right."
And then he left.

I'd never felt so humiliated.
Gerard Way knew I was in love with him.
And he saw one of my tweets. I tweeted him telling him I knew one day he'd change his mind. He saw, remembered who I was and he blocked me. He got the other band members to block me and the official twitter page to block me.
Gerard didn't say anything but I knew this was a sign. Gerard was telling me I had to move on. Not just from him, but from My Chemical Romance. It was the moment I realised that I'd never liked them for the music, I'd liked them because the lead singer was attractive. I barely knew anything about the other band members but ask me anything about Gerard, I'd know it. Even now. It's memorised to my brain, just like that day at the Birmingham Concert. And I'll never forget it.

Now I don't talk about them. I don't wait up all night for updates, I've started turning my laptop off. I don't listen to their music anymore either. I've got into female artists now, they're easier for me to relate too. At the moment my favorite band is The Pretty Reckless and I'm going to see them live in August.
The wall containing all my My Chemical Romance posters has been ripped down. It's been replaced with lots of different bands, not just one set band. And I binned my MCR merch. Thinking about them reminds me of what I said to Gerard and it makes me blush.
I wonder if he told his wife.
At least now I can live my life. Without a boring old 34 year old man in the background.

[A/N] - Totally fiction. I've never even actually met the band and my name's not Elizabeth either :) Sorry it's rubbish, I just wanted to write this :D
And also, I'm not that obsessed O.o I like to think that nobody is...
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