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Welcome to the desert boys.

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Delilah, a head strong outcast, must start high school in a new district without her three best friends, Arienane, Robin, and Miranda. It's hell knowing this. The first day there she hates it but m...

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Arienane's POV
"No! Why do you have to leave!" I scream at her on the verge of tears. I was hoping this was all a dream. My heart was telling me it had to be a mistake. She couldn't be leaving. She'd become my other half.
"Whoa wait, WHAT?! Why are you leaving?! Especially to BRAWLEY!? Stay here! With us!" Robin cried with tears already running down her face. I looked at Miranda who was in shock, unable to speak.
Delilah just looked down. I knew what was going on in her mind, she was feel guilt. She felt guilty for leaving us, when really I knew we shouldn't have been whining. We had each other still, she'd be starting high school in a whole new school district, away from her three best friends.
"Look guys, I don't want to leave alright! But... I have to. This school sucks and I need to get better classes. I love you all so much, I wouldn't dare leave on purpose," she said now looking us straight in the eye. I admired this about her, she knew how to look a person she loved right in the eye and tell them the truth, she was strong.
Miranda finally spoke up, "Go. I understand and even though Robin and Arienane don't seem like they do right now, I know they do too. This is best Delilah, for you, you deserve this," she finished giving her a hug. We followed into the hug, all four of us already crying.
Delilah's POV
As the only three girls in the school who understood me embraced me as we all cried I couldn't help but feel guilt. I was leaving them. I was leaving three girls who cared about me more than my family.
Robin let out a loud sigh, "Miranda's right. Going to Brawley, well you could do so amazing there, you deserve it."
We all wiped our eyes as we let go of each other, but Arienane came back to squeeze me tight again.
She was the first of the three to truly love me. For years we'd known each other but couldn't stand being near one another, but now... I couldn't leave her side. Arienane was the best friend I could ask for.
"Dammit, I hate to admit," she said as she hugged me tighter, "but they're right. You need a better education than here."
I could tell she meant it because she wasn't crying anymore. I could hear her voice even and strong, no longer shaky as before. This broke my heart because I knew she had became stronger after I entered her life, and I didn't want to leave her.
"Hey! Maybe it won't be that bad! You'll still be living here right?" Robin asked trying to find the bright side in this situation as she brushed her beautiful reddish brown hair back in a ponytail.
"Shockingly enough, YES!" I said as Arienane let go and fixed my messed up brown hair that was always in my eyes.
Robin's POV
Hearing those words made it all better.
"Whooo!!!!" yelled Miranda as she threw her arms up in excitement to hear that.
"See Arienane she'll still live here," I said to my beautiful best friend who towered over all of us in height and had her super long hair pulled back thanks to the hot southern California desert town we live in. Her deep brown eyes were puffy from crying and her glasses were fogged as were mine. Yet, she looked amazing. How she pulled this off? I could never fins out but it was something we all understood. As Delilah was fixing her Misfits t-shirt that had became crunched up from Arienane's long embrace. Miranda was just laugh as Delilah struggled to try to look nice, though we all thought she was gorgeous.
"That does make it better, not a lot, but enough," Arienane said as she pinched Delilah's cheeks, something she did on a daily basis.
Laughing Delilah spoke to us all, "Look, I live here so that means you can annoy me whenever, which you all do already."
"Pshhhhhh....." was all we said laughing as we walked back into my house already fighting over who would get to use my keyboard first
Somewhere in a car
Gerard's POV
"Dammit Ray, why couldn't I drive?" I say still staring out at the barren landscape that got worse with every mile.
"Because Mikey and Frank get scared with your driving and your mom told me to drive," Ray replied with a grin.
I turn my head around and look at Mikey and Frank who are asleep in the back. "Damn they can sleep," I whisper trying to find a decent radio station but finally give up as I realize that the radio stations were all crap pop music. "Anyways, explain to me why we came? They are the ones who haven't finished high school yet, we are 17, ALMOST 18, and we have to come, I mean really?" I say regretting it the second it leaves my mouth.
"Because Gerard, Mikey is your brother and Frank is our best friend, and your mom and Mrs. Iero want them to escape the problems over there for awhile, send them to place where we can ALL get a fresh start," he says tightening his grip on the steering wheel.
I let out a small sigh, "I know, I know. Well Mom, Dad, Mrs. and Mr. Iero have NOTHING to worry about," I pause to sip my almost black coffee, "we will definitely get a fresh start. Especially since this place looks completely dead." Looking out my window I look at the landscape; dead, bare, dusty, a desert. And we were still an hour from the town Calipatria. "But why did she enroll them in ummmm Brawley school?" I ask looking at the information Mom had handed me before we left Jersey on our long drive.
"Says it's better than the high school in the town we are gonna live in. Whatever, I've learned to not question your mom," Ray says smiling remembering the many times my mom had proved me wrong.
"Smart logic Toro...very smart," I say as I turn on my lame little mp3 player, go to my Misfits and The Smiths playlist and lie back trying to sleep.
"Night Mr. Way. Sweet dreams," I hear Ray say as I doze off until I hear nothing but the music.

okay, I know it's not that great but it's my first and expect a lot more. Hope you like it as it continues on. It gets better. I promise. Please review, I like criteria on my work. xo
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