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No One Knows

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Camp: Cadence's worst nightmare...

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I've been sitting in my room for the past week listening to Green Day. Which inspires me to write. So here we go again, hoping this one is better than the last.

“Cadence, we're here”, my mom said.

I sighed and sat up, tired from the long ride. I'd been laying down in the back seat of my mom's car, waiting for the moment where I'd be able to get out and walk around for the first time in two hours. Monty was asleep in the front passenger seat, which she had reclined as far back as it would go. I slapped the top of her head, waking her up. Her eyes flew open and she stared at the roof of the car.

“I was awake”, she mumbled.

I rolled my eyes and opened the door, getting out. There were people everywhere, so it seemed. Most of them were around my age, and the rest were counselors. I opened Monty's door for her and she eagerly stumbled out. She took a deep breath of fresh air and leaned against the car. “If these people would just stop talking and screaming, it'd be heaven”, she said, grinning.

One of the counselors was directing everyone who'd just arrived into a building for registration. Monty grabbed my arm and pulled me through the seemingly endless mass of people, explaining a bunch of stuff along the way. I didn't really hear anything except the fact that we'd be able to relax for a bit after we found out where we were staying. We reached the mostly empty building and went inside. It was so much cooler, and I almost slumped against the wall in relief.

They had separated everyone into two lines. Those who's last names began with 'A' through 'M' were on one side, and 'N' through 'Z' was on the other. That's where Monty and I got split up. The 'N' through 'Z' line was so much shorter, so I had to wait for what felt like eternity while they found someone on their list and told them their cabin number. After I finally got through that line, I had to go and sit in a chair, having some strange counselor check my hair for lice. I got to pass on the line for medications, since I didn't take any. Then, somehow making it through everything faster than Monty (I think one of the kids must have actually had lice or something...), I got my camp shirt and went back out to the car.

Within thirty seconds of leaving the building, Monty was running behind me, trying to catch up. “Cadence! Don't you dare abandon me with a bunch of strangers!” she called, slightly infuriated.

I smiled and went to the trunk of the car and opened it, starting to unload our stuff. I tossed one of Monty's bags to her and she caught it, almost falling over in the process. My mom stayed in the car, waiting for me to finish getting everything out. I only had one extremely large duffel bag, as well as my bedding and tote. Monty had about the same, but everything was still fucking heavy. I succeeded in pulling our bags out and closed the trunk of the car.

My mom got out and came over to me, pulling me into a hug. I tensed, waiting for her to let go. “I'll see you in a few weeks”, she said quietly. I nodded and pulled away. “Yep. You will”, I answered coldly. I picked up my duffel bag. “Tell Dad that I miss him.”

She nodded and turned to get back in the car. I ignored her and put my tote bag over my shoulder, managing to pick up my bedding with my other hand. Monty grabbed the rest of her stuff and smiled at my mom, attempting a small wave. “Thanks for the ride, Mrs. D.”

I started walking towards the cabins. “You don't have to be nice to her”, I mumbled to Monty.

She shrugged. “I don't have to shun her, either. God, Cadence. You can be such a bitch sometimes. She was just telling her only daughter goodbye.”

I spotted our cabin and gestured to it. “Look. I have no reason to treat her like family when she doesn't want to act like she's part of our family in the first place.” Monty walked ahead of me, sighing.

“I'm just saying... she's still your mom.”

I rolled my eyes as we reached the cabin. “I don't care. Just like she doesn't.”

Monty stopped me before we went inside. “She cares, Cadence. She misses her daughter. You won't even look at her anymore. Why don't you think about how she feels before you pull shit like that again?” She turned and stepped inside the cabin. “We're in luck... we have first choice at beds.”

I sighed and went inside as well. “”I'm guessing that's good?”

She turned and smiled. “I did say that we're in luck, didn't I?” She walked to the bunk bed closest to the back wall. She tossed her bag in the corner next to it. “Top or bottom?” she asked.

I shrugged. “Bottom, I guess...”

Monty nodded and took my bag from my hands, setting it on my bed. “You'll wanna make sure you've got your bunk claimed. Everyone loves having a bottom bunk, and they won't hesitate to take one if there's nothing on it. So don't just set your stuff down next to it, 'kay?”

I stared at her, confused. I had no clue what the hell I was supposed to do in a place like this. Monty had gone a to camp twice, so I was definitely glad to have her around. Someone else entered the small cabin and threw their stuff on a top bunk, then started climbing the ladder. I glanced over at the girl. I couldn't see her face since she had the hood of her sweatshirt pulled over her head, concealing her for the most part. She ignored me and Monty, and began to make her bed.

Monty smiled and rolled her eyes, taking a step closer to me. “Some of the girls are like that. They won't wanna talk to you. You have to talk first, if you wanna get anywhere... gimme a second and I'll show you”, she said quietly.

I waited patiently, hoping we could leave the cabin when she did whatever she was gonna do. Monty unzipped her bag and started rummaging through it. She finally produced two cans of Pepsi and handed me one. She looked over at the girl, who had just started putting her blanket over her sheets. Monty walked over to the girl's bunk. “So, what're you into?” she asked, breaking the girl's silence.

The girl lifted her head and looked at Monty, puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“Look. I'm being straightforward here. What are you into?”

The girl sighed and sat down. “I don't understand what you're asking me.”

Monty sighed and leaned against the girl's bed. “I get that it's a personal question, but Jesus...”

“Could you rephrase it? Then maybe I'd get it.”

Monty opened up her Pepsi and took a sip. “So I take it you don't know the basics of humanity”, she said. She paused for a moment, and I anticipated hearing what she was going to say. “In life, there's different types of people. Everyone has their preferences. There's homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality, bestiality, necrophilia... so, I'll ask you again: what are you into?”

The girl's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “I- I.... I'm....”

Monty grinned and looked back at me. “And that, my dear Cadence, is what you call breaking the ice.”

I stared at her in complete surprise. Monty seemed so different in this atmosphere. I guess it was because we would most likely never see these people again. Monty turned back to the stuttering girl. “Sorry about that. It's her first year here and I'm showing her how to get to know people.”

The girl loosened up a bit and nodded. “Okay? But why did you ask me that?”

Monty shrugged and smiled. “It was just to get your attention. And I promise I will never say anything like that around you again.”

The girl giggled, making her blue eyes sparkle. “Alright. I'm Lily Shapiro, by the way. And you are...?”

“Montgomery Scott. Call me Monty. Or Scottie. I'll answer to either one”, she said, chuckling. “And the wallflower back there is Cadence DeCarlo.”

I flashed Lily a quick smile before turning to Monty. “Would you mind if I took a walk before everyone else gets here?” Monty shook her head, so I pulled my journal out of my tote and exited the cabin, jumping down the two stairs. The weather was warm, but it could have been a lot worse. I reached my hand behind my head and let my hair down before I started looking for a decent place to write.

I walked around for a few minutes, every place I passed occupied by someone. I finally found a somewhat creative hiding place. One of the generators that was hidden behind some bushes just before the trees started getting dense was the perfect location to hide. I hopped up onto the generator, the metal burning my skin a little.

I opened my notebook and started writing, letting my feelings pour out onto the paper, as I normally did. I didn't get to express much, though. Monty was looking for me within ten minutes. I slid off the edge and started walking down the sidewalk. Monty spotted me. “Cadence! We've got a camp meeting! Get your ass moving!”

I smiled to myself and rolled my eyes. Maybe this wouldn't exactly kill me...


After the meeting, we got to hang out in the cabin for a while. Everyone else who was bunking with us had gotten there. I hadn't really gotten to talk to any of them, but I knew I would later anyway. But so far, the only interaction I'd gotten was a girl in an Escape The Fate shirt asking me what time it was. Not what I would consider an intelligent conversation.

We'd survived until dinner on small talk, so standing in line waiting to get food was a little awkward. Monty and I talked a little, mostly about weird little things. Lily had mentioned that one of the male counselors was her older brother, who was in his second year of college. She pointed him out when he walked in the cafeteria, and a few of the girls actually thought he was sexy. I thought it was disturbing to fantasize about a twenty year old man.

The girls in front of us were chatting about music and some book that a few of them were reading. All I knew was that I had never felt more tired in my life. The girls started grabbing their trays, and I glanced at the choices of food. Nothing looked very appetizing, so I didn't pick up a tray. I decided just to grab an apple when we got to the end of the line.

As soon as the line progressed more, Monty ducked out of line. “I'll go save us some seats in a corner. I'm guessing you won't be comfortable with everyone else tonight”, she said, smiling.

I nodded. “Thanks, Monty.” After five minutes, I was able to carefully pick through their weak selection of fruit until I found something semi-edible. I ducked out of line as well, and looked around the room for Monty. She was sitting in a far corner, like she'd said. I started weaving through the tables and walking towards her until I was tripped and fell flat on my face.

I cried out as I hit my arm on a chair as I went down. Within seconds, I heard a bunch of guys laughing and someone quickly pull their chair out as I tried to pull myself up. Someone knelt down next to me and hold their hand out. “Why don't you let me help you up before you get pushed back down onto the floor?” asked the owner of said hand.

I sighed in defeat and placed my hand in the one that was outstretched. He pulled me up, and I barely had to move. I froze and stared up at him as he broke into a smile of realization. “Cadence, you didn't tell me...” he trailed off, still holding my hand.

Frank's voice cut in. “Gee, come on! Give up the sentiment! It's disgusting!”


I pulled my hand back and chuckled awkwardly. “I- I didn't know you guys were gonna be here.”

Frank turned around to face me. “That's right. Because I love the element of surprise. Having fun yet, Cadie?”

I shot him a look and took a step back from Gerard. “Monty's waiting for me”, I said, not removing my gaze from his hazel eyes.

Gerard nodded and continued smiling. “I figured. I'll see you later then.”

I didn't respond, I just gently pushed past him and walked as fast as I possibly could to the table where my best friend was sitting. She was peacefully eating her dinner, not knowing what the hell had just happened to me. As soon as I reached the table, I slammed my hands down on it, rattling her tray. She looked up at me, confused. “Cadence...”

I was almost ready to cry. The last thing I needed was to deal with nonstop Frank. He made my life miserable every chance he got. “Frank's here”, I said in a hushed tone, as if it were secret information.

She peered around me to survey the cafeteria. “I don't see him...”

I frustratedly pulled out a chair and threw myself onto it. “I don't care if you don't see him. He's here.” I held out my arm and gestured to the red mark that was already forming into a bruise. “He tripped me and I hit my arm on some kid's chair. And he's probably sitting over there with his friends mocking me as we speak.”

Monty sighed. “Dude, I'm sorry. I thought this would be good for you. But now that Frank's here...”

I was silent. The only thing I had wanted was to enjoy myself. I wouldn't get to see my dad, so that was all I could do. And now Frank was going to fucking kill me with his antics. All I wanted at that moment was to go home. I didn't want to be there anymore. Not even with Gerard around. It wasn't worth it. I stood up and pushed the chair in, turning from the table and walking away.

“Cadence!” Monty called after me.

I stopped and glanced back at her. “Just... leave me alone right now.” I stalked out of the building, trying to forget everything. Since almost everyone was in the cafeteria, I was pretty much alone outside. Alone with myself. That gave me more time to think about things.

Thinking just made my life worse. The only thing in the entire world that I wanted was a hug from my dad. Not my mom, not Monty. My dad. I wanted him to tell me to cheer up, and that it'd all be okay after a while.

But I wouldn't get that for a long time.

'Kay... it's 4:30 am and I need some sleep. If I didn't, I would keep going with this. The next chapter probably won't skip anything, and it'll just pick up from where I left it. And I just wanted to say (so it didn't sound as bad as it might seem) that the whole 'homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, bestiality or necrophilia' thing has actually happened to one of my friends at camp. It was hilarious when it happened, and I was there to witness how awkward it was, too. I just didn't want anyone to take offense at that.
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