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First day of school

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Gerard gets a surprise at school

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BEEP. BEEP. BAM! I turned off my alarm clock. I was tired as fuck from staying up all night texting frank. I quickly got up, dressed, and ready to leave. I ran out off the house and walked to the park to meet Frank.
When I got there he was on the same swing he was on yesterday. I tried not to show how excited I was to see him today. Truth is that I liked how well we got along. I got dressed well today just for him, but I kinda also like my neighbor... what was his name? Oh yeah Gerard. Yup he was kinda cute too.
" Hey you." I said with a smile on my face. Frank looked up at me and smiled.
" Hey. You ready?" He asked. He got up and started to lead the way towards school. When we arrived he showed me to the office and helped me get my locker number and schedule. We ended up having homeroom, science, and P.E together which meant this was going to be a fun year. He then showed me to homeroom and sat down next to me.
" I'm so happy I have you in my classes." I said.
" Yeah me too. I think my best friend is in here with us too. I hope he gets here soon he's really cool."
" Oh cool" I said. He looked up and smiled as he shouted.
" Mikey! Over here." The guy with glasses came over and sat down next Frank.
" Hey aren't you my neighbor?" Mikey asked me.
" Umm....-"
" Yeah Gerard brought you a pie right?" He asked.
" Yeah. How do you know Gerard?"
" He is my brother."
" Oh." Just as we were about to continue talking the bell rang. We all walked out together.
" Gerard!" Mikey yelled. Gerard turned to face us and walked over to us.
" Hey this is Violet..."
" Violet?"
" Yup. The one and only"
" Oh. I never asked for you name when I brought you the pie."
" Yeah. I kinda forgot to tell you ha-ha silly me." I said playfully.
" Well I guess I'll see you guys during lunch. Later." And with that he left disappearing into the ocean of students in the hall way. He is way cuter than I remember.
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