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1st Grade

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Mini-Frerard. Doesn't really have a storyline, just a cute story. One-shot.

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“FRANKIEEE!” That’s Gerard, or Gee as I like to call him, hes my best friend. Were both in 1st grade, as of today. I live across the street from him, I always have, always will.
“YEAH?” I scream back down the stairs to him, giggling slightly.
“MOMMA SAYS HURRY UP!” This frightens me, Gees momma always scared me. I don’t know why, probably just because of how tall she is. My mommas only little, so Im not used to big people.
I quickly pull on my jeans and a blue top, something seems wrong but Im too hyped up to notice. I stuff a sharpie in my back pocket and run downstairs.
“Im weady Mrs Way.” I chuckle and grab Gees hand, ready for my first day.
“Oh Frank, you’ve got your top on backwards.” She giggles and I blush, I don’t like people laughing at me.
After a few rearrangements of clothing and managing to get Mikey out the door, were ready to go.
Oh, I almost forgot, Mikey is Gees little brother. He can be cute at times but Gee says hes evil. So, by the friendship rules I have to go by that. Its his first day in Kindergarten today, hes not too happy about it though.
“Momma, I don’t want to go!” He whines, just as we pull up to the school.
“Mikey, weve been through this, you have to go. No buts!” She snaps back at him, if that were me I would be crying already, but Mikey doesn’t seem bothered one bit.
“Im not going!” Mikey folds his arms and holds his head high.
“Frank, Gerard, you can go now, have a good day.” Mrs Way turns to face us, smiling.
“NOOO!” Is all we can make out of the muffled noises coming from the car.
Gee grabs my hand as we walk through the gates, he looks really worried.
“Are you okay Gee?” I ask, worrying for my best friend.
“N-No.” He stutters, a tear rolling down his cheek.
“Its gonna be fine Gee, just like Kindergarten. I pwomise.” Were sitting under a tree now, still hand in hand.
“You, p-promise?” He looks up from his hands.
“I swear.” I giggle. “Now come on, or Mikes will beat us.” Gee giggles as we both look back toward the car. Mikey is gripping onto the car seat and Mrs Way has hold of his legs.
“Okay.” He still chuckles lightly.


The teachers found us inseparable through that whole day and we made some friends too! I laugh to myself as I look around the room, were all sat on the carpet waiting for our parents to collect us. Gees staying at my house tonight, momma even bought us skittles for being brave and going to school.
Me and Gee jump up from our places as soon as momma comes into sight, she quickly pulls us from the room and fastens us in the back of her car.
“Did you have a good day boys?” She turns her head to face us.
“Yep, it was great.” Gee beams.
“Oh Frank, whats allover your arms!” My momma shouts, all I can do is giggle.
Gee drew me tattoos up both of my forearms and legs with my sharpie.
That’s gonna be hard to wash off.

I love 1st Grade, especially with Gee.
I cant wait for tomorrow.

I really liked writing this, so cute! :D
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